11 Nurturing Nurture Plants And Herbs With Which Life Is Better

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As soon as the dark and cold season marches in, one quickly realizes this in his own mood. You suddenly feel irritated and even grumpy and all because of the bad weather outside.

So far, we have been offering a wide range of articles at Freshideen, which focus on design tricks with light and color, which allows us to maintain a good mood.

Today we would like to supplement these topics, and this time on nurtured plants and plants medicinal herbs report, which is also against an emerging Seasonal Affective Disorder can be effective. For this, it is only necessary that the plants mentioned grow in your home and that you take care of them.

Nourishing house plants have more than just aesthetic determination

nursing home nursery orchids 2


The popular kitchen herb has the power to improve our mood as well as refining dishes. The positive effect is due to the substance linalol, which stimulates the sense of taste.

With basil you can not only cook better, but also live better

nursing home nursery basil


Geranium is presumed to have similar effects on man as the rose. The delicate scent and blossoming blossoms increase the general condition as soon as one looks at them, and soothe the mind.

Careful and cheery – the flowers of the geranium bring a better thought

nursing home nursery geranium


One breathes deeper and more completely as soon as one approaches this plant. Especially the English ivy is very easy to care for and is one of the plants that effectively and naturally cleans the air in a room.

Healing practitioners have made the ivy known in recent years, but he still cleans the air….

nursing home nursery ivy 2


Similar to the ivy, the fern also filters the air in the room. No other plant can so quickly clean the polluted air and thus soothe our mind.

In the winter, bring the fern to your home and enjoy the benefits

nursing home nursing home nursery nursery 2


The natural aroma of the lavender expels grief and dreary thoughts. If you light a scented candle with lavender aroma in your room, you would evenly freshen up the air and thus increase the effect of the plant.

The lavender air has always been honored. Did you know that he is distributing grief?

nursing home nursing lavender


It really is not always necessary that Roses to smell , to feel its effect on our soul. Scientists from the UK have conducted several investigations at various offices. A positive effect has been noted, among many employees, who have only looked at roses.

In order to feel better, you only need to see a rose

nursing home nursery roses glass

peace lily

You also spend a lot of time in the office? Then we recommend you have a peace lily at the workplace. This plant destroys the mold that we can not see, but inhale daily and is one of the best natural air purifiers.

Would you like the mold to disappear? This would be possible with the Friedenslilie

nursing home nursing home nursing home 2

A plant that provides natural air for better ventilation

nursing home nursing home nursing home


Orchids can be described as elegant, noble and almost luxurious. They bloom at any time of the year, have some sculpture and they have in the home, can help one to get better through winter depression. Because of their positive effect on humans, you are used as a flow of positive energy in some Feng Shui practices.

The favorite of many Feng Shui fans is said to be responsible for positive energy

nursing home nursery orchids


Historical view, one has rosemary in many different situations. Whether for the improvement of memory or as a means for inner balance and rest, the plant makes itself popular. Our assumption is that the aromatic needles of rosemary recall the summer in us, so we always feel so comfortable near a rosemary plant.

Summer thoughts with a plant known only in the kitchen

nursing home nursery rosemary 2

lily of the valley

There are indeed researchers who are determined to find out and describe the positive effect of plants and flavors on us humans. One of their favorite plants is the lily-of-the-valley, whose fragrance reawakenes our feelings of happiness, which are often associated with beautiful memories.

Being comfortable and retaining positive thoughts – that allows us the lily of the valley

nursing home nursery maigloeckchen 2

Sweet pea

The flower of the sweet pea and its fragrance have a similar effect to that of the lily of the valley, with the only difference that the scent of the sweet heritage sends us back to childhood where the world is still in order.

Do not underestimate the effect of the small beautiful things around you and learn to perceive them properly!

Thanks to the sweet pea, one makes a journey back to childhood

nursing home nursery nursery rosemary sweet pea 2

Medicinal herbs work in different ways

nursing home nursery nursery basil pesto

Even if you want to fight the ivy in the backyard, you need it at home

nursing home nursery ivy

Contrast the depression and the sadness with pretty flowers and aromas

nursing home nursery roses

Learn to see the plants properly

nursing home nursery

Even the inconspicuous plants can be useful for you

nursing home nursery geranium 2

To surround yourself with beauty always has a good effect on you

nursing home nursery geranium 3

The lavender is versatile – for example as natural oil

nursing home nursing lavender at home

The perfect beauty of flowers makes us better people

nursing home nursery maigloeckchen

Watch how your mood changes suddenly when you smell an unknown fragrance

nursing home nursery rosemary sweet pea

Each plant had its healing powers, which would be discovered

nursing home nursery rosemary

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