15 Cool Things To Do With Coffee Grounds

Yes, of course you could spend your time with a coffee party while reading coffee grounds with friends. There are even apps for downloading. But even cleverer are our 15 tips on what you can do with or from the coffee grounds. Of course, coffee filters and coffee grounds are also in the bio bin. Before you dispose of the latter, you can think it over again and at the same time save money, have fun and preserve nature. Because the coffee grounds have many applications and not only in the home, but also in the garden and of course for your beauty and wellness. No less interesting are the numerous DIY projects with coffee grounds such as even poured candles or homemade soap.

Universal wonder drug coffee grounds

use coffee grounds as a fertilizer

Apply coffee grounds in the household

Let’s start with the household first. Here, the coffee grounds will find many useful, money-saving and nature-friendly applications.

# 1 coffee grounds against bad smells

As you may already know, coffee is one of the best neutralizers when it comes to smells.

That’s why you can use it conveniently and easily with bad smells in your home. Put in a small bowl or jute bag in the refrigerator or put in a badly smelling shoes. Only a day later hardly any trace of the bad smells remained.

Even a clean, old sock is perfect here

Use coffee grounds against bad odors in the fridge

Always use well-dried coffee grounds for this!

Use coffee grounds against odors in your shoes

# 2 coffee grounds as a pipe cleaner

If the pipes are slightly clogged, you can try it with a bit of coffee instead of the strong chemical club. Just put a tablespoon of it in the tube opening. Let it act for a short time and then rinse off later with warm water. Finished!

# 3 Clean the coffee grounds with the dishes

If the pan is burnt or the saucepan still has darker spots, you can easily use the coffee wonder drug again. Simply apply with the sponge instead of using scouring. The kitchen utensils are like new again. Beware of sensitive surfaces!

Especially pans and cooking pots made of stainless steel can benefit from the coffee grounds as a cleaning agent

Use coffee grounds as a cleaning agent for the pan

use coffee grounds as scouring milk for dishes

# 4 for minor scratches in wooden furniture

If you notice any unwanted scratches on your dark wooden chest of drawers, table or cupboards, you can upgrade them with a little coffee grounds. And how? Very easily. Moisten a little with a sponge and apply to the groove. The moist mass will close it and camouflage it perfectly.

# 5 when cleaning the fireplace

Even your fireplace, you can clean much faster and, above all, much more pleasant. If you sprinkle the ashes with coffee grounds abundantly after extinguishing the fire, there will be no unpleasant ash cloud in the air when it is being disposed of, making it difficult for you to breathe.

Coffee grounds – the perfect helper in the garden

Coffee set against snails in the garden

Apply coffee grounds in the garden

The waste product of coffee is also very useful for plants and can be your best ally in the fight against some pests. Look at the bottom, why!

# 6 coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee and its wastes contain a lot of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus – all valuable nutrients, not only for humans but also for plants. That’s why coffee grounds are the perfect organic fertilizer for most plants and flowers in your garden or on your balcony.

Especially carrots and tomatoes profit a lot from it

coffee grounds as a fertilizer for the carrots

Cacti and ornamental flowers also love the caffeine-containing fertilizer

Use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for plants and flowers

# 7 perfect for the compost

For the same reasons, the coffee waste is also suitable for your compost in the garden. The nutrients in there also attract the useful earthworms.

# 8 coffee grounds against snails

Unlike pests, such as nudibranchs, ants, mosquitoes and wasps. All these animals and insects can not stand the smell of coffee. In the case of ants, the repellent effect is specifically that it neutralises their tracks and irritates the animals. Incidentally, cats do not like the coffee grounds either. So, quietly scatter the powder in such places in the garden where the cats are not allowed to go.

Lightly detonate wasps and mosquitoes from the coffee powder in a tin can

Coffee set for DIY candles against mosquitoes

Coffee grounds for your wellness

Not only as a delicious watchmaker is coffee popular worldwide, but also well-proven thanks to its beautifying properties as a natural cosmetic.

Do # 9 anti-cellulite peeling yourself

Coffee is known to contain a lot of caffeine and this dilates the blood vessels and thereby improves blood circulation. The same applies to the supposed coffee waste product on your skin. Used as a scrub, the coffee grounds also helps against fatty deposits and accumulated toxins under the skin. With regular use of a self-made anti-cellulite peel, you can significantly improve the condition of your skin, especially on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Just mix some coffee grounds with olive or coconut oil and rub the mixture on your skin in a circular motion. Soon you will notice the difference yourself. The skin is firmer and smoother. Just lovely!

DIY coffee peeling against orange peel

coffee grounds as anti cellulite peeling

# 10 DIY hair care

For the hair, coffee is also a good”awake-maker”, because especially powerless, fine hair gets more shine and looks much more lively. Used as a kind of hair conditioner or mask, the coffee grounds gives your hair more energy and an extra dose of luminosity. Just massage 2-3 tablespoons of it into the wet hair and scalp. Let it work for about 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. It is advisable to repeat this application more often, because caffeine is quickly broken down by the skin.

Extra long, dark hair benefits from this natural hair care

Coffee grounds for the hair as a hair conditioner

# 11 DIY face mask

Similar to the anti-cellulite exfoliation, you can also mix a bit of coffee grounds with coconut oil and honey and apply the even mass to the previously cleansed face. Let the face mask work for about 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. The result: a smoother, purer facial skin.

You can also add a drop of natural mint oil

Coffee Set DIY Ideas Facial Mask Scrub Making by yourself
Make coffee set face peeling yourself

# 12 Eye cream for tired eyes

The delicate skin around your eyes is also quickly re-flowed better thanks to the coffee grounds. All you need is coffee grounds, olive oil and coconut oil. Here you will find the detailed instructions.

Original DIY ideas with coffee grounds

Let your creativity run free and make your own candles, soaps, bath balls, etc.

# 13 Pour candles yourself

Based on this simple guide You can make original DIY candles yourself. Not only beautiful mason jars, but also old porcelain cups, tin cans, egg or lemon peel and a lot of items of your choice.

Even poured candles are a great gift idea for almost any occasion

Diy candles with coffee grounds in glass

# 14 Make soap yourself

You can easily and cheaply make your own DIY soap by using this manual Follow and add coffee grounds and coffee beans.

Make fragrant, healthy soap yourself

DIY soap from coffee set

# 15 coffee cups from coffee grounds

The Berlin start-up”Kaffeeform” squeezes unique coffee cups from coffee grounds. This original, sustainable idea belongs to the Product designer Julian Lechner, who first fixes the cups with caramelized sugar and only later makes them more robust and usable with vegetable bio-polymers. A first-class recycling product that can be enjoyed in many cafés in Germany as well as in some major European cities.

Perfect design and optimal sustainability in one

Coffee cups made of coffee grounds original idea

How do you best store the coffee grounds?

Nothing is simpler than that. You just have to keep in mind that there is a risk of mold when the coffee grounds are wet and therefore it only needs to be stored in a dry place. You can spread your coffee grounds on a serving plate or baking sheet in a thin layer and allow to dry out for a few hours at room temperature or in the sun. After that, you can store the well-dried coffee grounds in a jar with a strap closure, for example, and use it to your heart’s content.

Have fun trying out and applying wishes you Freshide editors!

A valuable resource that can work wonders

coffee-coffees-coffee fully automatic coffee-powder-espresso
Keep the coffee grounds in the preserving jar

The perfect fertilizer for garden and balcony

coffee grounds as a fertilizer for the lawn
Use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for potted plants
Use coffee grounds as a fertilizer in the garden

Indoor plants and cacti also appreciate the coffee grounds

coffee grounds as a fertilizer for cactuses and potted flowers

As well as your skin and hair…

natural cosmetics with coffee grounds
Coffee peeling for face and body
Make coffee scrub yourself with coffee grounds
coffee grounds for the eyebrows
sweet-and-beauty-kaffeearome soap

Enjoy the wonderful taste of your daily coffee..

coffee grounds coffee cup coffee beans

… and let him accompany you in the house and garden as well as with the spa!

coffee grounds use diy cosmetics