15 Home Remedies For Ants: So You Expel The Little Pests From The House

Although ants are quite diligent and actually beneficial in nature, we do not necessarily want the little crawling beasts in the house or on the patio. But we do not necessarily kill the animals, but we can simply distribute them permanently. And how does it work? Very easily. By some measures such as adequate hygiene and the timely disposal of leftovers with the waste. Instead of strong chemical nuggets, there are also some very effective ideas that are very helpful in eliminating the unwanted pest spirits.

These 15 home remedies for ants are the best at natural ant repast

home remedies against ants ideas

# 1 Lavender, Mint and Co.

lavender as a home remedy against ants

Most of the essential oils as well as the medicinal herbs themselves are effective in repelling ants and other unwanted insects. Sprinkle them in dried or fresh form on the affected areas in the house or on the ant trail and soon the little invaders are gone.

# 2 lemon

home remedies against ants lemon juice

Citric acid can not stand ants, as well as wasps and engravers. You can just moisten with lemon juice or diluted essential oil the places where the ants are more often seen.

# 3 vinegar

apple cider healthy slimming tips and tricks

The same goes for the vinegar. Especially the strong vinegar scares off ants and at the same time acts as a disinfectant. Not only can you wipe affected areas, but you can also wipe the floor at home with vinegar and water.

# 4 cloves

cloves lemon as a home remedy against ants

Cloves have a very intense scent that eliminates any insects – wasps, mosquitoes and mosquitoes. To enhance the effect, you can put dried cloves in sliced ​​lemons and lay them on the ground or on ants roads outside.

# 5 cinnamon

home remedies against ants cinnamon

Just as with cinnamon. Strongly smelling and disinfecting, cinnamon sells ants with certainty, not only as powder but also in the form of cinnamon sticks.

# 6 Laurel

laurel leaves house remedy against ants

The essential oil of laurel and its dried leaves do not like ants at all. You feel the smell from afar and look for the space.

# 7 chilli powder and cayenne pepper

chili powder home remedies against ants

This sharpness is clearly a signal for the pests to go away. Scattered on the ant trail, chili powder breaks the trail of the animals and they simply return or disappear altogether.

# 8 grease or vaseline

Vaseline as a home remedy against ants

The ants’ pheromone track is more effectively interrupted with Vaseline or grease. The greasy film can also cross the insects only with difficulty. This home remedy for ants is especially recommended on the balcony and terrace.

# 9 copper coins

cents copper coins home remedies against ants

Copper is also very well suited to other insects such as wasps, for example. Place plenty of copper coins anywhere in the house or outside, and the ants will soon disappear forever.

# 10 baby powder

baby powder as a home remedy against ants

The fine, fragrant powder of the baby powder is immediately avoided by the ants. You can quietly scatter it to the ground, anywhere where the insects are visible or can crawl in.

# 11 chalk

home remedies against ants chalk

Chalk has long been proven as a home remedy for ants. Draw thick lines or circles around objects or around the ant trail and distribute the unwanted insects in a natural and sustainable way.

# 12 Dish soap or soap

home remedies against ants dishwashing detergents

Detergent or soap diluted with water not only helps in the fight against ants, but also in the expulsion of snails, wasps and also in natural weed killing.

# 13 coffee grounds or powder

coffee grounds as a home remedy against ants

Coffee grounds are a universal remedy for insects. He also has a lot of applications. Which, you learn here ,

# 14 Soda

home remedies against ants natron

Miracle Mite Natron also comes to our aid in the fight against the ants. When mixed with powdered sugar, you can scatter soda at the affected areas. Attracted by the sugar, the ants eat the powder and even carry it to the nest. But this is deadly for the insects.

# 15 diatomaceous

home remedies against ants lime

Also called diatomaceous earth, pebble, triple, celite or mountain flour. This substance is a whitish powder and consists of the shells of fossil diatoms. For us humans, the substance, like soda, is completely harmless. It causes enormous damage to the ants, however, by allowing the insects to dry out. If you prefer a gentle way of controlling ants, you should choose one of the first 13 on our list, the last two are deadly to the insects.

The Freshideen team wishes you lots of success in fighting the ants in your house!

Only use natural home remedies for ants!

home remedies against ants mint cinnamon lemon
home remedies against ants effective

Mint oil also eliminates other insects

home remedies against ants essential oils

Cucumber peels are poisonous to the ants and therefore effective in repelling them

cucumber bowls home remedies against ants

Sprinkle chilli powder near the nest or on the ant trail

home remedies against ants pepper

In fact, the small creepy-crawlies are not killed but simply driven out

home remedies against ants of course