20 Ideas On How To Eat Pomegranate And Properly Core It

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You know, the comic fruit that seems so impossible to consume. Yes, the pomegranate often writes about its healthy properties, especially in the late autumn, but could this so-called apple be properly cored, and without making itself dirty, enjoyable tasting?

Nature is undoubtedly the best designer, who surprises us daily with great examples and in which every creation is perfect and thought through. There may also be exceptions, but we will stay with the bouncy, tasty and healthy pomegranate.

Pomegranate eat- but how?!

pomegranate food

Many of us like to try something new and exotic, especially when it comes to healthy fruit or vegetables. Who does not know the situation, in which one stands helplessly before an exotic fruit and has not the slightest idea, from which side one can open and how exactly one eats it.

For a given occasion we would like to share all the secrets around the world pomegranate and if not all, at least some simple and clever solutions to the topic of”pomegranate eating”offer.

After you have bought a good pomegranate (s.u) you will learn how to cut it!

pomegranate food

How do I recognize the good and ripe pomegranate?

True, with the domestic fruits it is easy to judge about maturity and quality, but how does it look at the exotic import? How can you be sure that you get good goods for your money?!

Push the tray and gently carve the cap off

pomegranate food orientation first step

You can do a test quickly and easily before buying and do not wonder, because unlike many other fruit varieties, the ripe pomegranate does not look very appetizing. Reddish stains and when touching rough and woody skin – this is a good indication for maturity. Attention! Soft and stained spots may indicate gumming.

If you like nature with a designer, he would be first class

Explore the shape of the fruit and get to know it

How to open pomegranate and simply pit it?

You get to open a pomegranate and get the pulp to enjoy, but with what consequences? The kitchen looks almost like a murder case. In the following video, you can see an elegant way of peeling the pomegranate and presenting it aesthetically to the guests.

Elegant peel without messing up? The learning video shows exactly how this is quite possible and even simple

And if the splendor of the pomegranate is not sufficient for your taste or taste, scroll down further

pomegranate eating fruit

Pomegranate eat- why is that important and healthy?

Especially in winter, the pomegranate food is a great support for our body and mind. The good and healthy nutrients keep the Circulation in shape and thus – the heart fit. The pomegranate makes the skin more beautiful and is also helpful in stress relief.

The pomegranate and its specific succulent and sour taste not only match many desserts, as you might guess. Hearty main dishes become more digestible and smell gorgeous after a few splashes of pomegranate juice! Try it courageously and stay healthy and lively all through the winter with our great tips!

Fruity and spicy cocktails with Christmas flavor are an elegant solution in the Advent season

pomegranate food exotic recipes

Fruit smoothies are modern and super easy to mix- for a start into the day full of energy

pomegranate eating pomegranate juice

Be the first. Candied pomegranate pieces impress and taste really good

pomegranate eating sweetened

A culinary creation of local green cabbage and baked apples, refined with fresh pomegranate

Roasted butternut

Cold dishes can also be more exciting – with spicy garden cress and grapefruit for example

pomegranate food cress grapefruit

Mote dumplings are common until they are treated with pomegranate pieces

pomegranate eating morocco

Especially for vegans, the pomegranate tofu mix is ​​an important meal

pomegranate eating salad

The pomegranate vinaigrette makes every dish an excellent palate experience

pomegranate food vinaigrette

The pomegranate fits perfectly to any winter vegetables

pomegranate eating winter vegetables

A feast for all senses of smoked salmon with spinach, pomegranate and nut

pomegranate eating salmon caviar

The pomegranate can be enjoyed in an infinite number of healthy variations

pomegranate food recipe with raddish

Pistachios and yoghurt with a little rose water, you will be transported to the home of the pomegranate

Pomegranate Eating Rose Water Pistachios

In many sweet appetizers you can combine the pomegranate with goat’s cheese

pomegranate eating goat cheese pear

Of course pomegranates can also be used to make delicious and healthy jam and jellies

pomegranate food recipe

Pomegranate wrapped with homemade chocolate – this temptation is simply to give way

Chocolate Pomegranate Candies Plates

The nutrients of the pomegranate purify the blood and bring the circulation into motion

pomegranate eating pomegranate juice healthy

Keep your heart healthy and fit by regularly taking fresh pomegranate

pomegranate food

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