3 Tattoo Care Instructions For The Perfect Aftercare

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A fresh and new tattoo must be taken care of right from the beginning, because the first days are decisive. The topic Tattoo-Pfege is always commented on. The reason for this are the frequent cases of blood poisoning, which could have fatal consequences for humans. Our editorial team has prepared 3 important tattoo care tips for all tattoo lovers and we want to show you how you can have more pleasure in your new work of art.


Cremation is a must for the supply of the tattoos, because a careful application of cream after the pricking protects against infections. By applying creams, you can reduce the possible color loss, which will be a disadvantage for you after some time. As a rule, the first week after grooving is considered to be the most important among all. The reason for this is that in the following days a frequent application of creams is necessary. It is advisable to discuss the selection of creams with experts, because there are many unqualified products in the range of products which have serious consequences for the skin. There is no number 1 among tattoo creams, but there is a variant praised by experts in this industry. The care agent is called Vaseline and is particularly popular for its unique effect. The reason for this is that Vaseline contains no preservatives and therefore there is no risk of allergic reactions.

The first week after the grooving should be applied 3-5 times a day

Creme tattoo care medicines

Right nutrition

Your body needs vitamins every day, because they ensure a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition ensures better performance and productivity in everyday life. For the fresh tattoos a real vitamins is particularly important. To be precise, you need vitamin C, since the healing of the wound is strongly supported by the vitamin.

You can cover the complete daily requirement of vitamin C with many fruits and vegetable varieties. The vitamin C richest foods are lemons, oranges and strawberries and which are among the top 10 foods you should eat daily. As a recommended daily diet: 100 mg of vitamin C are equivalent to 200 g of strawberries. Very important is the avoidance of alcohol, because in consumption the vitamins are destroyed.

Your wound healing is strongly supported by vitamin C

Nutrition for tattoos


Cleaning and washing are very important for the tattoos and should be done very carefully. The first thing to do is to wash the water in the morning and in the evening. Be extra careful and watch out for your hands as they should be absolutely clean and disinfected. It is possible to see a slimy layer during the first wash, which must be washed off. PH neutral detergents are recommended as they do not contain any perfumes. There are special shower gels, which are only developed for freshly tattooed skin.

Cleaning the tattoos should be extremely careful

Tattoo wash care

The treatment of freshly tattooed skin is very important nowadays, because the wounds are often infected. No matter how big the tattoo is, you should pay attention to the precise and good care.

I Educate yourself well about the best products for tattoo care

Creme tattoo care

200 grams of strawberries are enough for a daily wound healing

Strawberry nutrition tattoo

Tattoo care creams

Vitamin c tattoo care

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