7 Seductive Rhubarb Recipes

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Rhubarb Recipes by season

Rhubarb is one of these products, which you can always surprise in the kitchen with its varied and tasty characteristics. Many different types of preparation are possible with rhubarb. Rhubarb is usually used in baking recipes. But there are more hearty dishes, and you can make delicious drinks and jam.

You can grow rhubarb in your own garden, which means you have a larger quantity of this product. Fresh rhubarb is a treat in spring. Its harvest time is actually end of June. Whether as a compote or spritzer, you can now fully enjoy its wonderful taste.

Strawberries and rhubarb recipes

Rhubarb recipes

Jam of rhubarb and ginger

Ginger and rhubarb together result a much better combination than this of rhubarb and other fresh vegetable or fruit varieties. The problem with the second case is that both products can never be fresh at the same time. The strawberries For example and the rhubarb mature at different times.

The rhubarb season is finally here

Rhubarb recipes, strawberry recipes


The jam from rhubarb and ginger is a very good variation. It will nurture your stomach during the winter months, while at the same time satisfying your desire for something sweet. While you use the Rhubarb cooking , Add two spoons of ginger, grated or powdered. It tastes best if this happens before cooking, but would not be a problem if you miss this time.

Make rhubarb juice and drink regularly

Rhubarb recipes, fresh strawberries

The jam tastes and smells excellent

Rhubarb recipes, strawberries

Rhubarb cake with ginger pieces

The combination of rhubarb and ginger is really delicious. That’s why we have another recipe with the two products ready for you. Mix rhubarb with butter and garnish with ginger-sugar crumbs.

Strawberry Raspberry-Rhubarb and Lime Ice Cream

Rhubarb recipes, strawberries

A piece of rhubarb cake is always good

Rhubarb recipes recipes

Rhubarb Linsensuppe

Who says rhubarb can only taste sweet? This plant is quite close to the celery. To the last, you never think of an ingredient for desserts, is it? The rhubarb lentil soup is a widespread recipe in the Middle East. This Asian dish is ideal for all who love the light sour taste.

Rhubarb is also good for hearty dishes

Rhubarb recipes for the recipes

Refreshing beverages with various medicinal herbs are ideal for spontaneous visits

Raspberry cake recipes

Rhubarb compote

For this recipe, you should stew the rhubarb. Enjoy this so, mixed with a bit of sugar or combine with some yogurt. You will simply love the compote with almond cream.

Berries-rhubarb-lime for the hottest days

Rhubarb recipes recipes

Rhubarb and raspberries for breakfast

Even more summer breakfast, which is simply irresistible. Just cut the stems small and mix with fresh fruits. Such a breakfast costs you hardly any time, but there is a lot of energy for you.

Muffins are of course very special when they are prepared with rhubarb

Rhubarb recipes for the recipes

Tasty and aromatic – a pastry that many like

Rhubarb recipes with strawberries

Ice tea with rhubarb

One of the most popular rhubarb recipes is for the one for rhubarb iced tea. This delicious refreshing drink always has a special flavor. Combine 6 tbsp of low-cut rhubarb with a cup of sugar. Pour the ingredients with two cups of water. Boil on medium level for 7 to 10 minutes. Sift through if you prefer a pure drink. However, the rhubarb bits in the iced tea taste delicious.

Rhubarb recipes strawberry ginger cake filling

How good the homemade lemonade tastes

Rhubarb recipes

As you prepare the rhubarb, cook two bags of green tea in two liters of water. Add this to the rhubarb drink. Allow to cool and enjoy your delicious and healthy iced tea.

Aromatic wild strawberries and lots of ice

Rhubarb recipes, strawberries

Muffins with rhubarb and cinnamon

Here is something for real rhubarb fans. If you want to surprise your guests with delicious muffins, which have a delicious taste, then prepare these with rhubarb and cinnamon.

Fresh, hot waffles with rhubarb ice cream a heavenly creation

Rhubarb recipes with strawberries

Even baked rhubarb-lemon nut bread- experiment with your own ideas

Rhubarb recipes strawberry ginger cake cake


Rhubarb recipes recipes


Rhubarb recipes

Or marmalade- everything with rhubarb is healthy and good for you

Rhubarb recipes recipes
Rhubarb recipes

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