Are Apricot Kernels Healthy Or Dangerous? – 10 Facts And Myths

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Apricot kernels are incredibly healthy and even provide an effective cure for cancer. Many media wrote and reported for a while. It was just getting used to getting the unknown nuts in the health food store expensive, the opposite came out in the media: – Danger of poisoning!

And since in the summer you like to access delicious fruits, we would now like themens-specific to clarify the ambiguities around the apricot kernels.


Dry and store apricot kernels

The kernels of the apricots are edible and in limited quantity even very healthy for our body. However, they should be dried as well as possible in the sun and kept dry. Thus, one can benefit from their healthy properties. It is also important that the nuclei be treated without sulfur.

In many oriental countries the apricots are eaten together with the kernels. Both tastefully complement each other perfectly, but this is not the only reason why the core is involved.

Also the fruit is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals

apricot kernels

10 known facts about apricot kernels

1. By taking the core oil of apricot we provide our body with the important beta-carotene, which is still known as eye vitamine.

Second Bitter apricot kernels are prone to cancer if you do not eat more than 2 cores a day.

Third In large quantities, the acid in the bitter aprotic cores can lead to fatal poisoning

4 , Apricot kernels resemble the almonds according to their appearance and taste

5th Apricot kernels can be used as a natural peeling for the skin

The fine apricot kernel oil makes your food delicious and valuable


6th People with heart problems should not take more than 100g (10-15 nuclei) per day of apricot kernels

7th Depending on the Aprikosensorte the taste of the kernels can be perceived as sweet to bitter-bitter

8th. Apricot kernels are rich in protein and vitamin E, which is why a rejuvenation effect is also prescribed

9th The high content of folic acid is well suited for expectant mothers (in reasonable quantities)

10th Baking with apricot kernel flour helps with blood loss and improves cell function


Raw food is not only good for vegans


Raw food recipe with apricot kernels

Ingredients: 180g apricot kernels, 120g sugar beet syrup or brown sugar, 2x egg white, 1EL liquid honey or aracon syrup, lemon, salt, 50g almond flakes

Preparation: Cut apricot kernels finely or use apricot kernel flour. Combine with the sugar, a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice by hand or with a hand mixer. Preheat the oven to 160 C and beat the egg whites together with the honey. Carefully mix both mixtures. Use the hands to shape small balls, press and decorate with mandelbladts. Bake until the Amaretto cookies become crispy.

Ripe apricots in the right season and eat the apricot kernels dry in the sun


Start healthy in the day




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