Body Detoxify – What Herbs Help With Detox?

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Today many people are unhealthy. You often strain your body through incorrect diet or tends to consume too much food. High alcohol consumption also weakens the defenses of the human body. Without realizing what you do wrong, one suddenly feels uncomfortable, is constantly tired, puffy and feeble. What is the cause of this malaise is in this case the legitimate question. Not only the wrong diet is the cause. The modern man works too much and is often under stress. He can not find time to free himself from negative emotions and the Stress , In everyday life there are health-endangering environmental toxins and heavy metals that are absorbed by our bodies. The accumulated pollutants can lead the body out of balance in the long term and lead to serious complaints. What helps in such cases is, of course, detoxifying and purifying your own body!

Mother Nature offers us different possibilities for natural detoxification!

body detoxify natural methods

Detoxify the body, detoxification or detox are already key words that are often needed. You are constantly looking for the best method to free your body from the accumulated toxins and pollutants. It is hard to say what is best detoxified the body. That is why today we have chosen only those remedies which come directly from nature and lead to a completely natural detoxification!

In the following we present some herbs and wild plants, which have an indisputably detoxifying and detoxifying effect. These can be a wonderful addition to your daily diet. This can also be used to make aromatic herbal teas and to do something good for his health. The well-known ancient Greek physician and philosopher, father of medicine, Hippocrates of Kos, said: Let your food medicine be! In this sense, we can only add modestly: from the following natural remedies you can only profit!

Hippocrates had 460 BC. the healing power of herbs and wild plants

body detoxify coriander leaves health effects

Large Burdock ( Arctium lappa )

Large burdock is a two-year-old herbaceous plant that has strong stems and roots. It reaches a height of 90 cm to 2 m. The purifying effect of the Great Burdock is beyond doubt. Their flowers are 3-4 cm wide cups, which are protected by rough cover sheets. From July to September, the Great Burdock is flourishing on roadsides and in backyards, on shores and deserted places, and even in rubble. Despite the limited and sometimes inaccessible location, the Great Burdock is an important medicinal plant, which is attributed to many-sided healing effects. In the national medicine their root extracts are known, which act against hair loss and with skin problems. Highly appreciated are the blood-purifying and detoxifying properties of the plant. It is recommended by curative practitioners for gallstone glands, gout and rheumatism. Burdock root can also help with diabetes. This tea can also significantly reduce the accumulation of heavy metals in the body and make extra kilos spin.

Coriander bot. Coriandrum sativum )

The coriander is a very common spice, which is often used in the East Asian, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. It brings more seasoning into the food, but is often referred to as”more than a spice”because of its numerous healing properties. The leaves and the seeds of the herb are edible and find a wide use in the kitchen and in natural healing. They are used in small quantities in soup, salad or tea. The coriander has a soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract, is used as a natural antibiotic against infections and inflammatory diseases.

Coriander rinses heavy metal from the body

body detoxify coriander as an ingredient

Today, we are particularly interested in the natural exudates for heavy metals. Toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum are actually the”new pest of the modern world”because they are deposited in tissues, weaken our immune system and lead to very serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. If you season your food with fresh coriander leaves or use ground coriander seeds during cooking, you will strengthen your defenses and support the detoxification of your body.

Nettle Urtica dioica )

In the spring the sharp nettle is seen in many natural gardens and whoever has it in its own outdoor area knows best how to appreciate its healing power. In addition, this versatile medicinal plant grows in nutrient-rich soils, pathways and garden fences. This natural healer was still known in antiquity with its health promoting properties. The old Roman scholar Plinius recommended the fresh leaves of the medicinal plant, which were boiled and eaten in lukewarm water. After a thermal processing its sharpness passes and they taste good in salads or food. In the Middle Ages the medicinal plant was used to relieve asthma and pneumonia. The nettle is a proven, very valuable food, because it contains numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This is why it is also used today in cosmetics.

Nettle is a delicious herb that supports the natural detoxification of the human body

body detoxify nettle tea

The nettle is called fertility-promoting effect, it is also used as an aphrodisiac

body detoxify nettle to detoxkur use

Natural detoxification and body slagging are, however, the most important characteristics of the nettle. During their consumption, poisons and metabolic end products are eliminated and in this natural way the body is detoxified. The kidney function is stimulated and more water is excreted, thus also toxins and pollutants. The nettle tea cleans and regenerates the digestive tract and activates the defense mechanisms of the body. Can a better, natural cure be desired than the nettle?

From the green nettle leaves you can also make healthy smoothies

naturally detoxify which herbs are suitable for it

Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale )

Dandelion is a herbaceous plant that grows between 10 and 30 cm high. All their parts contain a white milk juice. Its root is dark brown to black. The children like to play in the summer with this Pusteblume, which one finds on every meadow and in the garden. Only a few suspect, however, that this is not a weed, but a medicinal plant. Healing practitioners recommend the consumption of Löwenzahn as it strengthens our health. It is even called a miracle herb, which regulates the digestion, cares for the gall and the liver, helps with rheumatism, dissolves kidney stones and heals skin diseases.

The dandelion detoxifies and gives us new vitality

body detoxify toothpaste benefits

The dandelion is a real all-rounder among medicinal herbs. All its parts – from the root to the sun-yellow flowering healing effects are attributed. They contain many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, the medicinal plant has pronounced blood-purifying power and is ideal for a detox cure. For this you can make juice from the fresh plant parts or use an extract from the dandelion root. Detoxify your body in spring in a quite natural way by preparing dandelion tea and drinking it daily. The good results are not long in coming!

Extra tip : Build medicinal herbs in your garden or cultivate a small herb garden in the kitchen! So you always have the remedies that you need for the natural detoxification of your body!

body detoxify great kleté effect on the health
body detoxify green detox salad

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