Breakfast In Bed- How The Most Important Meal In 12 Countries Looks

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Breakfast is everything

Fresh ideas for breakfast in bed, because change is important!

The breakfast is known to be the most important meal a day. This is what we all regularly say, as long as we still live with our parents. At the latest after a celebrated night, we convince ourselves of the reviving Qualities of breakfast ,

It is brewed all over the planet and we just want to see what there is, except rolls and croissants at breakfast in bed. For this reason, we have chosen 12 countries and want to know what other people will recharge their batteries in the early morning.

It is claimed that breakfast is the most important meal

Breakfastside titel breakfast in bed

Attention! If you have not eaten today, read the article later! We do not bear any responsibility for your bears!


Now, on our continent, we start with the world-famous breakfast of the British”Full English”

Sausages, bacon, eggs, baked tomatoes and beans, mushrooms, bread, blood sausage and rounding a cup of black tea.

The English like it solid

Breakfast is British breakfast in bed

The cuban breakfast simple, but sensual

Breakfastside cuba breakfast in bed


The Cuban breakfast is based on sweetened coffee with milk, in which a pinch of salt is thrown in. The unique Cuban bread is toasted, buttered and cut into the length to be dipped into the sweet coffee.

The Moroccans like diversity

Breakfastsideen moroccoBreakfast in bed


Here, the breakfast often consists of different types of bread with chutney, jam, cheese or butter. The Moroccans really make very tasty breads (a kind of yeast pastry) to tear down and typical semolina pancakes, called Baghir.

In Portugal the breakfast should be hearty

Breakfastside portugal breakfast in bed


Delicious and simple is the breakfast in Portugal- a croissant and plenty of coffee in the sun.

The Brazilians like the food and know how to eat properly

Breakfastside brazil breakfast in bed


In Brazil, breakfast is served with salami, cheese and bread.

Small but elegant is the breakfast in Italy

Breakfastside italy


The Italians are convinced of”Cappuccino e cornetto”as a breakfast

The day in Germany is to begin with fleshy and fleshy

Breakfastside German


For breakfast you get in Germany (depending on the area) meat sausage, local cheese, freshly baked bread and a large cup of strong filter coffee.

Eggs, sausages, röstis, freshly squeezed orange juice – that could be Switzerland

Breakfast served all 2 breakfast in bed


The American breakfast does not include peanut butter, but homemade thick pancakes, breakfast bacon, syrup and blueberries.

A little getting used to is this rich meal from the USA

Breakfast Sommers USA Breakfast in bed


Le croissant, raisins, bread (simple or with almonds), butter, chocolate and, of course, coffee.

Coffee and croissant – that’s enough for a good start to the day

Breakfast french breakfast in bed


– Here it is usual to get a hearty fleshy treat for breakfast

The Thais get a cooked meal for breakfast

Breakfastside Thailand Breakfast in bed


What do you mean by saying that you never have tofu for breakfast? The Japanese eat the most frequently, along with fish and rice.

Japanese also reduce breakfast to the essentials

Breakfast Japan breakfast in bed


In Estonia the breakfast is made from fresh cheese on yeast pastries.

On the Baltic Sea is cheesy and greasy breakfast

Breakfast Sides Estonia

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