Cardamom Effect And Application According To Ayurveda

When we talk about cardamom, many people think of a wonderfully fragrant spice and are therefore absolutely right. The cool-sweet perfume scent of cardamom is due to the high proportion of essential oils and is associated with the exoticism of Arabic and Indian cuisine. As many of us know, the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda comes straight from India. The nutrition system, which at the same time also counts as more than 3000 years of natural medicine, deals with the right composition of the flavors. These flavors are still adapted to the respective constellation types of humans and selected. Starting from the Ayurvedic wisdom we would like to discuss our knowledge about the cardamom effect. In how far do you know about the cardamom spice and have you ever prepared something delicious with it?

The cardamom effect and its gentle properties

Cardamom effect and dosage

There are two main varieties of cardamom black and green, with the green one appearing to be better known in Europe. The black is an important part of the popular Masala Chai and you can get it as well as the green in any Asian spice shop. Both contain naturally pure essential oils, whereby the special aroma and the typical cardamom effect come about.

It is always good to take fresh cardamom capsules because they were allowed to be much more intense

As we have already mentioned, the aromatic spice has its origins in the Arab world and also in India. The popular Ayurvedic spice is still sometimes called by Arabs”Seed of Paradise”and is successfully used as an effective means of promoting memory. The aromas of cardamom, which is also known as cardamom, have a subtly stimulating and pleasant aphrodisiac.

The cardamom seeds are small, but potent, so you can not take too much of them all at once

Prepared as a dessert, summer fruit salad or as ordinary tea, the cardamom capsules are powerful and can never go unnoticed. It is therefore advisable to use whole capsules in cooking, but also to remove them from the pot immediately after cooking.

Cardamom has the property of strengthening the stomach and even taking it when losing weight to be helpful. In addition, you can always look forward to a fresh breath. Depending on the quality of the cardamom capsules, 4-5 of them may be perfectly adequate.

The revered golden milk also contains cardamom

A mango lassi will never taste so good without crunching cardamom into it

The cardamom effect is healthy-cleanses the blood and strengthens our stomach

It is very easy to try a herbal tea with cardamom to get to know the good properties of cardamom

Cardamom spice in summer

Although it is said that the cardamom effect is soothing, the spice is preferred on hot days. Fruit jellies and yoghurt desserts get a refined touch and spread a general body sensation of freshness and coolness after eating. Iced coffee, cakes and even chocolate can be excellent with the exotic spice be supplemented. A cardamom-brewed coffee tastes fantastic and is still healthy. This is because cardamom suppresses the poisonous parts of caffeine, resulting in a whole new coffee experience.

Ever tried mocha coffee with cardamom?

The nervous stomach becomes calm again when you refine your food with cardamom

Right now in the summer you can do a lot Summer recipes try and imitate

D as vegan ice cream can be even more enjoyable if you take a pinch of cardamom to prepare

A Massage with cardamom oil or a cardamom bath works well against tension and tonifies body and soul.

Bananas, raisins, honey, yoghurt and, of course, cardamom make a fantastic summer salad, which at the same time saturates and cools down.

Cardamom should always be bought fresh and pay attention to a good quality

The color of the capsules should be fresh and green

The exotic plant comes from the Orient and is also well known in Ayurvedic medicine