Constant Freezing? These 11 Spices Counteract The Cold

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By now everyone should know that the nutrients we consume have a clear impact on our current mood and well-being. After some meals one feels lethargic, after others – on the contrary vital and positively charged.

In many cases, we speak of a noticeable effect, if certain spices are present in the food. There are spices that can suppress or stimulate our appetite, as well as those that cool or warm our body and mind. Spices help control your health and prevent potential illness.

There are spices that make your constant freezing disappear

constant freezing spices

In the season of colds and flu, today we want to focus on the spices that can make your constant freezing disappear. Sure, you’re just thinking that it’s kind of rubbish on the internet nowadays, and we’re right for you too. You can never have enough knowledge about the effect of the spices and you can only benefit from their effects.

But let’s take a look at which spices can increase our body temperature and whether it is a coincidence that these spices are preferred in the coldest winter months.

The right nutrition and seasoning with medicinal plants can help a lot

constant freezing spices warmth search

Cloves end your constant freezing

It is said that the noble carnation scent warms the heart. If you do not believe that, you can always check this claim. The carnation owes its effect to the essential oils contained in the bud, which are referred to in the first place as anti-inflammatory. Whether you bake with the clove, cook or inhale the vapor of the oil, you will always come to an improvement of your current condition. The smell of carnation helps you to let go, to relax and to enjoy.

The carnation is both internally and externally illuminating and warming

constant freezing carnation

Cinnamon, anise and juniper make you feel much better

constant freezing spices table


One of the last articles was about how to prepare and give away spicy Tabasco sauce yourself. The main ingredient of the hot sauce is the chilies, which may be our second warming spice today. Apart from the fact that the chillies awaken the dormant life fire in one, the healthy sharpness kills any germs and stimulators. Too much sharpness could damage the function of the stomach, so we recommend you to take little of it, but regularly.

With the chilies the flame of life will never go out

constant freezing spices spicy pods

Besides, they are still great gift idea

constant freezing spices sharp pots great gift ideas

Drinks and food become even stronger and better with the chillies

constant freezing spices red pepper
constant freezing spices hot chillies


If you still doubt that spices are just for seasoning, we recommend you drink a hot ginger tea and watch its effects on the body. Ginger immediately counteracts a budding cold.

With ginger against the common cold

constant freezing

From the fresh root you can prepare delicious smoothies

constant freezing spices ginger smoothie

constant freezing spices ginger root


The nutmeg should be handled very carefully. Avoidance of overdose applies to all spicy spices. It is important to follow the instructions for use and follow them exactly.

The nutmeg can in small quantities (1/2 teaspoon) promote blood circulation and also strengthens the willpower.

constant freezing seasonings nutmeg whole
constant freezing spices nutmeg


Cinnamon is not only a part of the popular Christmas fragrances, but a strong remedy, which has been known for centuries. The internal as well as external effect of cinnamon manifests itself as warming, vitalising and strengthening for the general state. Attention! The cinnamon stimulates the appetite and is not recommended to people who are on a diet.

constant freezing spices cinnamon

constant freezing spices warmth ethereal oils


There is the delicious curry leaf, but this is more about a spice mixture. Curry is prepared differently in each Indian house, but always spicy. Its effect is similar to that of chili and ginger.

constant freezing spices colorful
constant freezing spices colorful


Both the seeds and the leaves of the coriander contain the effective oil, which is so good for us after all. The effect of the coriander is also warming, also promotes memory and strengthens the function of the organs.

constant freezing spices coriander seeds
constant freezing spices coriander warm


The delicate fragrance of the laurel is a solemn. The essential oils contained in it revive the circulation and generally calm the stomach.

constant freezing spices laurel
constant freezing

juniper berries

The dried berries purify the airways and counteract a cold. Juniper gives body and mind strength and confidence.

constant freezing seasoning juniper
constant freezing spices juniper berry allspice
constant freezing seasoning juniper

Caraway seed

Caraway we like to use against flatulence, but the miraculous seeds can do even more than that. Among other things, their effect is warming and invigorating the body in general.

constant freezing


With its excellent taste qualities, the yellow root is one of the medicinal plants. The effect is soothing and, in worse cases, anti-inflammatory.

constant freezing
constant freezing spices turmeric

We sincerely hope that you have learned and recognized something through our contributions again and wish you a healthy Christmas!

constant freezing spices spicy spices
constant freezing seasonings
constant freezing spices woman trembles at work
constant freezing
constant freezing spices hot peas melissa tea

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