Dark Chocolate – Something Delicious And At The Same Time Healthy…

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Every day one hears the same thing: the healthy diet is decisive for our well-being! But you want something tasty from time to time! Like chocolate, for example! It is said that especially women can not resist this sweetness… And there is nothing bad about it! Especially when it comes to dark chocolate!

It is said that the chocolate is the vegetable of the soul. Do you like Schokolade? Yes?! And do you like dark chocolate? If you like to eat chocolate, then take some time and be surprised, because today we want to highlight the benefits of black chocolate. You could also admire some facts! Attention! There is a risk that you will suddenly get hot hunger!

Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate

What is the difference between dark chocolate and other types of chocolate?

In the chocolate are contained many ingredients, each of which has a significance for the characteristics of the sweet temptation. flavanols Are a group of them. They are naturally occurring plant active ingredients, which have a positive effect on heart health.

They belong to the flavonoids , They are contained in the dark chocolate in larger quantities and are what makes them bitter. Depending on the proportion of flavonoids in chocolate, one differentiates between dark, whole milk and white chocolate: The more flavonoids are contained in the chocolate, the darker it is. And the darker the chocolate the more bitter it tastes!

It depends on how many antioxidants are stuck in the chocolate, whether it is healthy or not. And in the production of chocolate the flavanols, the highly antioxidative substances, are reduced. So the chocolate tastes better!

An average of 53.5 mg of flavonoids must be contained in each bar, so that one can speak of a health benefit of black chocolate.

Chocolate eating advantages and disadvantages

Why is black chocolate healthy?

According to polls, the Germans like to eat whole milk chocolate. The black chocolate remains somehow down in the list. However, this is certainly healthier. It is a proof that not all sweets harm our health. Men especially like this kind of chocolate. Numerous studies have been carried out on whether the dark chocolate is healthy. And it has emerged that the risks of myocardial infarction, brain stroke and diabetes can drop by about one third with regular consumption of dark chocolate. The reasons are some. The dark chocolate contains:

  • High cocoa contents – about 60 – 70%. The high cocoa content makes the dark chocolate healthy. The cocoa Is another healthy ingredient in the chocolate. But the cocoa alone does not make the chocolate healthy if this other contains unhealthy ingredients.
  • Small amounts of an acceptable sweetener – xylitol, coconut blossom sugar, honey, rice syrup
  • The best fats – organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter
  • Less milk and sugar

Dark chocolate has less milk and sugar
Dark chocolate why is it healthier

Dark chocolate has more cocoa

Millions of people around the world are under the spell of chocolate. But if it is to be chocolate, at least dark chocolate! The dark chocolate is the delicious and healthy alternative to conventional chocolate. If you enjoy them properly, they also melt the senses with pleasure: The energy content of the dark chocolate is the same as for the whole milk chocolate – 540 kilocalories. Eat one, two pieces of this per day so you can benefit from the health effects of black chocolate!

We wish you good appetite!

Dark chocolate positive characteristics

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