Dry And Store Herbs – Tips And Tricks

Summer is the season for harvesting herbs and fruits. In many of our articles we have dealt in detail with the effect of some herbs. Now is the time to broaden the topic and learn how to dry and properly store herbs. As always, we make it easy for ourselves (and for you as well) and start with the best known ones first Kitchen and medicinal herbs that you almost use in everyday use. Sometimes herbs are left over from cooking and the best thing you can do with them is to prepare them properly for later use.

If you want to dry herbs, you should pay attention to a few little things

herbs drying rosemary drying on a stick

Fresh color and natural scent should not be lost when drying

Dry drying rosemary dry and store

Dry herbs – this works best in the summer

Many people dry herbs in the oven. If the air in the house contains too much moisture, the oven would also be in need. The temperature in it should, however, be very low, so that the delicate leaves do not burn. In that case, you can throw them away right away.

You can almost all Dry herbs and continue to use. It would be important that you do not lose the color and the aroma of the plant. Below, we list some well-known culinary and medicinal herbs that are perfect for drying.

If nature so generously gives us humans its treasures, it would be good to receive these gifts

herbs drying rosemary drying peppermint drying

It is always better to dry and grind herbs by themselves than to buy ready-made spice mixes

herbs drying rosemary drying dust

Herbs are best dried in places where they are well ventilated

herbs drying rosemary drying preparation

Dry the basil

To dry you can just one Bunch of basil and hang it on a hook. Make sure there is enough daylight and fresh air reaches the bundle. After two to three weeks, you can test whether the herb crumbles easily. If this is the case, the dried leaves can already be transferred to clean glasses.

If you tie small bouquets together and this hangs, the drying herbs works wonderfully

herbs drying rosemary dry harvest

Every medicinal or culinary herb has its own characteristics and properties that have to be taken into account when drying

herbs drying rosemary drying dust

Dry lavender

One knows lavender rather dried and packed in small bags in most cases. Come to the opportunity to harvest lavender yourself, tie small bouquets and let them hang in a suitable place. Also, a clothes horse can help you in the case. But that should be positioned so that the Lavender bunch get a strong passage. In good weather you can store the dried lavender stems in cloth bags.

A good option is to dry herbs, such as lavender in wicker baskets

herbs drying rosemary drying lavender

If you crumble the dried lavender flowers, you can fill them in glasses more easily

herbs drying rosemary drying lavender drying and storage

Dry peppermint

The mint is a very useful and easy to maintain plant. You also get dried quickly. The tops of the plant can either be laid out on sheet metal or hung like lavender – to dry. The mint dries quickly and can already after a few days for teas or to be taken to a boil.

Mint can be dried on a griddle, in a metal tray or even hung up, and can be used both as a kitchen herb and as a medicinal herb

herbs dry rosemary dry mint

As soon as you slightly dust the dried leaves between your fingers, you immediately notice the fresh mint aroma

herbs drying rosemary drying mint drying

Dry rosemary

Many connect the rosemary with the Winder and with the seasoning of hearty meals. In that case, you can now start to dry and properly store the aromatic needles. This is best done by hanging up the rosemary bunches and rocking them by the wind. The aroma stays fresh and intense in the needles and you can use the good material for multiple purposes.

Old and unusable items, such as these ladders as an example, are great for drying herbs

herbs dry rosemary dry airy

The dryness of the rosemary can be quickly determined by a finger test

herbs drying rosemary drying test

Sage dry

sage Not only for culinary purposes. The plant is considered an effective remedy and should therefore be one of the medicinal herbs that you want to dry in the summer.

The sage leaves are highly ethereal and can be dried by the wind for a while

herbs drying rosemary drying lavender drying

Oregano or thyme can easily be dried in an old pasta strainer

herbs drying rosemary drying oregano drying

The parsley can be dried together with the basil by spreading the leaves one by one

herbs dry rosemary dry parsley

Dry thyme

The gentler the leaves, the more cautious you should handle them. Luckily, you can the thyme dry very well. Again, avoid the direct sun, but a draft or even wind can completely dry the aromatic leaves within a few days. The thyme is very popular as a spice However, it is worthwhile to learn more about its healing properties.

Since the thyme crumbles too much, it is useful to place baking or kitchen paper underneath the branches

herbs dry rosemary dry thzymian dry

If you are afraid that you will not recognize your herbs afterwards, you can of course label them

herbs drying rosemary drying ideas

How do you keep the dried herbs properly?

Of course, spices and herbs can be dried and even ground. In most cases, one does not know how high the quality of the herbs is and thus one can not judge in advance about the strength of the effect.

It is always recommended to dry your own herbs or to dry them in tested areas. Thereafter, the herbs should be stored properly. The best means are glasses with screw cap, in which the aroma of the plants is preserved for a long time. As we mentioned earlier, plants such as lavender or sage can also be stored in cloth bags.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can see that your natural resources get no direct sun. Store the dark and dry if you want to benefit from their wonderful properties until next summer.

Storage in glasses guarantees a fresh aroma and protects against pests

store dry rosemary dry

Rosemary and lavender can be minced before storing

herbs drying rosemary drying small cut

Dried herbs are a nice and soothing room decoration that you always like to perceive

herbs drying rosemary drying lavender rosemary tarragon

Turn on the lid and use it as a medicinal herb or spice

herbs drying rosemary dry harvest

Tie the herbs together with natural threads and strings

curly-dry rosemary dry-bind

Use uniform glasses or jars to get a good overview of the amount

Dry drying rosemary dry and store

The effect of the plants is quickly apparent in the fresh colors and aromas

curly dry rosemary dry

If necessary, the herbs can be very carefully dried in the oven

herbs drying rosemary drying peppermint drying
herbs drying rosemary dry
herbs drying rosemary drying spices
herbs drying rosemary dry yourself
herbs dry rosemary dry natural pure essential oils