Fight Pollen Allergy Symptoms With Natural Remedies And Celebrate The Spring!

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If the first spring days bring you runny nose and watery, itching eyes every year, you have to take your seasonal allergies seriously. Although most allergic reactions occur in childhood, these are sometimes triggered only at a later age when exposing individual external factors. According to the latest studies, pollen allergy is the most common allergy in Germany today! We have therefore collected a few clever ideas for how the hay fever can be tackled quickly! From now on you can inhale the fresh air in spring!

The first pollen fly ever earlier

Most of the blossom dust particles of the trees and shrubs float in warm, dry and windy days in the middle of March / early April, so you have to reduce your stay outdoors and avoid excursions in areas with lush vegetation. Early in the morning, at night, in wet and cloudy weather or immediately after the rain, the concentration of pollen in the air is much lower, which considerably alleviate the symptoms of alligans.

The main flowering season or the pollen flight from the Löwenzahn is from May to June

Pollenallergie fight in the spring

Inquire after the flowering of different plant species using the Pollen calendars


Pay attention to the cleanliness in your home

Although it is strange, even the house dust contains innumerable pollen, so you have to free all surfaces from the deposited dirt regularly! The presence of different chemicals in the air (from the cleaning agents), the cigarette smoke or suspended particles of different fuels (coal, wood) can also aggravate the respiratory allergies. Never use humidifiers and cleaners, as they increase the humidity and lead to serious problems with house dust mites.

House dust contributes to the development of severe allergies

Remove dust regularly at home

By regularly wiping the surfaces, you can ensure a clean and allergy-free ambience

Remove the house dust against pollen allergy

Window – to, air conditioning – on

If you suffer from the symptoms of pollen allergy, you have to keep the windows at best and use an air conditioning system for refreshment and air circulation in the room. A fixed temperature of 18-21 degrees would be the best solution to your health problems. However, you must clean the filter regularly and change it every spring and then again in the beginning of summer. In March and then again in June. On HEPA air purifier Would in this case limit the inflow of pollen to a minimum.

The same is true when driving – do not open the windows, use the comfortable air-conditioning system of the modern vehicles and leave the cleaning and maintenance of the system in the hands of experienced mechanics.

The filter of the air conditioning should be replaced at least twice a year

Filer of air conditioning frequently change

Nasal irrigation and eye protection

The frequent nasal rinses are highly recommended for pollen allergies. To this end one could either choose one Nasal shower Or use cool water with salt – this removes the allergens sticking to the nasal mucosa!

Since the flower dust can get on the eyelids and lead to severe inflammation, the lenses are best to be replaced by eyeglasses! Antiallergic nasal sprays and eye drops should also be available at all times.

People of different age groups are affected by pollen allergy

Running nose in spring pollen allergy symptoms

Nasal spray or showers alleviate the pollen allergy symptoms

Use nasal spray and soothe symptoms

Natural means for the prevention of pollen allergy

The fish oil is rich in fatty acids that improve the function of the cardiovascular system, alleviate the symptoms of pollen allergy and have a general anti-inflammatory effect on the organism. Both the intake of vitamin C, and the drinking of nettle tea prevent the deposition of histamine in our body, which is vasodilating and therefore could intensify the allergies. A glass of fresh carrot juice before the breakfast proves to be another excellent helper in the fight against the pollen allergy – simply mix in the blender with an orange, add mint for refreshment and enjoy a toning and healthy drink! Onion and garlic contain a lot of quercetin, which reduces the tears and itching of the eyes noticeably. Freshly shaken honey acts as a natural vaccine against the allergens in the air – with 4-5 soup spoons per day you can achieve the desired result quickly!

And of course… do not forget to visit your allergist in time!

Fish oil capsules help against pollen allergy

Fischoelkapseln for combating the pollen allergy symptoms

In the spring one must drink a lot of nettle tea

Brennesseltee against the pollen allergy drink

… and eat honey

Fresh honey as a vaccine

Fight pollen allergy symptoms using carotene juice

Carrot juice against hay fever and itchy eyes

Here is a brief summary of the dos and don’ts in a pollen allergy

Pollen allergy in spring to relieve symptoms

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