Fight Silverfish Naturally: 10 Home Remedies For The Little Pests

Warm weather and high humidity – the perfect living climate for silverfish. Although the little creatures are not dangerous at all, they hardly want to have one at home. These silver, wingless insects are only active at night, become 1 to 2 cm long and can sometimes be up to 8 years old. With their long tactile sensors on the head and the back of the body, they always find their food easily and quickly. And this consists mainly of: dander, old books, glue, hair, molds and dust mites. So, one could almost say that silverfish are among the beneficials. But if you want to eliminate them from your home effectively, today we have 10 effective home remedies for them. Especially if the infestation is not too strong, they will certainly help you and save the intensive chemicals club.

Silverfish are not pests

Silverfish naturally combat tips

Why are silverfish coming into the house?

The reasons for a silverfish plague may vary. The intruders can crawl in through a broken pipe or settle into deeper cracks in the bathroom and hallway. In addition, this could be an indication of mold. Because silverfish often feed on it.

So, in addition to the home remedies against silverfish, you should already find the causes of the infestation and eliminate them permanently. Carefully check the pipes, seal cracks and crevices in the house, regularly clean the sinks, use Dehumidifiers and always ventilate adequately and, above all, correctly.

Lack of hygiene can also be a reason for silverfish infestation in the house

silverfish tips to combat

10 home remedies for silverfish

Silverfish really do not deserve extreme combat. If it is a small number of these insects, you can calmly first try these home remedies to just drive off the silverfish rather than kill it. These are the first seven from our list. They have a pleasant or neutral smell for us humans, but for the shiny animals they are the opposite. Silverfish can not stand this and are looking for the space immediately.

# 1 lavender

lavender against silverfish

In small jute bags or hung in posy, the scattered lavender Its infatuating scent and sells not only silver fish, but also many other insects such as mosquitoes, ants and wasps.

# 2 citrus peels

home remedies against silverfish orange peel

Silverfish hate citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and oranges. A few citrus peels on the floor in the bathroom or in the kitchen will keep the insects out of the room.

# 3 cloves

cloves against silverfish

Silverfish can not stand cloves. You can put the clove buds in a sliced ​​lime or lemon to enhance the effect.

# 4 Cedar oil

cedar oil against silverfish as a home remedy

Cedar oil refreshes the air and sells the silverfish very effectively. Either with the help of a fragrance lamp or a cloth moistened with oil you can keep the insects away for at least a while.

# 5 Vinegar diluted as a fountain solution

apple vinegar-advertising

vinegar or citric acid, diluted as wiping water. Silverfish do not like both smells and will avoid the areas that have been treated with them.

# 6 copper coins

copper coins against silverfish

Copper is one of the best home remedies against insects, not only against silverfish, but also against wasps, nudibranchs and ants the metal works very effectively. Therefore, put a few copper coins wherever the little beasts are to be seen.

# 7 potatoes

Potato trap against silverfish

Or rather, the potato trap! The strength of the potatoes is the perfect bait for silverfish. Because of this, place a sliced ​​potato in an open plastic bag on the floor. This should stay there overnight. The insects accumulate in it because they are active at night. The next morning you can remove them, including bag and potatoes.

# 8 baking soda plus powdered sugar

natron against silverfish

Spilled salt with salt shaker on wooden background

This home remedy is the first of our list that is actually deadly to the critters. Here the real remedy is soda and the sugar is meant only as bait. Like salt, soda is dehydrating for the silverfish, and after they eat it, they die later.

# 9 plaster with flour

home remedies against silverfish ideas salt

You also have the same game with gypsum and flour, but where the flour serves as bait. The gypsum taken up by the insects, together with the meal, later hardened in their organs and led to their death.

# 10 honey

honey trap silverfish

So cute and healthy for us humans honey however, it can be fatal to silverfish. Especially when honey is used as a trap. Smeared on a sheet of paper, honey looks like an adhesive tape against flies. The silver animals are attracted to it and stick to it.

So, if you do not want to kill the insects, it is not recommended to use the last 3 home remedies

silverfish fight medium

And if all else fails and no home remedy has brought something from our list, you can also opt for the so-called bait boxes or silver fish traps that you z. B. find at Amazon. Best to put on those that are harmless to humans and pets.

Nevertheless, we advise you to try the gentle home remedies first

natron cleaning agent against silverfish


Even with a plague, silverfish are completely harmless to your health. They do not transmit diseases and will not destroy your furniture in the least. Nevertheless, it would be more pleasant to drive the little animals out of your house or kill them in an emergency. The best part is that you can do it without the fierce chemistry leg.

If it does not have to be, you do not need to kill the insects!

Silverfish fight tips

Mint oil is also great for repelling many insects

Mint oil against silverfish

If you have many old books in the house, you may want to dispose of them or keep them otherwise

silverfish old books

Store cereals, pasta and sweets always packaged in airtight packaging

food raised against silverfish

For humid rooms it is recommended to use a dehumidifier

dehumidifier against silverfish