Get Rid Of Belly Fat: 5 Easy Steps To Success

Posted on Jun 13, 2018

How do you take off sustainably and without much effort or effort? Every day millions of Germans ask themselves this question. Why is it so difficult to lose weight healthily and permanently and what are the causes? The ugly accumulation of fat in an increase in weight can be seen on many parts of the body, but the stomach and hips are still the problem areas par excellence. So how can you get rid of bacon and belly fat sustainably? The answer to this question is not really that hard, and it says: Healthy weight loss is a process. But to master this successfully, one should already do a lot. Today we have 5 basic steps for you to help you to reduce your overweight and, above all, lose your unhealthy belly fat.

Get rid of belly fat in 5 steps

get rid of belly fat to measure waist

# 1 Step: Just think away your bacon!

A very important tip in the foreground: forget about diets! Most of them are just too stressful for your body and they do not ultimately lead to a sustained weight loss, but to a slower metabolism and even greater fat accumulation. The body perceives the diet as a stressor and tries to fight it off.

A natural reaction is to replenish its fat stores, and so does the notorious yo-yo effect. Of course, surgical procedures are just as stressful for the body and psyche and involve high risks and costs. And how about chemical fat burners and laxatives? Well, of these it is also not recommended, because such substances interfere with the biological body budget and harm in the long term his balance enormously.

The first step to getting rid of belly fat is: Psychological weight loss !

New scientific studies and numerous neuroscientific programs have already proven that obesity is a symptom and as such has its exact causes. Unwanted weight gain is often about unconscious habits manifesting in an unhealthy lifestyle. These are joined by wrong ways of thinking that lead to wrong behavioral patterns. Stomach and hip bacon are simply preprogrammed. The result: malaise and low self-esteem. That does not have to be!

Create new patterns of thought!

get rid of abdominal fat change thinking pattern

Because the brain is malleable and can be reprogrammed. That is, new thoughts allow you to send new messages to your brain, creating new structures that lead to new patterns of action and ultimately make your desired weight a reality.

An example: Stop from now on repeating that you are fat and have belly fat, but tell yourself: I am slim and I feel well in my skin.

An important aspect of the new thinking patterns is also the correct handling of one’s own reward system. If your reward system is underserved, then certain messengers are needed, such as dopamine and exidoin. These are often tried by sweet or fatty food to get. Unfortunately, this is the wrong path, which leads only to short-term and fairly unhealthy results. So, reward yourself, but then right! This is not so much with food intake, but with the new way of thinking, more exercise, good sleep, stress reduction and good mood.

Spend more time in good company outdoors

Get rid of belly fat in a good mood outdoors

# 2 Step: Start the day basic

Your new mental attitude to yourself will also make it much easier for you to take the next steps to your desired weight. Start each day simply with a glass of water with soda and lemon or apple cider vinegar. In addition, they help your body to naturally and sustainably detoxify itself every day and to keep its acid-base balance in balance.

How it works? Very easily. Each morning, mix a glass of warm or lukewarm water with 1/2 teaspoon of soda without additives and drink on an empty stomach in small sips. A little later, take the juice of half an organic lemon or a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Finished!

Also, drink plenty of water and unsweetened herbal or fruit teas to balance your electrolyte balance.

The miracle drug Natron

Get rid of belly fat by adding sodium without additives

# 3 Step: Eat consciously and slowly

Only if you are completely present while eating, you can really listen to your natural satiety. If possible, always eat slowly and consciously and enjoy every single bite. Take the scent, the taste and the colors of the dishes with all your senses true and be grateful. Do not take good food for granted, but rather for a privilege!

Always stop eating when you feel satisfied and do not eat anything that is served on the plate or on the table. If you prefer to save it for later, or if you are eating outside, take it home with you if possible.

Look forward to every single bite, as if this would be a valuable gift!

Get rid of belly fat slowly

# 4 Step: The right exercises for stomach fat

Endurance sports such as jogging, swimming and Nordic walking are some of the best and most effective activities that permanently burn calories. Therefore, these are also to be got rid of the belly fat very much. Choose a sport that you really like, so that you do not have to force yourself to do it every time, but perceive it as a reward for your body and mind. Then slimming is really fun and the pounds tumble unnoticed just so by the way. Promised!

The right floor, the good running shoes and a pleasant company do the rest

getting rid of belly fat man and woman jogging on the beach

Some of the best abdominal exercises are shown below:

Get rid of belly fat exercises
Get rid of belly fat workout
get rid of belly fat yoga asana
Get rid of abdominal fat abdominal exercise
Get rid of belly fat workout with gymnastic ball
Get rid of belly fat through appropriate exercises
slimming belly-gym exercises

Step # 5: Invite Yoga and Meditation into Your Life

It has long been proven that constant stress is one of the biggest enemies to get rid of belly fat. Again, stress is also a major cause of obesity. Therefore, it is highly advisable to find a suitable relaxation technique for yourself. Learning yoga and meditation and practicing regularly may be the best way to do that. Of course you can also try it with mindfulness or progressive muscle relaxation.

A guided, professional yoga practice is a must for beginners

get rid of belly fat yoga meditation

The so-called interval fasting is a successful addition to it, which ensures a slight calorie deficit. It is often practiced in the 5: 2 variety, meaning you are fasting or eating light meals on two non-consecutive days of the week. Similarly, the Ekadashi days from the yoga tradition.

A calorie deficit = a negative energy balance or in other words: you consume fewer calories than you consume.

Quinoa is a healthy ingredient for vegan, light food

get rid of quinoa belly fat


If you want to lose weight and get rid of your belly fat, you do not need diets. At best, these lead to short-term results and the dreaded yo-yo effect. Chemical laxatives and fat burners as well as surgical interventions are often too costly and pose high health risks. It would be much better and more sustainable if you change your thinking and behavioral patterns and thus your lifestyle. Combine these 5 steps to get rid of belly fat and bring more awareness into your life because losing weight finally starts in the head.

Be healthy and happy!

get rid of abdominal fat wish figure

Consciously enjoy the scent and taste of your food!

Get rid of belly fat eating sushi
get rid of belly fat healthy food
get rid of belly fat healthy food

Healthy proteins and omega-3 fatty acids are particularly beneficial when losing weight

get rid of belly fat salmon food
get rid of belly fat walnuts
get rid of belly fat energy balls

As well as delicious, healthy smoothies and cereals

Get rid of belly fat green smoothies
Get rid of belly fat grapefruit
Get rid of belly fat healthy breakfast
delicious smoothies blueberries slimming tips and tricks

get rid of belly fat pineapple smoothie

Ensure a healthy, light diet in the office as well

ekadashi fasting in the office with fruits and nuts
lose weight tips and tricks healthy breakfast

Do not forget to drink a lot of water!


Organic apple cider vinegar and lemon ensure a good base-acid balance

apple cider healthy slimming tips and tricks
Lemon juice healthy tips for losing weight

Healthy sleep works wonders for sustained weight loss

get rid of belly fat sufficiently to sleep

Psyllium husks will assist you in getting rid of belly fat

Wooden Spoon with Psyllium

As well as a lot of great spices

spices to lose weight fatburner recipes
Tea for losing weight

High-quality, dark chocolate promotes healthy weight loss

Remove to-remove-chocolate-health-tips-

As well as some nice flavors like cinnamon for example

fast-and-healthy-slimming decision-vanilla flavor

Create more good mood and outdoor exercise

slimming without-to-starve-walk-walk-family

And look forward to your desired weight and new self-esteem!

get rid of belly fat bikini figure

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