Green smoothies as a delicious and healthy temptation!

A favorite spring drink

In the 1930s, a new, prevalent trend developed in the USA, which developed over time into a whole industry – the Americans were the first to have the idea to sell pressed fruit in the form of puree. This tendency spread rapidly throughout the world, and soon enjoyed a rather great interest in the Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. For a few years, the Smoothie has been experiencing its boom and is considered a healthy and delicious spring drink, which is always appreciated by young and old alike to celebrate the rebirth of the surrounding world and to draw vital energy directly from nature.

Green smoothies are based on a healthy organic eating program

Green smoothies with citrus fruits and edible flowers

The green smoothie is a cold mix of green leafy vegetables, germs, algae, spices and citrus fruits, which are passed to a fine viscous mixture. The green smoothies reduce the appetite for sweets, provide the organism with the necessary tension in everyday life, improve the digestion and prevent the deposition of harmful substances in the body.

The simple structure of the proteins contained in the leaf vegetables allows the beverage to be processed quickly and without problems from the organism and spares the stomach. The fibrous materials absorb the unhealthy chemical compounds in the body and accelerate the metabolism. In addition, the green smoothies regulate the production of gastric acid and limit it within reasonable limits. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids is good for the bone, nervous and cardiovascular system. The chlorophyll in the green smoothies helps us in the fight against numerous bacteria, viruses and fungi and prevents the development of cancer cells.

It is true that smoothies are not particularly long-lasting and retain their healthy properties for only one day. However, you could prepare the green mix early, take a bottle to work, and if you are thirsty or hungry, grab it at any time. For a better effect, store the bottle in the refrigerator!

Our clever ideas for an exquisite green smoothie

For the perfect smoothie to regain the vital energy consumed after an overexcited party you need a banana, a handful of strawberries, pineapple, spinach and coconut milk. This delicious and health-promoting combination of potassium, vitamin C, enzymes and fibrous materials has an encouraging effect on our organism and is considered a diauretic.

Delicious smoothie as a refreshment drink for every occasion

Green smoothie with strawberries

For refreshment on the hot days, you could quickly and effortlessly pass a glass of coconut milk, the freshly squeezed juice of two limes, a handful of mint and two teaspoonfuls of honey, and enjoy a real tropical taste!

Mix half a glass of vanilla yoghurt, a bowl of spinach leaves, two soup spoons of lime juice and half a glass of milk, then pour in the blender. This successful mix leaves a sweet taste in the mouth and ensures you a fresh mouth odor!

In the following video, you will discover three different green smoothies recipes – depending on the hoped-for result, there is something for everyone

Green smoothies – mint and chocolate are a classic and quite delicious combination

Green smoothie with chocolate

Spring is already here – living healthy and enjoying the moment


Smoothie with Matcha tea, spinach, banana and almonds

Matcha tee green smoothies

Green smoothies – kiwi, avocado, spinach and grapes

Green smoothie with different green vegetables

Green smoothie with kiwi

Green cabbage is a favorite leaf vegetable when preparing green smoothies and can be combined perfectly with banana, green apple and kiwi

Green cabbage with banana kiwi and apple

A tropical smoothie with mango, green cabbage, ginger and lemon juice

Green smoothie with mango and ginger

Mango and orange green smoothie

Spinach and raspberries make the heavenly drink

Frozen raspberry with spinach

Smoothie with chocolate and raspberries

If you pass spinach and cucumbers to a smoothie, you will not need a salad

Green smoothies with spinach and other ingredients

Green smoothies – parsley, celery and cucumbers revitalize your body and mind

Celery parsley and cucumbers