Grilling Vegetarian – Important Tips For A Barbecue Without Meat

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It is no longer a secret that grilling also goes without meat. Grilling vegetarian or even vegan is not only fun, but has many advantages – not only for our health and the environment. The moral side of meat-eating, and, more precisely, the many-sided disadvantages of mass production, has long been on everyone’s lips and is gaining more and more advocates worldwide. And it should remain so, as sustainable development and environmental awareness are more important than ever before. Although vegetarian barbecuing is a children’s game, you still have to consider some aspects. What kind of vegetables and fruits are best suited as a grilling good? Which oils should you prefer? How is marinated to grill? These are all very simple questions, but they are of crucial importance when you want to grill vegetarian.

So start with the answers!

Grilling vegetarian – a healthy treat for the whole family

Grilled vegetarian vegetable bbq zucchini paprika olives lemon garlic rosemary

Vegetables and fruit varieties

Of course you can try it in principle with everything. There are no strict restrictions. It is ultimately about your own taste, which is as different as everyone else is. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is that fruits and vegetables for the grill should be water-poor!

To juicy varieties are therefore less suitable. But you can always prepare a delicious meal at the grill with peppers, potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, artichokes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, corn on the cob, carrots, chicory or radicchio. Bananas, apples, peaches, pears, pineapples and figs are a delicious alternative to chocolate and cakes.

Avocado is also perfect for grilling

Grilled vegetarian vegetable vegan healthy bbq ideas avocado tomatoes chili onion ananas

Peel the grill food

To make the grilled something more spicy, you can always taste it with salt, pepper and lemon. Best always after grilling. If you prefer marinated food you should prepare it on an aluminum grill or in a cast-iron pan. In this way, the marinade does not drip directly into the embers and the food also tastes much more juicy. For a tasty, Mediterranean taste it is recommended to use rosemary, thyme, sage or oregano as spices. Curry, turmeric or wasabi, on the other hand, provide a sensual, oriental or far eastern touch.

Discover your favorite seasoning!

Grilled vegetarian zucchini potato tofu grill party

Tofu and other meat substitutes

The one prepared from Sojamilch tofu Has been found for a long time almost everywhere in the supermarkets and organic shops. Flavor-neutral, light and healthy, this soy product is popular with most vegans and consumed daily. Seitan and Tempeh are two more Vegan meat alternatives , Which are not so well known, but also very healthy and versatile to use during cooking. Both have a meat-like consistency and fit perfectly on the grill. The main difference is the ingredients. Tempeh is made from soy grains and comes from Indonesia. Seitan comes from Japan and consists of wheat protein, which is why it is not for people with gluten intolerance ( celiac Disease ).

Tip: Always brush the grill grate with herb margarine or suitable oils, especially those that can withstand higher temperatures. Sunflower and rapeseed oil are excellent for this.

Have fun with the barbecue and have a wonderful summer!

In good company everything tastes even better

Grilled vegetarian vegetable bbq vegane ideas grillparty healthy

Always choose fresh and low-water products

Grilled vegetarian vegetable bbq vegane ideas paprika onions porridge garlic carrots

You can also try it with different fruit-vegetable combinations

Grilled vegetarian mushrooms grapes onion vegan

Cherry tomatoes can be cooked very well on skewers

Grilled vegetarian mushrooms paprika cherry tomatoes

You can also taste tasty tacos with the prepared grill

Grilled vegetarian vegetable tacos bbq chickpeas

Parsnips are not only healthy, but also delicious

Grills vegetarian vegetables bbq ideas pastinaks

Grilled fruit and vegetables for the crisp salad

Grilled vegetarian vegetable bbq fruit peaches feta cheese salad

Maiskolben and tofu steaks – the dream of every vegan

Grilled vegetarian vegetable maiskolben tofu

Fruits and tofu garnish with humus

Grilled vegetarian fruit idea vegan strawberries bananas ananas

You can even put watermelons on the grill

Grilled vegetarian fruit vegane bbq ideas water mint limette

And, of course, the delicious artichokes

Grilled vegetarian vegan bbq artichokes

Skewers of sweet potatoes and natural rice as a low calorie meal

Grilled vegetarian vegan recipes ananas tofu naturreis

Prepare delicious sauces and dips

Grilled vegetarian vegane spit mango bananas tofu dip

Tofu fillet with salad and pine nuts

Grilled vegetarian tofu steaks grains salad

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