Grillparty – Where Can I Find The Right Decoration And Accessories?

Yeah right! It’s definitely time for grilling! It is, of course, a decision far removed from environmental friendliness and sustainability, but one can sometimes accept. In general, however, it is especially for the environmentally conscious of you – decoration and accessories should be selected with a lot of sensitivity. Recycled paper napkins, certified wood and high-quality metals definitely belong to a barbecue party with style and conscience. If you have not yet begun, it is time to organize the first barbecue party of the season. And if you do not have a spacious terrace or garden, you can do it in the park or on the beach. The place is not so hard to find. Barbecue and food are also available to God thanks to God. Barbecue recipes for meat, vegetarian and vegan are also available in the cookbooks as well as in the numerous specialist websites. But when it comes to decoration and BBQ accessories, it looks a bit different. Either the grill party becomes a”one-way experience”or a tasty affair. If you choose the first option, you do not need any advice or ideas from us – just go to the supermarket, get disposable cutlery and plates, and you’re done!

Grillparty in the garden

Grillparty angrillen meat vegetable delicious recipes gardenparty

But where to start with all these goods? In the shops as well as in the Internet one can lose sight of the overview very quickly. So it was at least us until we got up Are encountered. There we have discovered a real treasure chamber full of high-quality decoration articles and accessories for our grill party. There is not only”porcelain for the senses”from Kahla, but also a lot of valuable products from other well-known manufacturers such as WMF, Zwilling, Wüsthof and Emsa as well as SCHOTT Zwiesel and Zeller Keramik.

There is simply nothing that does not exist. Whether it is a grill brush or tongs, carafe or bowl, steak knife or shish kebab – the offer is huge and multifaceted.

BBQ healthy!

Grillparty grilling bbq grill meat skewers vegetable

Just look around here if you feel like it. You will surely find it!

In this sense, have fun with the barbecue and let it go! The summer is already here.

A delicious idea for vegans

Grillparty grilled bbq vegetable vegan mushrooms paprika tomatoes

Low-fat steaks are naturally not to be neglected for traditional

Grillparty angrillen meat grills steak vegetable healthy

Prepare tasty salads as a side dish

Grillparty angrillen meat salads bbq ideas

A few sausages belong very well to it

Grillparty angrillen meat steals sausages barbecue summerparty gardenideen

Your friends will appreciate everything

Grillparty angrillen meat salads vegetable bread brunch invite friends

Grill healthy with the vegetable wok from GEFU

Grillparty grilled vegetables wok healthy grilling

The cocktail series Charles Schumann from Schott Zwiesel

Grillparty glasses cocktail glass set schott zwiesel series charles schumann

Maxi grill bowl from Kahla

Grillparty maxi grill bowl kahla white porcelain

Vienna salad bowl from Emsa

Grillparty angrillen meat vegetable salad green peel vienna plastic salad

Fabulous porcelain plates, cups and egg cups – of course by Kahla

Grillparty porcelain set fine flower pattern wildflower kahla
Grillparty wildflower porcelain tableware kahla