Healthy breakfast – Why eat breakfast and healthy?

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Healthy breakfast? What is it and how is it possible? Eating healthy nowadays seems to be a real challenge. Because from all sides you are flooded by any ideas for healthy nutrition. And you are wondering what the healthy breakfast looks like… Some place special emphasis on the breakfast. Should there ever be this and if so, what should it look like? The breakfast – the first meal of the day, so today is the focus of our contribution. What makes a healthy breakfast healthy? You will soon learn! Links to a few healthy recipes can also be found in the following.

What does a healthy breakfast look like?

Healthy breakfast ideas for the first meal in the day

What kind of breakfasts are there?

Over breakfast, opinions often diverge. At the beginning we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are a few breakfast types. That is why the breakfasts differ so much. Various individualities – different breakfasts:

  • With bear star in the morning – the breakfast is a ritual
  • Drinks for breakfast – Many, however, is easy a drink In the morning.

    They do not miss the food

  • Without breakfast type – These people do not eat breakfast. Also the non-breakfast is often considered healthy

Gluten-free toast with honey and lemon for a good start into the day

Healthy breakfast cereal gluten free toasts with lemon and honey

Smoothie made from honey melon and spinach

Healthy breakfast pieces of smoothie prepared from honey melon and spinach

The general opinion about the breakfast, that one should acquire important nutrients in the morning is refuted by many people. The performance was closely linked to the breakfast. There are also mutual opinions about this. The breakfast preferences are thus based on different things. Some people have breakfast because they’ve just been educated, others because they’ve read it that it’s good to have breakfast. To put your proper eating habits in the morning, it is important that you make the difference between real hunger and appetite. Sometimes these two feelings are so easy to confuse that one is deceived. The right time of breakfast also plays an important role. Early in the morning something to eat for breakfast or to shift the first meal a day at around 10 am: This is already a personal thing, but has much to do with the metabolism.

Breakfastside with boiled eggs

Healthy breakfast sausages avocado toast with boiled eggs

For or against breakfast?

In general, skipping the breakfast could lead to a higher appetite a day. We all know that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The long period between dinner and breakfast should be taken into consideration. Of course, it plays a part of what you have eaten in the evening and how late that was, so you can determine the time and the type of breakfast properly. Within two hours of getting up, the healthy breakfast has a clear effect on the way the organism metabolizes glucose and the blood sugar. The level of glucose increases every time you eat and the pancreas produces insulin to move the glucose to the body cells, allowing energy to divide. Research shows that the balance between glucose and insulin has a good effect on metabolism and health. So, this seems to be an important reason to have breakfast, right?

After a healthy breakfast, the blood sugar increases, but it takes a while for the organism to absorb the nutrients, says Eric Rimm, SC.D., Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the Harvard College of Social Health in Boston. So you should not get hungry for five hours after breakfast.

If one makes no effort to prepare a breakfast, the persistent starvation could lead to the increase of the hunger hormones like Ghrelin. This encourages you to eat too much at the next meal, which leads to the increase and decrease of the glucose. When the pancreas is constantly producing insulin to match the high level of glucose, it overcomes over time and becomes infected with diabetes, says Prof. Rimm.

Five reasons to eat breakfast

  • They reduce the risk of heart disease
  • They certainly avoid diabetes
  • They have more energy and move more
  • You improve your learning and communication skills, as well as the creativity and you increase your attention
  • You could reduce your weight

What should be the breakfast?

The breakfast must also be varied. Healthy in any case. Healthy and fast breakfast is at the first glance bordering on the impossible. Most healthy breakfast recipes simply require a long preparation time. As is known to all, the different nations are characterized not only by specific dishes, but also by their own Eating habits . While in a country prefer fresh salads and different breads of bread, other nations prefer, in the morning one Soup To take to oneself. But it is impossible to eat healthy and fast.

Make healthy and tasty cucumber soup

Healthy breakfast pieces of cucumber soup

Gluten-free bread with almonds is a good breakfast alternative for those who like to have breakfast

Healthy breakfast pieces gluten-free bread almonds

Of course it is just as important what you eat at breakfast. Breakfast does not make us healthy. If you like a donut and a cup of coffee for breakfast or prefer sweet breakfast cereal with a glass of juice, a metabolism chaos in your own body. Fortunately, the breakfast can be delicious and healthy at the same time. There are a lot of traditional breakfast styles that taste great and are also healthy for the body. The yogurt And cereal flakes are good examples of this.

The breakfast can only be freshly designed

Healthy breakfastside yoghurt with mango

Cereal flakes for breakfast

Healthy breakfast breakfast cereal for breakfast

In conclusion, we would like to inform you:

  • It is not only important to have breakfast at all, but to find the right breakfast for you
  • In combination with stress, the unhealthy diet puts you out of the condition of diabetes

Smoothies are a great breakfast for all those who do not like to eat in the morning, but have appetite

Healthy breakfastside smoothie prepare from kiwi

Yogurt with berries is a light and fresh breakfast for a busy everyday life

Healthy breakfast cereal yogurt with berries

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