Healthy Living: Food That Does Not Belong In The Fridge

Have you ever tried lubricating the butter that has just been taken out of the fridge onto a baked bread slice? Yes, and that does not work so well. Strange as it may be, there are some foods that we traditionally keep in the fridge, but which taste better when stored outside of it. The good taste is again very motivating if we want to lead a healthy life. So now comes nine main foods that often make the mistake of keeping them in a fridge. And you will find more such in this article on our website.

They live healthier with butter. Keep this product properly!

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The butter

The butter is a product that is partly endangered from spoiling. That’s why most of us take precautionary measures to keep them in the fridge. However, this entails complications, such as being much harder to lubricate. You do not enjoy the taste so well and used larger quantities than you would eat otherwise.

What many do not know is that the butter can stay well at a temperature of up to 21 degrees. That’s why you could conveniently store them in a hermetically sealed food box. Here’s another idea: keep some of the butter outside of the fridge and the rest – inside.

The most delicious melons are the ripe ones. So they are also healthier.

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Healthy life does not go without delicious fruits. Can you imagine the summer without the melons? Normally, we do not buy them in a too ripe condition and to be really sweet, they have to stay outside the fridge for longer. An exception, however, makes the variety”Honeydew”, which can not mature after picking. So she can quietly stay in the fridge and be enjoyed very cold.

Let the tomatoes ripen and live healthier with delicious salads

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Healthy life does not work without fresh salads. Just like the melons ripen the tomatoes after harvest and that could not happen in the fridge. So you will eat a tastier salad if it is kept outside of it. You prefer to buy smaller quantities and consume them as fast as possible.

The potatoes should also be left outside the fridge

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The potatoes are just way unhealthier outside, outside the fridge, than they once were. This is mainly because the starch in the potatoes is transformed into sugar due to the high temperature. It is best to pick up these foods in paper bags outside the fridge. And you should also prepare them immediately after shopping.

The onions are part of a healthy life and they absolutely have to be kept outside the fridge

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The onions are other foods that are often stashed in the fridge, which is not a good idea at all. All their properties – both the flavor and the contained healthy ingredients are spoiled by it. Instead, find a dark, dry storage location.

Bread should only land in the fridge in an emergency

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The bread

Are you worried about different insects or mold? That’s why the bread is sometimes stored in the fridge. However, anyone who cares about a healthy life should not make that mistake. Instead, you should stash it in a bread box. You can not put the bread in the fridge until it is good for up to a month. But in most cases this is not desirable at all.

Do you like to eat honey? Do not let it cry out!

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To crystallize the honey it comes in the refrigerator much faster than outside. That’s why it’s not a good idea to keep it there. Again, it would otherwise be like the butter to grease this with great difficulty.

Coffee beans taste better if they only have their own smell

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The coffee beans have the ability to absorb the smell of other foods. Because of this, you can not really enjoy the good taste of these foods if you keep them in the fridge. And surely you love the delicious coffee, right?

The basil is part of healthy food – keep it in the right place!

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It is one of the few herbs for which the cold temperatures are not a good idea. It continues to absorb the odors of other products just like the keffe. It would be better to keep the basil in a glass with water near the window.

Healthy life and storage of food

As already indicated, the good taste certainly belongs to a healthier life. Quite simply, we prefer to consume products that bring us pleasure for all the senses. So the junk food just has a much better competition! In addition, many foods that are stored in the refrigerator often lose many healthy ingredients. Furthermore, they do not look as good on the outside as they are stored properly. And as we know, eat in the eyes. This is crucial to whether we enjoy this dish or not, or whether we prefer it over another, yummy-looking, but unhealthy meal. A healthy life also means that – proper storage of the quality of the products and perfect enjoyment.