Healthy Sitting: Save Your Back With These Simple Tips!

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According to the latest scientific studies, sitting comfortably means sitting comfortably. As a rule of thumb, always keep in mind: Do not freeze in the same position! Especially if you work in the office for hours, you should stick to it. And that is to say, to get up several times, to perform different movements, to walk a few steps and to ensure perfect ergonomics in the workplace. Although we have already heard it all and are even convinced, we simply forget it too much in the workplace. Time and power pressure seem to us to be much more important than our own health. A fatal mistake!

However, this can be compensated prematurely or even completely avoided. And how? Through healthy sitting and the right expert tips that you should then also really adhere to. Here we provide you with a brief overview of the most important tips in”healthy sitting”as well as an informative and amusingly designed infographics, which will most likely provide you additional motivation.

Support your back with healthy sitting!

Back problems unhealthy sitting in office avoiding

Tip 1: Protect the lumbar spine

Quite the opposite of previous”wisdom”and false rules, today it is true: No stiff, straight sitting! The vertebral column must remain constantly in motion, which is of fundamental importance for the healthy condition of the intervertebral disks. So, you can move back and forth on the chair, turn the head slightly in all directions, look at the ceiling, and perform other small movements that will do you good.

Tip 2: Avoid turtle feeding

If you sit too long in front of the screen and constantly bend forward, you will most likely complain about discomfort in your neck and upper back. A relaxed recline sometimes does the back well and bends such problems around a lot! Always keep in mind the tip 1.

Incorrect seating can lead to serious back problems over time

Back pain prevention man home office

Tip 3: Prevent muscle tension

In the case of a solidified sitting, the same muscle groups are repeatedly loaded. So they cramp and harden with time and then start to plague us with unpleasant pain. For the prevention, a targeted stretching training is recommended. Some simple yoga exercises as well as short meditation help also excellent.

Have fun with your work colleagues!

Office exercises stretching healthy sitting at workplace

Tip 4: Think about the circulation

Try to work partially while standing, and if possible, always go a few steps. Prepare a coffee, pour the plants or look through the window, which is a little distant from you. No boss will take that away. Promised!

Many modern office furniture already have an extra work option in standing

Dynamic sitting at workplace woman apple macbook air

Tip 5: The right ergonomic office chair is a must!

Inform yourself thoroughly with experienced specialists, Which ergonomic office chair is the right one for you . A huge selection awaits you both in the specialist trade on site, as well as in high-quality online shops. Always ensure sufficient certification and trustworthy origin!

Enjoy your stay and stay healthy!

Healthy Sitting: An Infographics of Ergotopia


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[Infographics] Sitting can be deadly!

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