Hemp Oil Effect, Fields Of Application And Recipes

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The first association that is made when talking about the valuable hemp oil is undoubtedly the intoxicating effect of the hemp plant. Nevertheless, hemp oil is one of the oldest edible oils which people have found healthy and effective.

Many of the health and healing properties of hemp oil are described. Some of the reports are contradictory and not everything has been scientifically proven or at least not quite officially presented as good in the media. The fact is, you can buy natural hemp oil free in the pharmacy or in the drugstore.

Hemp oil is not only valuable for natural healing

Hanföl effect hanfsamen4

In today’s article, we would like to focus on the positive qualities and health qualities of the hemp oil and share the collected information with you, our readers.

The first and most important thing is that the plants from which the hemp oil is extracted are never treated with pesticides.

A few drops of the oil make the joint pain disappear

Hanföl effect joints skin

This is because the plant simply does not attract any pests. The reason for this is precisely the intoxicating substances that are contained in the leaves.

Hemp oil

What exactly is hemp oil?

From a scientific point of view, one differentiates the different products of the plant. Our subject today, if we want to orient ourselves exactly according to the conceptuality, is hemp seed oil. As the name implies, the valuable oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Clean and rejuvenating properties are prescribed for hemp oil

Hanföl effect facial mask

Hanföl impact oile

Applications of hemp seed oil

The hemp oil effect is valued in innovative and alternative treatment methods in medicine. As a preventative or as a cure, hemp seed oil convinces every day with its healing qualities.

The valuable oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant

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Hanföl effect dripping

The valuable oil can be in the form of hemp seed well for the body

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Hanföl effect hanfsamen4


There are many more varieties of hemp oil in medicine and most of them are considered illegal on the German market. The hemp seed products are successfully used in the treatment of cancer and heart disease. In addition, the hemp oil works well against chronic joint pain and circulatory problems. At high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels, the said oil also shows positive results.

Among other things, chronic joint pain can be treated with hemp oil

Hanföl impact joints

Against prostate complaints and as a prevention against stroke, the hemp oil is prescribed by an increasing number of alternative medicine practitioners.

The vitamin-rich oil is ideal for daily skin care

Hanföl impact drops cosmetic
Hanföl effect oele
Hanföl effect cure skin care
Hanföl effect dripping

Hemp oil in the kitchen

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are often used in the vegan diet. If you refine your food with hemp oil, you should be sure that one of the purest and healthiest vitamins and energy sources in your body. The oil or the hemp seed may only be consumed cold, as it does not lose any of its valuable ingredients. The hemp oil is rich in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc.

The hemp seed oil can be chosen as the best cooking oil

Hanföl action soap
Hanföl effect spoon
Hemp effect
Hanföl impact drops cleansing oils


Because of its numerous and positive properties, hemp oil is preferred as a valuable ingredient in various cosmetic products. The oil is an effective remedy for acne. Cleanse and rejuvenating properties are prescribed for the hemp seed oil, which is why it is recommended as a body lotion or day care.

One of the best remedies for acne is hemp oil, also all other hemp oil products

Hanföl action soap
Hanföl effect against acne
Hanföl effect oile 2
Hanföl effect against acne
Hanföl impact drops oily
Hemp oil
Hanföl impact drops cosmetic

house recipe

If you decide to use hemp seed oil as cooking oil, remember that this oil or only the hemp seed can only be used for cold food and salads. In the following, we offer you a very simple recipe with hemp oil, which you can prepare yourself at home and which you enjoy for a long time. With every bite, you do something good for your body, which is actually part of the meaningful tasks of our lives.

Hanföl treatment pasta recipe

You can only profit from the hemp oil qualities!

Hanföl impact saletoel

Pesto Genovese with hemp oil

ingredients : 2 sprigs of fresh basil, 50g pine nuts, 15g of parmesan, 2 cloves of garlic, 15g of sunflower seed, pepper, 50g of hemp oil

preparation : The kernels are roasted briefly in the skillet, the basil leaves are cut into small pieces and everything except the oil is poured into a thick paste. After the pesto is finished, add the oil and stir in the pesto. Finally, taste with pepper and some lemon.

Every day for breakfast and also as a smoothie ingredient!

Hanföl impact drops cold-pressed
Hanföl effect drip smoothy
Hanföl impact drops samenoel
Hanf oil effect drops
Hanföl impact drops food mix
Hanföl effect in the juice
Hanföl effect glass

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