Herbal Tea For Headaches – Its Healthy Effect And Easy Preparation

If you often browse through our website, you will find many interesting articles about alternative medicine and useful tips for the relief of various ailments. The control of many disease symptoms is possible by means of household remedies coming directly from nature. Recently, we have proven over five proven medicinal herbs Who are fighting headaches. Today we want to continue the topic and report on herbal teas, which have a healing effect on headache and migraine. We also give you useful tips for preparing these teas.

But before we go to the practical part of this article, let’s give some preliminary information. Since antiquity, the healing power of the herbs has been known to the people and has always been highly valued. Most medicinal herbs have many uses, but today we are only focusing on those that relieve headaches. These pain can have different causes and triggers. The headache is sometimes also a companion symptom of colds and digestive disorders, but also of serious illnesses. Low blood pressure can also cause it. Too long work on the PC, pondering over problems and everyday situations, physical and mental exhaustion as well as weather sensitivity are often the reason for headaches. Migraine is a special form of this pain and is characterized by typical, regular course.

Attention! Headache and migraine are typical symptoms of serious illness

Headaches cure by herbal teas

Before you decide to use known medication or decide to use natural remedies, you must determine what causes your headache or migraine. Light, occasional pain can be treated with medicinal herbs at home. But if you have a strong, recurring headache, you need to consult your doctor so that he can give you the best treatment, prescribe appropriate medication, or give you more advice.

Which medicinal herbs help against headaches?

Among the medicinal herbs we have five favorites, which fight headache or lead at least to the relief of the headaches. Ginger is first in this list, because it is a proven remedy for various ailments. Dried melissa or lavender blossoms can also be used as a filling of head pillows. Your aroma helps you sleep problems and combats headaches. It is the same with vanilla pods. The typical scent of vanilla soothes the senses, which leads to relaxation. With the vanilla mark sculpted from a pod, you can also make a healthy healing tea and enjoy it sip for sip. You can also buy vanilla extract. This is how you discover the healing power of vanilla and soon realize that it is not just for baking. Rosemary is also very popular as a healing herb. Its essential oil brings relief from headache when the complaints are caused by low blood pressure. At home you can use the fresh root of this herb, cut a thumbs-sized piece of it, peel it and rub it. Then let the ginger pieces draw in a liter of boiling water for about 30 minutes. You can then drink the soup in small sips. Ginger has a keen taste. If the pure drink does not taste good, you can add a lemon spray. So you get a milder taste and enhance the effect of ginger. A particularly soothing effect can also be achieved with freshly brewed melissa tea. This relaxes the nerves and guarantees you a quiet night’s sleep.

Medicinal herbs are alternative remedies that come directly from nature

Herbal tea for headache melissa natural remedies

Where to buy medicinal herbs for headaches?

Of course, you can find many medicinal herbs in the wild and collect them there. You can then dry them at home and then prepare the herbal teas according to your taste. But you must be better acquainted with this knowledge. The healing herbs can also be cultivated in their own garden or planted and cultivated in flower boxes. However, the easiest way is to get these as already finished blends and teas in your drugstore or find them in the nearby supermarket. Ask your pharmacist for specific tea mixes, which will alleviate headaches and combat them in the long term.

Do you cultivate herbs in your own garden?

Headache relieve by natural medium rosemary

How can you prepare herbal tea for headaches at home?

Here are some well-tried recipes for herbal teas for headaches. Here are actually four successful mixtures of 2-3 herbs, which affect headaches and migraine. All are savory and easy to prepare. Let the herbal teas draw long enough time and enjoy this slowly, swallow for sip.

Fragrant herbal teas relieve headaches

Headaches cure by lavender

– Vanilla lavender tea

A teaspoonful of vanilla from pods is placed in a cup and 5g of dried lavender flowers are added. You let the tea for 10 minutes pull and then filters off. This fragrant tea can be sweet with sugar, honey or stevia.

– Melissa Lavender Rosemary Tea

All three ingredients of this tea blend have a calming effect and therefore also a headache. They need 5 g of melissa, 3 g of lavender and 3 g of rosemary. The herbs must be drained with 250 g of hot water and let stand for about 10 minutes. Then filter off and enjoy the great taste and flavor!

– Black tea with ginger and lemon

Ginger suits the taste of black tea, both have analgesic effects. For this herbal tea you can take 3-5 g dried or fresh ginger. The time to pull is however different, 2-3 minutes for the dried and 20-30 minutes for the fresh ginger. Only then add 4 g of black tea, which must also pull 5 minutes. This tea blend tastes bitter, so you can add 3 grams of lemongrass and make the taste more gentle. Also a splash of lemon juice is recommended. So you get a herbal tea, which has a very refreshing effect. Depending on your preference and preferences you can make him sweet.

– Vanilla and green tea

Sweet and bitter can be combined with great taste and can soothe your headache. Take 4g black or green tea and let the leaves draw in hot water for 5 minutes. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla. Sweeten the tea to taste.

Have you already tasted one of these herbal teas? Has he given you the desired relief against headaches?

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