How To Make Quinoa And Enjoy Healthy Dishes With It

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These grains always existed in the organic shop at the corner. Exactly next to the amaranth and the gold millet you could always buy quinoa. At that time, the well-known seeds were still considered as no superfoods.

Today, Quinoa is part of every salad and every dish that claims to be healthy. About Quinoa you read and heard quite a lot and only good things lately! Quinoa is healthy, good, cheap, vegetarian, organic and… really quite unknown. How many of us know, for example, how to cook quinoa properly, in order to be able to benefit from their health values?

Quinoa to prepare

We found this question quite important and decided to make the topic the subject of our article today.

The gold of the Incas is one of the most celebrated superfoods of our time

Quinoa preparing grains

What is Quinoa and how is it cooked properly?

The famous Superfood comes from South America, where it is called indispensable. The healthy (not) grain was there beside the maize a main food and is not for no reason called the gold of the Incas. The old stories tell us that the heroic warriors owe their endurance to the Quinoa. The plant provides the body with the necessary minerals and is easily prepared.

The quinoa is pre-cooked when its structure is slightly glassy

Quinoa prepare light glassy structure

If you want to make quinoa, there are two simple basic rules to consider. Firstly, the grains should be thoroughly washed and secondly, quinoa is unpalatable in the unpeeled state.

When you prepare quinoa and mix with other ingredients, you can think of cooking millet or rice as a help

Quinoa prepare artischock

The basic recipe on how to cook quinoa can be compared to cooking from rice. 1 cup quinoa is washed with cold water and soaked. 2 cups of water are boiled with 1/2 tsp of salt. When the water boils, the grains are added and the temperature is reduced. In contrast to rice, the quinoa needs a little longer until it is edible. 15 minutes are sufficient until the quinoa grains become”al dente”. With the cooked quinoa you can prepare salads, side dishes, desserts and even vegetarian meatballs.

Peeled and washed, one starts to cook the quinoa

Quinoa to prepare
Quinoa preparing grains like

Examples and recipes with quinoa

Quinoa makes you strong, happy and naturally full. However, it is recommended to all people with suspicion of allergies to consult with their family doctor before consumption.

Quinoa preparing salad

Salad with quinoa

Ingredients: leaf salad or spinach, spring onions, 1 carrot (grated), tomato, cucumber, 1 avocado, parsley, ztron juice

Preparation: Wash the leaves of the leaves and spin them dry, cut the vegetables, dice them and rub them. Pre-boil the quinoa as described above. Mix everything together, season with salt, olive oil and lemon juice.

Quinoa preparing red beete
Quinoa to prepare mango
Quinoa to prepare zucchini

Quinoa roasts

Ingredients: 1-2 cups of pre-cooked quinoa, vegetable onion, carrot, parsley or coriander, 1 egg, salt, pepper

Preparation: Cut the vegetables and mix them with the egg and the quinoa by hand. Form meatballs with moist hands and fry golden brown in an oven.

Quinoa preparing bratlings
Quinoa preparing frikadelle
Quinoa to prepare

Energy breakfast with quinoa

For this recipe you need to pre-cook the quinoa again and buy this fruit, which you prefer to eat. In a glass or a bowl you can layer quinoa, fruit pieces and creamy yoghurt. Garnish with fruit syrup, honey or sugar beet juice.

Quinoa to prepare tropical salad
Quinoa preparing kracker
Quinoa preparing red beete bissse
Quinoa preparing red beete qiunoa carrot
Quinoa preparing red beete blue berry

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