Important Medicinal Herbs To Be Known For And Against Influenza

Often we have written exciting articles about medicinal herbs and their effects. And who knows this topic, knows exactly that they can find as good as no end. Science is discovering ever newer effects and areas in which one can use various known and less well-known plants preventively or as a treatment.

The season in which most Colds and infections optimal conditions for development are still not finally over. That’s why we are happy to introduce you to some medicinal plants that can help maintain and even strengthen your immune system.

A varied diet and well-selected medicinal herbs can work well against the flu

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If you look long enough, you can find many remedies in nature

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There are enough potent plants that can even expel cold and flu

Healing herbs against influenza ayurveda ill

The ingredients can be obtained directly and naturally or in the form of capsules

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Medicinal herbs against influenza according to Ayurveda

Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata)

Some may know this medicinal plant from Chinese medicine, others may in terms of Ayurveda have learned about their effects. The plant is said to have a cleansing effect and can be applied at the first sign of flu. In addition, naturopaths prescribe the medicinal plant for accelerating the recovery process and for the complete elimination of infections.

Attention! In humans with auto-immune diseases, the use of Andrographis is prohibited, because the ingredients of the plant can even support their disease.

Humanity has known Kalmegh and its special effect for over 2000 years

Healing herbs against influenza ayurveda andrographis


The aromatic seeds of the caraway have been known for more than 2000 years as a culinary specialty in the entire Orient. Less well known, however, is the fact that the black cumin seeds also have a medical significance. The oil contained in the seeds calms the worst cough and is used successfully in alleviating allergies. Taking black cumin preparations or black cumin oil may even protect against the onset of allergic attacks.

The black cumin can also improve the bile function, calm the stomach and be helpful in menstrual disorders.

In case of a bad coughing attack, black cumin immediately helps

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Most people know the black cumin only as a culinary specialty of the Orient

Healing herbs against flu ayurveda seeds

The black cumin oil is popular in medicine as well as in the kitchen

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Tulsi (Holy Basil)

“Tulsi”should be translated directly from Sanskrit as”incomparable”and the plant represents a small tree that could actually be compared to the basil we know well. From the leaves of the plant to prepare delicious tea, which has a strong antibacterial effect. Regular intake of Tulsi tea permanently strengthens the immune system and makes the body more resistant.

A cup of Tulsi tea a day keeps you energetic and in a good mood

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The dosage may vary depending on the fresh or dried state of the herb

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The rule of thumb is about 1 pinch per cup

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Cat’s claw

This exotic plant has an incredible effect on the human body. In addition to strengthening the body’s immunity through the liana, this wonder drug is also used as a preventive or post-treatment treatment for tumors.

The exotic cat’s claw is a true miracle cure for our health

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It is shipped dried to Europe and sold in small quantities

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For acute illnesses, you should consult your doctor or alternative practitioner

Healing herbs against flu ayurveda cat claw

Can the flu just disappear through medicinal herbs?

If you want to be a staunch opponent of conventional medicine, you’ll have to wait longer for the flu treatment. There are actually many medicinal plants that lead to early recovery, but you can not always compare with the drugs from the pharmacy.

Best of all, consult with your family doctor or health practitioner and follow their recommendations exactly!

A healthy lifestyle can only be achieved when it becomes a habit

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Knowing something about herbs and having fresh ones for just in case can not hurt

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Healing herbs against flu ayurveda blackcurrant against coughing
Healing herbs against flu ayurveda blackcurrant
Healing herbs against influenza ayurveda fever
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