Make Natural Suntan Yourself – Get Healthy And Fast Brown

Posted on Jun 08, 2018

We have just complained about the cold and suddenly the outdoor thermometer shows a full 35 degrees. The weather is crazy and we like to play with: Quickly after work in the outdoor pool ride on a bike and get the long-awaited cooling finally. At the weekend we like to lie in the sun and really want to get pretty brown. Yes but how? For the hot days in the city, but also for the holidays, there is something exciting to experience again today. Would you like to get well and fast brown? Then you will learn how to make a natural sun oil yourself. In the current article you will learn what the natural oils are good for and how you can put together the right care for your skin type relatively quickly.

Make natural sun oil yourself – it’s always worth it

Make natural suntan oil yourself and give the skin something healthy

Any normal skin may be creamed and protected from the sun. Every skin is also thankful if you give it enough moisture after sunbathing. If you want to give your skin natural hydration, you can simply rub your skin with fresh cucumber.

The juice of aloe vera can also be helpful, mixed with some organic coconut oil. So much for the care after sunbathing. And now to the actual sun oil recipe, which can only promise a wonderful summer time.

With natural products you better protect the delicate skin of the little ones in the family

Fatty oils with natural flavors are the basics of skin care

If you look after the skin properly, it looks young and fresh for longer

Natural Sun Oil Basic recipe:

1/4 glass of coconut oil

1/4 almond oil, wheat germ oil or Sasamöl

1 tbsp shea butter or cocoa butter

1/4 glass of aloe vera gel

10 drops of carrot oil

5 drops of lavender oil or other essential oil

You can add 5-10 additional drops of raspberry seed oil at will. This increases the UV protection factor.

The mixture is usually prepared in a water bath and poured into dark glass bottles.

It is possible that you get a fast and healthy tan

At exotic resorts you need a higher protection factor

The natural sun oil should be more compatible and gentle

When you put together your skin and hair care, you can influence the origin and quality of the ingredients. In most cases, home-made production is pretty good. The only disadvantage of natural care products is the relatively short shelf life. Always make small amounts and try to consume them right away. The benefits are that you only use natural products for healthy care, which are equally good for people with sensitive skin and small children.

The good and natural skin care promises a uniform and long-lasting complexion

With the right UV protection you can enjoy the burning sunbeams even during your holiday

With a natural product you can only do good things for your appearance, because you automatically feel better and radiate a friendly feeling.

If one still suffers from a guilty conscience that has so far polluted the air and water with its traditional sun oils, one would find an additional reason to opt for natural products.

Oils and essential aromas are the basic ingredients of natural hair and skin care

Wheat germ, shea or coconut – nature has everything on offer

A sunscreen cream is really fast mixed together

Many foods can be used to care for the skin and hair

You can more or less determine and change the consistency yourself

It is always beneficial to know your skin well

and gradually study the benefits of natural oils

If you use natural cosmetics, you will be fascinated by the colors

The facial skin demands more care and attention

Sun hats are a must in the summer as well as protection for the face, as well as – for the hair

Protect the skin and body from drying out and enjoy the hot days

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