Making Lavender Oil Yourself: Simple Recipe With Application Tips

Dreamlike lavender! The world famous herb from Provence has become so popular and used everywhere with its valuable properties. Today we are going to make lavender oil ourselves. A beguiling volatile oil with which you can do a lot. Not for nothing is lavender one of the best selling herbs ever. It not only does the body good, but it has a soothing effect on the mind and harmonizes our ambience at the same time. Of course there are a lot of lavender oil manufacturers and brands on the market, as well as countless products with lavender like cream, body butter, lip balm, bath salts and even chocolate and ice cream. These, which are of the best organic quality, but you do not get cheap and you wonder how you can make them yourself. Here comes the simple recipe.

Make fragrant lavender oil yourself

make lavender wellness lavender oil yourself

Making lavender oil yourself: the recipe

The preparation of homemade essential oils is of course no secret and does not require any special skills or experience. Based on this light recipe and with a little patience you will soon have a beautiful lavender oil that you can use in a different way.

And how exactly? We will tell you this further below.

This recipe for lavender oil is not the distilled variant of the production, but the pickled. For this type of oil you definitely need a distillation machine and lots of lavender. Therefore, if you need the oil for medical purposes, it is best to buy distilled lavender oil from the pharmacy.

DIY lavender oil in small glass bottles as the perfect gift idea

make lavender oil yourself with olive oil and fresh flowers in glass

You need very few ingredients for your homemade lavender oil and only a so-called carrier oil and fresh or dried lavender flowers. Generally, all parts of the plant contain the essential oils, but the concentration is strongest in the flowers. The oil should be odorless in any case. Olive, almond, safflower, or sesame oil are best suited for this. Be sure to choose an organic-quality product, especially if you want to use the lavender oil for massages or cosmetics. You will find a detailed guide on the purchase of lavender and valuable lavender products here ,

The ingredients for your lavender oil:

  • 1 L of carrying oil (we prefer olive or almond oil)
  • 50 g of dried lavender flowers
  • a larger mason jar – lockable

You can also get online high-quality lavender flowers in organic quality

make fresh flowers lavender oil yourself

The preparation:

Making lavender oil yourself is, as already mentioned, quite simple. Remove the dried flowers from the package and measure the desired amount using the kitchen scale. Then grate the flowers between your hands so that the essential oils are better released and put them in the clean mason jar. Lightly warm the carrying oil – preferably in a water bath and then pour it over the lavender flowers into the glass. Press the flowers down gently with a wooden spatula so that they are completely covered with the oil. Close the jar and put it in a warm place, but do not put it in direct sunlight. Now only patience is needed. After about four weeks your DIY lavender oil is ready and you can strain it. And that was it! They did it.

Making lavender oil is child’s play

make lavender oil yourself from fresh flowers and olive oil

Properties and effects of lavender oil

Here is a brief overview of the beneficial properties of this precious, essential oil:

  • calms and regulates the nervous system
  • has a strong anti-bacterial effect
  • has an analgesic and relaxing effect
  • promotes blood circulation
  • helps with sleep disorders
  • relieves headache
  • to be used for inflammations and infections
  • helpful in skin irritation and wound healing
  • regulating for stomach and intestinal problems
  • for relaxing massages and as aromatherapy
  • It is also used for stress, panic attacks and anxiety

Lavender soap and lavender sachets can also be made quickly and easily by yourself

lavender soap with fresh flowers

Extra application tips for lavender

  • You can also prepare fresh or dried lavender flowers as tea or make them as small scented sachets and then use them in bed as a small sleeping aid or in the wardrobe against moths.
  • You can use the finished lavender oil to master a fragrant lavender water in a jiffy and spray it with cushions and blankets just before bedtime. Then you sleep much deeper and more restful. All you have to do is dilute 3-4 drops of lavender oil in water and transfer to the spray bottle. Finished!
  • Lavender oil is also perfect as a massage oil. If the aroma is too intense for you, you can also add more olive oil or another carrier oil.

Let yourself be pampered with lavender oil

Make massage with lavender oil yourself

  • On hot summer days or evenings, you can make a refreshing lavender lemonade or a delicious lavender syrup yourself. These homemade drinks are among our favorites. Simply delicious!
  • Chocolates and cakes can be beautifully refined with dried lavender flowers.
  • You can also use bath salts or with the flowers or the oil Make soap yourself ,

The color of the lavender itself is just fantastic

Making bath salt yourself with lavender oil

  • Last but not least, there is the soothing aroma lamp, which you can fill with water and 2-3 drops of lavender oil and make a tealight. Now it just means: sit back and let go! If this is not”lavender”enough, then it is advisable to prepare a fragrant lavender tea.

If you have high-quality, natural lavender oil, you can even add 1 drop in the tea

Lavender oil itself make lavender flowers

Be inspired by our application tips and pictures and experience your very own lavender dream at home! Enjoy every breath and celebrate the silence and the uniqueness of the moment!

Create your own wellness oasis with lavender

Lavender spa

Benefit from the numerous applications of lavender oil

make lavender oil into the water yourself

You can even use it to pour DIY candles

pouring lavender oil in the glass

And do some DIY cosmetics yourself

gift ideas make lavender oil yourself in the glass
make lavender oil yourself lavender shampoo with coconut oil
Making lavender oil soap yourself with lavender flowers
Make lavender oil yourself

Lavender water and syrup smell and taste wonderful

Make lavender flowers in a glass of lavender oil yourself

Lavender also looks good in the kitchen

make dried lavender flowers lavender oil yourself

The fragrant”nervous herb”is not only very healthy, but simply liked everywhere

Make lavender oil yourself from lavender flowers
lavender oil itself makes you healthy in the glass