Making Thyme-myrtle Balm: The Simplest Recipe

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Cold feet, runny nose and trembling all over your body… is this familiar? Yes, the cold season has unfortunately arrived. Now we long for more warmth and coziness. But it will be a while before the sun sends us warm rays. Until then what to do? Relaxing, drinking tea and getting dressed warm are the right steps to stay healthy. Fortunately, there are a few well-tried home remedies that help us with this. How about, for example, balsam yourself with a warming thyme myrtle? Such a great cold ointment will accompany you and your loved ones through the cold season and give you a lot of strength and health.

Thyme-myrtle balm – the perfect cold-ointment

make cold balm itself

Use pure natural essential oils – the benefits

Of course, you will find many conventional products in the pharmacy and the drugstore, which are not only quite expensive, but above all, often produced on a mineral oil basis. And it has been known for some time that mineral oils are waste residues from petroleum production and are therefore also harmful to health.

These can damage the genome and even cause cancer.

It would be much safer, therefore, to make your own cold ointment yourself. Always use only high quality products, such as essential oils from organic farming , z. B. these from Primavera , Although these oils are not exactly cheap, it is still worth every drop of it. In addition, they are used for a very long time, because often only 2-3 drops of it are sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

Every essential oil has its very specific effect on body and soul

thyme myrte balm essential oils

Not just cold-ointments, as is the case here, but also other warming and analgesic balms, fragrant shower gels, vitalizing aromatherapy mixes, facilitating inhalations, etc.

Making thyme-myrtle balm: The recipe

Ingredients for 50 g balm:

  • 50 ml of almond oil (or another vegetable oil such as olive oil, for example)
  • 5 g beeswax pastilles – best from the pharmacy
  • 6-8 drops of essential oil (thyme, myrtle and sage oil)

Naturally pure organic thyme oil has a strong antibacterial and warming effect

natural thyme oil thyme myrte balsam make yourself

High-quality myrtle oil from organic farming

thyme myrte balm essential oil in vial

The preparation:

The thyme myrtle balm can be made very easy and quite cheap at home. You can also take instead of beeswax pastilles another bodying agent, such as cocoa butter. Always pay attention to the best organic quality. Depending on the type of butter, the ingredients may vary slightly in their quantities. So let’s start!

You need a fireproof mixing bowl, a saucepan, a spoon, a spatula and the storage container. All these should be disinfected in advance – with soda, hot water or some spirit.

Ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene for the cold balm DIY

thyme myrte balsam make yourself in the glass

You can only use thyme and myrtle oil for the balm

thyme oil thyme myrte balm make yourself

Put the oil and the beeswax pastilles in the mixing bowl and heat them in a water bath using the saucepan until the beeswax melts. Mix everything well. Then take a small sample with the spoon and place it on a plate. So you can better estimate the consistency of the mixture. If desired, you can add more of the oil or pastilles and stir again until a homogeneous mass is formed. Then let it cool down – except for hand warmth. Now it’s the turn of the essential oils. Add 2 drops of each variety and stir well again. Finished!

All that remains is to fill your homemade thyme myrtle balsam into the tin or glass and place it in the fridge. It would be useful if you label this with date and content, so that you then also keep the shelf life in sight.

Keep the homemade balm in a clean tin or jar

can do thyme myrte balsam yourself

Or in a disinfected glass

thyme myrte balsam make your own keep in the glass

This healthy DIY Cold Ointment is not only easy to do by yourself, but also very helpful and practical, especially now during the cold period. It allows you to rub your breasts, back and feet, dissolve small amounts in a saucepan with hot water to make inhalations or just take a bite out of it.

You can also make the thyme myrtle balsam in larger quantities and, filled in beautiful containers, give away to your loved ones. Many other balms and ointments can be put together using the same manufacturing principle. Inquire only in advance what effect every essential oil has and which aromas can best be mixed together.

Have fun making and stay healthy!

Thyme-myrtle balm or just the oil you can also use for your whim for your wellness

thyme myrte balsam make thyme oil yourself

When you have a cold, the thyme tea with lemon is not always enough

thyme myrte balsam tea with lemon drink

Inhalations with thyme myrtle balm are recommended by us

inhalation make thyme myrte balm

Of course, lavender does it too

lavender oil thyme myrte balsam cold ointment make yourself

Do not forget the classic immune defense-not stronger!

honey thyme myrtle balm cold ointment recipe
honey onion lemon cold ointment thyme myrte balsam make yourself
tea from ginger lemon thyme myrte balsam

Thyme-myrtle balm combines the power of two wonderful natural gifts and gives you well-being!

thyme myrte balm make cold ointment yourself
thyme myrte balm itself make firers colorful herbs
thyme myrte balm make cold balm itself

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