Medicinal Herbs For Headaches – Relief From Nature

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Headache, headache, migraine…. These are typical complaints that are heard daily. Instead of using headache for pain relieving drugs, we now show you other possibilities for combating unpleasant pain. In the following we present some medicinal herbs and explain their healing effects against headaches. It is no wonder that these symptoms affect millions of people worldwide. In our dynamic everyday life, people are constantly under stress, which can have different effects on their health. The headache can be weak or strong, occur quite acutely and then slowly decay. With the headache you feel an unpleasant and oppressive pressure in the temples and feels uncomfortable. His concentration falls, and thus his work motivation. Doctors and health care professionals have long been researching the causes that cause headache in humans. And look for relief. Today we want to make a modest contribution to the subject and reveal to you the secrets of the healing power of nature.

Headache means piercing pain in the temples that cause discomfort

Medicinal herbs for headaches natural remedies for headache

The causes of the headaches are extremely diverse, so their healing looks the same. For example, long sitting in front of the PC can also cause headache. Among the common causes of this malaise are high alcohol and cigarette consumption, a lot of stress, little sleep, lack of fluids, hormone changes, bad room air and weather sensitivity.

For severe and chronic headaches, medical examinations are necessary to ensure adequate healing. In such cases, consult your family doctor! Here today we are dealing with no drugs that fight headaches. We take a closer look at the natural remedies that help with these ailments. Ginger, lemon balm, rosemary, vanilla and lavender definitely contribute to the relief of headaches. We want to report on the healing power of these herbs immediately. As a preliminary information, we should emphasize that these medicinal plants are usually brewed and taken as tea. The tea preparation is simple, but the healing effect can be very great!

The following medicinal herbs have a headache-reducing effect. In the long run, you can use these remedies to fight your headache.

Ginger ( Zingiber officinale )

The ginger has been a well-known remedy since ancient times, which is also often used in the preparation of numerous dishes and desserts. The plant roots can be found fresh or dried in the market. The medicinal properties of the herb are due to the ingredients contained therein. Besides Gingerol, Zingiberen, Borneol there are still many vitamins, e.g. Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and phosphorus. The ginger tea has a somewhat sharp but very pleasant taste. It works against headaches, but also helps with nausea and vomiting.

Fresh ginger must be constantly at home

Herbs for headache ginger in tea

Lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia )

Lavender is widely used here and can be seen in many farms in summer. Its purple flowers fall instantly and its distinctive, pleasant fragrance deceives the senses. Lavender aroma is soothing and improves your mood. In naturopathy, its soothing effect in headaches has long been known and undisputed. From dried lavender leaves you can prepare aromatic tea, which has a pain-relieving effect on headache. It also has an antidepressant and soothing effect. Aromatherapy uses a lot of essential lavender oil. It is made from fresh flowers of medicinal herbs. The amount of the curative ingredients and the total composition of the lavender oil depends on the soil and the climate, that is, From the place where the lavender is grown.

Natural help against migraine and headaches

Medicinal herbs for headache lavender

Melissa Melissa officinalis )

It is said that the melissa leaves smell of lemon, so this medicinal plant is still called lemon balm. Originally from the southern countries that lie in the Mediterranean. Her name comes from Greek and means honeybee. The reason for this is that the fine scent of this medicinal plant attracts the bees. The healing power of the melissa was still known in the Middle Ages, from then until now it is used to calm the over-excited nervous system. The leaves of the medicinal plant contain essential oil, the constituents of which are citral, linalool and geraniol, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids, and uric acid. This excellent composition soothes applied nerves, relieves headaches, dizziness and earaches. The calming effect of the balm is always the focus of the application of this medicinal herb. A healing tea from its leaves brings you to rest in the evening and guarantees you a good night’s sleep. Balm helps however still with nervous stomach and with lack of appetite.

The Christian musician of the Middle Ages Hildegard of Bingen called the melissa a means”that makes the heart joyful”

Headache fight Melissa officinalis leaves

Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis )

Our favorite in this list of medicinal herbs for headaches is the rosemary. He is considered an all-connoisseur in medicine. Rosemary also comes from the Mediterranean. He smells beautifully nowadays in German gardens or at least in the herb box, is used as a spice and his healing effect is beyond doubt. In rosemary, essential oils are found in high concentration. Its valuable ingredients include tannins, bittering agents, flavonoids and resins. Therefore, the rosemary scent is very refreshing. In case of headache, you can rub a few rosemary leaves or a two drops of rosemary oil on the handpiece and inhale the scent of the healing herb. This combats the headache, helps with migraine and relieves the tension in the temples.

The Greek goddess Aphrodite also greatly appreciated the healing power of rosemary

Herbs for headache rosemary oil for headache

Vanilla ( Vanilla planifolia or vanilla fragrans )

The delicately scented vanilla has many effects on our health. The spice has a positive effect on the nervous system. Centuries ago it was even called a”tonic for the brain”. Still in ancient Egypt, vanilla was known as a headache remedy. Today, physicians and naturopaths know much more about the soothing effect of vanilla. The vanillin acid increases the content of adrenaline and norepinephrine and we feel relaxed and happy. In aromatherapy, vanilla oil is constantly used, it improves the mood and relaxes the body. It is also proven, with Vanilleschoten you can successfully fight migraine and headaches. The vanilla extract will contain eugenol, which is an essential oil with analgesic and antiseptic properties. The included video shows that vanilla is a real magical device.

Vanilla fights headache and does your psyche well

Curative against headache Vanilla fragrans

Always learn something more about the medicinal plants and their effect and free yourself from your headaches forever!

Headache relieve by natural means Rosmarinus officinalis
Herbs for headache ginger Zingiber officinale
Headache relieve without medication Lavandula angustifolia
Headache relieve by natural medium rosemary
Herbs for headache rosemary fragrance
Headaches fight with natural resources
Headache relieve Melissa officinalis leaves for tea

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