Mudras- The Healing Constellation Of The Fingers

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Mudras (or hand gestures) is a practice known since ancient times. It is most commonly used in combination with pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (body positions) and meditation. The aim of the Mudras is the improvement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Our hands describe our fate. The fingers are called”energy points”, which represent an interface between the individual energy of life and the cosmic energy.

Delicate hand and feet movements make important connections in the nervous system and thus stimulate specific energies.

Matching mudras restore the balance in the body

Yoga Mudra titel

Yoga mudras shunya mudra ears

The human body is a mixture of the 5 natural elements – earth, air, water, ether and fire – each element corresponds to one of the five fingers.

The thumb represents the fire, the pointing finger is the air, the middle finger is the ether, the ring finger and the little finger correspond to the elements earth and water.

Exercising the appropriate mudra is designed to correct imbalance and maintain health.

The movement of the fingers has a beneficial effect on the nervous system

Yoga Mudra mudra soothes

Gyan (knowledge) or Jnana Mudra

The gesture of knowledge or the gesture of wisdom stimulates the function of the pineal gland, calms the mind and improves the concentration.

The Gyan Mudra helps with sleep disorders and increases the memory capacity

Yoga Mudra Concentration

The Mudra of Wisdom promotes concentration and alleviates the stress

Yoga Mudra concentration

This mudra can be practiced anytime and anywhere

Yoga Mudra Gyan Mudra Jnana Mudra

Vayu (air) Mudra

The Vayu Mudra is the best for Vata people. It allows better oxygen supply to the body.

It is better if you perform this mudra on an empty stomach

Yoga Mudra vayu mudra

Limb cramps are freed by this exercise

Yoga Mudra air

Prithvi (Earth) Mudra

This mudra makes the vibration of the element earth in the body stronger. The element earth is responsible for the bone structure and for the health of hair, skin and muscles

With this exercise you strengthen your stability, strength and your confidence.

The mudra of the earth keeps your body active and healthy

Yoga Mudra prithvi mudra

The duration of the exercise must not exceed 45min

Yoga Mudra prithvi mudra bones

This mudra reduces the stress and increases the joy of life

Yoga Mudra prithvi mudra drawing

Agni (fire) or Surya (sun) Mudra

The Sunmudra is a powerful gesture that has a significant healing capacity. It strengthens the fire element and softens the earth in the body. The mudra helps to normalize body temperature and metabolism.

To benefit from this Mudra, practice it while sitting and on an empty stomach

Yoga Mudra sorya fire mudra

Jal (water) Mudra

The Jal Mudra optimizes water content in the body, regulates dehydrated body cells, improves tissue, muscle and skin.

The Jal Mudra invigorates the taste and regulates the water in the body

Yoga Mudra jal mudra water

Shunya (Empty) Mudra

We associate this mudra with the ears. When exercising this mudra, your earaches become weaker. The Mudra helps the student be Heart chakra to open.

For results, practice 3 times a day at the same time and do not exceed 15 minutes.

Yoga Mudra shunya mudra aether

The exercise alleviates neck-nose complaints

Yoga Mudra heart chakra mudra

Prana (life energy) Mudra

You can practice the pranamudra when you feel exhausted or need a deferment of energy. The exercise Optimizes the flow of new forces into the body, activates the root chakra and improves vitality.

The Prana Mudra is prescribed a cleansing function

Yoga Mudra prana mudra life energy

It helps to focus on the goals in life and to better understand the findings

Yoga Mudra prana mudra

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