Mushrooms Gather, Determine And Cook

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Autumn is definitely the time of the year when hiking is aroused. The forests call for long mountain tours and give us with a saturated scent of pine resin and fresh foliage. The forest floor is covered with leaves and pine needles, and there seems to be something under every tree trunk. Every year around this time, mushroom gatherers enter the woods in search of delicious and fragrant mushroom varieties. You can also get it on the weekly market, you say. This is true, but not to compare with the fragrance and quality of the freshly collected mushrooms.

Autumn is the high season of most mushrooms

to pick mushrooms

Mushroom picking – you will get to know native varieties

Mushrooms gathering chanterelle


Picking mushrooms yourself can be a risky business if you are not familiar with it. Some fungi have dangerous doppelgangers, which could also deceive experienced collectors. How to determine mushrooms and where and how you can collect mushrooms, we try to make it as clear as possible for you today. Let’s start with mushrooms, which you know from the market visually well and whose taste you are familiar with. The most frequently eaten and offered mushrooms are the mushroom and the chanterelle.

A forest walk can be marvelously associated with collecting native and edible mushrooms

Pick mushrooms pick

Stone mushrooms and chanterelle are simply waiting to be collected by you

Mushrooms picking up

Fun collecting in the forest

Mushrooms are found on trees with which the fungi create a symbiosis. This can give you more security if you are looking for, for example, stone mushrooms. Pines, oaks, beeches and spruces belong to the trees which are of the mushroom prefers.

The chanterelle Was for a time as food for poor people. Today, this mushroom is a coveted delicacy and has a fairly high price on the market. In the forest this type of fungus is becoming less frequent and when you see the mushroom, it will be near pine and spruce. It often grows in places with nutrient-poor soil.

In the past, the food was only for the poor, today the chanterelles are a recognized palate

Mushrooms gather two chanterelles

You can not wash many mushrooms, but only use a soft brush to clean them

Mushrooms collecting basket

If you have collected too much mushrooms, you can dry them for the winter

Mushrooms gather two chanterelles many

Cuts or unscrews?

It has long been researched whether fungi suffer from wrong harvesting. Some experts recommend that you turn mushrooms out, as this keeps the fruit body, others cut off. Openly, there is no 100% safe technique that determines harvesting. Last year, researchers from Switzerland have found that neither cutting nor turning out has any influence on the mushrooming. The only factor for her many appearances is the weather.

The wet weather is a great prerequisite for the appearance of many types of mushrooms. Do not be a barbarian!

Mushrooms gathering mushrooms

Fresh, self-collected mushrooms have an irresistible aroma

Mushroom picking

Cooking recipe for connoisseurs

Chanterelles with shallots

500g peppers and cut into bite-size pieces. Fry the mushrooms in some olive oil or butter and fry, then add a handful of shallots. Mix with meat or vegetable broth and season with salt and pepper. If desired, you can thicken the sauce with cream and refine it with a few drops of lemon juice.

Eating mushrooms has its correctness. Take advantage of nature’s offer!

Mushrooms picking up gums

All types of mushrooms fit perfectly to meat or game

Mushrooms gather food

Do not you want to risk? Then simply buy delicious mushrooms from farmers

Mushrooms gathering champignons

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