Orange Blossom Water – Application Tips And Other Secrets

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Once one begins to become interested in natural sources of beauty and health, one thinks that this issue can not end. Nature unfolds more and more and presents us regularly with their inexhaustible treasures.

In many articles, we talked about the benefits of natural, essential oils some plants and their noticeable effect on humans. Regardless of whether lavender . rose , Orange blossom or Weihnachtsduft , the effect of plants and their aromas on us is very positive and therefore we would like to deepen our reflections in it.

The orange blossom water can be used both internally and externally

orange blossom water background

Of course, the trend for the natural is taken over by all sly manufacturers, who continue to lovingly look after their loyal and satisfied customers. More green, more organic, more organic… that’s what people are promoting nowadays, and you’re actually getting closer and closer to their origins.

The by-product, which results from the distillation of orange blossoms, is called orange blossom water

orange blossom water blossom water beautiful skin

Today we would like to acquaint you with a highly recommended and of course natural product that is exotic and little known in Europe. No, this time it’s not about the coconut oil but an African pearl that makes us look more beautiful in the winter and recharges with summery thoughts.

The home of orange blossoms is Morocco

orange blossom water oranges flowers buds

Orange blossom water – what is it?

The orange blossom water we bring immediately in connection with the production of exotic desserts, which one likes to order in the falafel shop. The small, aromatic tarts, which are so rich in oriental sweetness, that one mentally moved to Morocco, where the home of bitter oranges is, from which flowers the now famous neroli oil and the aromatic flowering water are obtained.

Various types of flower water can be found in many natural cosmetics stores

orange blossom water blossom water cosmetics

The orange blossom water cleanses the skin and helps the growth of the cells

orange blossom skin care face

Elegant desserts can be refined with orange blossom water and garnished with orange blossom

orange blossom water pie

It must not be a secret for anyone that, among other noble essential oils and the neroli oil, popularity and success of many luxurious perfumes is due. The distillation of orange blossom produces by-products that are better known today as flowering water.

In Morocco, the orange blossom water is often produced by itself

Make orange flower water yourself

Application of floral water

Flowering water is used in the manufacture of many facial care products or in the preparation of experimental desserts, exotic cocktails, sorbets or ice creams. You can practically add orange blossom water to any ordinary pastry. The delicate, slightly sweet note of the orange blossom has a generally invigorating and even aphrodisiac effect. Natural cosmetics knows the rejuvenating secrets of the fragrance oil.

Noble perfume series rely on floral water and essential oils

orange blossom water perfumery

Refreshing and pampering – yoghurt desserts or lassis become simply irresistible with a few splashes of orange blossom water

orange blossom water pictures

Homemade or organic cosmetics using neroli or orange blossom water promises a faster rebuilding of the cells. You can get orange blossom water in the drugstore or pharmacy and use it for migraine attacks or even mild depression.

Surrounding oneself with natural splendor is a new way of thinking that convinces with quickly visible results. Try baking with orange blossom water or spray your facial skin and let it soak. In both cases, you will feel slightly inspired and pleasantly excited and your skin will radiate it.

Orange peel and / or honey from orange blossom make this simple natural yoghurt an excellent dessert

orange blossom water cream

In the health food store or in the pharmacy, you are sure to get a variety of flower water

orange blossom water bottles

The purer and more qualitative the product is, the better results you will get

orange flower water face care

Invigorating and rejuvenating – this effect is attributed to orange blossom water

orange flower skin care

The refreshment in the summer days is guaranteed by delicious ice nectar with orange water

Orange flower secrets from the kitchen
orange blossom water

Next time, make your favorite cake with some orange blossom water and let it inspire you

orange blossom water in the kitchen

healthy, natural and vegan tahin cake with orange blossom

orange blossom water kaesekuchen with tahini and orange

You make the best caramel pudding in the world? Then even improve your own with something orange

orange blossom water caramel pudding

The best scented candles are homemade, using natural materials

orange blossom water candle
orange blossom water confectionery

The natural ingredients are also beneficial in the soaps

orange blossom water mallorca
orange blossom water morocco
orange blossom water with vanilla
orange blossom water pannacotta orange water
orange blossom water peach jam
orange blossom saffron cake
orange blossom water spray
orange blossom water pie ice
orange blossom water vanilla pod
orange blossom water precious perfumes
orange blossom water for baking
orange flower water
orange blossom water branch

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