Pears, Beans And Speck-palate To The North Of Germany

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When talking about fine cooking, you can talk endlessly about French or Italian cuisine. The cooking techniques and spice mixes from the Indian continent and from the Far East are regarded as healthy and delicious. If it were possible, one would like to take more examples from even more exotic countries on the earth, as if there were a law the farther the country, the healthier the food.

Pears, beans, bacon – the emblem of northern Germany

pear bean bacon north german 4

Many scientific studies and gourmet tendencies in the last few years suggest that people primarily prefer food and food from their own local region. And why should one do that, would you ask?

The answer has to do with the climate, the air, the soil and the plants that grow and mature there.

As you say, everything happens at the right time. Just as you get delicious pears, apples, green cabbage and also beans in times when the body needs them the most.

Classic and traditional dishes are served in many prestigious restaurants

pear bean speck norddeutsch noble

A feast for North German art is worth it

pear bean speck north german 2

Why is the dish so popular?

Pears, beans and bacon is a North German dish, which is not only known on the coast, but also in Lower Saxony. At Plattdeutsch, the dish is still called”Beer’n, Boh’n un Speck”and in some areas you can recognize the delicious and healthy food as”Groener Heini”. The court belongs to the North German tradition and is associated with sentimental values.

In the north of Germany you can experience something unique

pear bean bacon north german lighthouse

And the healthy native pear is appreciated at every table

pear bean bacon

Pears healthy

We always eat a lot, also exotic and often immature fruit, and forget what is growing almost directly in front of our front door. In addition to the apples, the pears also belong to the healthy and regional fruit varieties in autumn. Of course pears are rich in vitamins, but they are also easily digestible, sweet and juicy and not least very low in fat. Especially during the autumn, you can eat a lot of it and keep your own conscience.

Pears are one of the most healthy and delicious fruit varieties in autumn

pear bean bacon healthy
pear bean bacon

Bean characteristics

In the north many beans are eaten and this is also very correct. The healthy pod fruits can almost replace the meat, but are often offered in the hearty north German cuisine next to the meat in many dishes.

Green beans, crushed beans or white beans – all three are important to our body

pear bean bacon north german green beans2

Bacon healthy?

It is still inconsistent whether bacon is considered healthy or rather unhealthy. The latest studies speak for bacon, especially when it comes to the cold autumn or winter days.

The north German cuisine is definitely solid and there is a lot of meat and bacon in it

pear bean speck norddeutsch with schnapps

Instead of pears many prefer the Obstler

pear bean speck norddeutsch with schnaps 1

The trio

For many North Germans the name of the trio”pears, beans and bacon”sounds like a charming melody for the ears. The court is more than a typical North German food. Tradition, culture and the relationship to the roots of a North German are addressed here and the delicious and hearty dish is just the right thing for the transitional period between autumn and winter.

Taste it and taste a piece of the magical north!

And the recipe for imitation

The”Grötons Hein”can be offered and eaten in many variations

pear bean speck norddeutsch wrapped NEW3

In many families the delicious dish is prepared in the form of a stew

pear bean bacon

Satisfying and aromatic, the dish leaves unforgettable memories

pear bean speck norddeutsch wrapped

Regardless of which North German court you first try, one thing will be sure

pear bean bacon wrapped in north German

They will be satisfied and satisfied

pear bean speck norddeutsch wrapped NEW
pear bean bacon north german green beans
pear bean bacon north german beans
pear bean speck north german solid
pear bean bacon north german
pear bean speck norddeutsch wrapped

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