Perform A Water Test To Be Aware Of The Quality Of The Water At Home

Clean water is valued more than ever today. We all know that not everyone has access to clean water today… unfortunately! In this context, we want to put the quality of drinking water at the center of today’s article. The water quality is of particular importance as well as for public, as well as private drinking water systems. There are prescribed maximum values ​​that serve as orientation for the inspection of the waterworks. Landlords and owners are obliged to pay attention to clean water. However, possible loads must be determined! That is why every drinking water test is gaining more and more popularity today. If you also want to do a water test, you should know something about it!

A water test gives you important information for the quality of drinking water at home!

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Self-test or a professional water test?

Fortunately, water suppliers in Germany only distribute water of the highest quality! But another question is how the water comes from the faucet at home. For this reason, it is a good idea that every household makes a water test to analyze the drinking water quality. Here, the water should not only be examined chemically-physically, but also on a microbiological level. This means that not only heavy metal loads have to be taken into account, but also the formation of microbial contamination.

Place a high value on a water test if you have toddlers!

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There are various options available to you to check the water quality at home. So you can the water test Do it yourself at home instead of contacting a lab or applying to the health department. But if you want to be on the safe side, then prefer an evaluation by a specialist laboratory before the independent investigation of the water quality!

You can also order different water tests online. It is so easy to check the quality of the drinking water nowadays! A sampling set enables a fast and reliable drinking water survey. The sterile containers you get and the instructions on how to take the sample make it a breeze. The results will then be sent to you.

Drink clean water and stay healthy!

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What should you watch out for when testing the water quality?

As a rule, drinking water in Germany is characterized by high quality. But it is not excluded that contaminated water gets into the households or even within the in-house drinking water pipes themselves is charged. So not only outdated, but also poorly planned or rarely used piping systems can be factors to worry about the water quality. This is how biofilm or germs form, which make drinking water worse and also hazardous to health.

And contaminated water is of course not healthy! Especially of babies and toddlers this is difficult to tolerate, as well as of immunocompromised or old persons. So be sure to test the water for heavy metals that pass through old lead pipes or through the new copper pipes and bacteria that often settle in the water pipe. On Legionella is to pay special attention!

The bad smell of the drinking water is not a good sign!

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Who should have their water tested?

Actually, everyone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle! However, there are certain cases in which one should not neglect the water tests.

So it does not matter if you live in a new or old building. In both cases you can resort to a water test. Even if you are pregnant or have a baby or toddler, you should attach great importance to water quality. If you notice changes in the color, turbidity, smell or taste of the water, that is reason enough to consider a water test. Even in a household where water filters are used, you should check the water quality, because this can be about bacterial attack! It is advisable to do a water test as well if you own a well!

Keep on clean drinking water!

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Actually, there is always an organic deposit of substances in the water in the piping system. But when the biofilm is washed, it causes the formation of germs, which is bad for your health. Water contaminants can actually have dangerous health consequences that are difficult to detect or not treated properly. So do not delay doing a water test. Be clear about the quality of your drinking and spring water at home.

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