Radiation-free Living, Avoid Electrosmog – Would This Be Possible Nowadays?

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In our highly developed technical and digital world, modern cordless devices, mobile phones and WLAN & Co. have acquired their permanent place. In this regard, it is even more difficult for us to imagine our lives without the modern devices since they have moved into all areas of our lives since the end of the 90s. These questions move us and we want to find the answers to them. At the same time, stress, hectic and psychological stresses in everyday life are increasing. Headache, insomnia and many other complaints plague the modern man. Its brain power and concentration ability are diminishing. Specialists and medical scientists are desperately trying to identify the causes that have led to it. They point out that our unhealthy way of life and the electromagnetic radiation around us are most definitely to blame. Millions of people around the world are exposed to the negative influence of electrosmog, without knowing this. Where then is the dream of a disturbing living and working environment? Is radiation-free living in our present possible at all?

Unhealthy lifestyle and electromagnetic radiation affect our physical and mental health

Elektrosmog real danger

The fact that we can be reached around the clock via mobile phone or smartphone puts us under stress. This is already a specific health risk. For this reason, we would like to provide you with practical and very useful tips on what you could do for your health in everyday life.

We are of the opinion that the electrosmog Avoid, eliminate or at least reduce it. Only in this way can a low-impact and healthy environment be created. In order for you to do something sensible for your well-being before it gets too late, you only have to organize your daily life according to the following guidelines:

Follow our tips and live healthy and radiant

Avoid electrosmog by reducing stress

Use modern devices to work properly and reduce radiation

Electrical and magnetic radiation is always produced where electrical machines or devices are in operation. Of course this means that no place is really free of radiation. The invisible danger is everywhere around us – in the household, at work, in the office in the department store and on the street. Our favorite TV box, the hairdryer, the cookers in the kitchen, as well as devices for magnetic field therapy in medicine produce electric and magnetic fields. Although their load and field strength are relatively low, a health hazard could not be ruled out. The experts recommend: Keep as far away as possible from these devices, because every centimeter is important.

Keep away from electrical appliances in the home, at work or in the office

Avoid electro-smog and use the phone less

Then, of course, the question is whether long mobile phone calls are harmful to our health. It is scientifically proven that Handy & Co. generate high-frequency electromagnetic fields. This means that mobile telephones, cordless telephones, WLAN, even baby phones are among health-damaging radiation sources. And the goal is to keep the radiation exposure as low as possible. For this reason, it has been argued for years, when and how often these devices should be used. Our advice is: Be forewarned and use your phones and Bluetooth sensibly. In order to reduce the radiation in the mobile phone use, it would be advisable to carry out short telephone conversations, to use head sets as often as possible, and even to forego communication when the reception is poor. Take care that the radiation load decreases accordingly with the increasing distance from the device, so keep your distance!

Leave in a place free of radiation

Vacation time is the most coveted time in the year for all Germans, which is beyond any doubt. Our next tip concerns exactly your holiday and travel plans. It would be best if you choose a radiation-free place and recover from everyday stress. There are still places where electrosmog can hardly be felt. These are far from well-developed industrial zones and crowded cities. Quiet coastal beaches, countryside holidays, lakeside camping, sailing offers you the best opportunities to relax and unwind. Healthy food, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, little meat, more fish are just as much the golden rules for a pure relaxation on vacation. We would recommend you long walks in the open air, also to make interesting forest walks or walk barefoot along the sea beach. “Back to Nature”nowadays has a more pronounced importance than in the time of Jean Jacques Rousseau. And that must be our guide if we really want to live without radiation and want to have a stress-free working and living environment.

A lot of movement in the fresh air helps you to relieve stress

Reduce electro-smog danger by more movement

Sports, yoga and meditation will restore your inner balance

Our third tip for radiation-free life is more physical exercise and mental balance. It might seem a little strange to us, but we insist that sports, yoga, and meditation help us to relieve the stress of everyday life, shift down a course and restore our inner harmony. With every physical activity you forget the modern devices and even turn them off, which contributes to the radiation-free environment. Of course you do not have to spend hours playing sports actively. No, only half an hour of easy exercise daily can do miracles!

It is never too late to start with sports

Electro-smog danger due to more movement and sport

This brings your body on the road, reduces the stress symptoms and has a positive effect on body and soul. Through sport, you bend a series of modern diseases and ensure your mental well-being. Fit, healthy and positive is in every respect beneficial to modern people.

We meditate to become calmer and more relaxed

Electrosmog effect to reduce health by yoga

In the silence, you can get to your meditation and hear your inner voice again

Electrosmog effect reduce by meditation

Radiation-free living means healthy living. In a room without any electric and cordless devices to practice yoga and / or meditate – so you improve your physical and mental health and then stay active longer in life. It has been shown that these techniques reduce inflammation and disease symptoms caused by stress and electrosmog. They keep the body in the best condition and bring your mind to rest. And today everyone wants to reach that, right?

Elektrosmog effects on the health tiredness at the workplace
Elektrosmog mobile phones are actually dangerous
Electromagnetic pollution is a fact
Avoid electro-smog danger in fresh air in the country
Avoid elektrosmog and book holiday in the country

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