Remedy For Wasps: This Is How You Drive Away The Cheeky Troublemakers

Did you know that wasps are covered by the Federal Nature Conservation Act? Yes exactly. Recently, there is a fine in Germany if you kill wasps for no reason. Therefore, you should consider carefully how to drive away the flying pests without harming them. But these 5 simple remedies for wasps are best suited.

Why can not wasps be killed for no reason?

Although we are scared of wasps, or at least disturbed by them, the insects are actually beneficial. They contribute to the ecological balance by hunting down pests such as mosquitoes, aphids and flies. In addition, wasps have a significant contribution to the dusting of plants. They even put on a lot, while they are traveling in the rain.

In addition to the impending fines, there is also an additional reason why you should not kill the black and yellow striped troublemakers. Namely: dying wasps excrete pheromones, which attract more wasps and in this way tend to exacerbate the problem.

The remedies for wasps should only drive off the insects

medium against wasps tips wasp face photo

A few tips on behavior as a remedy for wasps

In the first place, you should already take a closer look at your behavior towards wasps and rethink this. Because some reactions on your part perceive the insects as a threat and become aggressive. For example, when approaching a wasp, they should never hurry or blow at them.

This is because you cause more restlessness and the carbon dioxide from the human breath acts as a kind of alarm signal for the wasps, which leads to the readiness to attack. It is best to push insects away carefully or wait patiently.

When brunching or eating lunch outdoors, it is advisable to always cover the food optimally and even to set up an alternative buffet in a remote garden corner, which serves as a supposed feeding place for the wasps. There you can place some jam, some pieces of fruit and 2-3 small slices of sausage. The wasps are happy and distracted for a long time.

Wasps love sweet or protein-rich foods

Jam in the shell as a remedy for wasps

You should also refrain from gaudy colors when working or resting in the garden, because these magically attract the wasps. Also sweetish perfumes and deodorants are in great demand among the yellow-black insects and even some sunscreens and furniture polishes are very attractive for them.

5 remedies for wasps that only drive off the troublemakers

Of all the wasps in Germany, only the German wasp and the common wasp are problematic for us. Although they are not picky and love all the sweet and protein-containing foods that we like to have on the table. By the end of July, the wasps are too busy with the care of their brood and a wasp plague can not yet be said. Already from the beginning of August, however, the insects are already often on the move and are looking for high-calorie food for themselves. As wasps are often very annoying and disturb us when eating outdoors. So, in the next few lines, you will learn how to naturally drive out the insects or prevent a plague.

Cola, Fanta and Co. are among the favorite drinks of the wasps

Avoid medium cola can opened against wasps

# 1 DIY wasp fright

The so-called wasp bug is also commercially available. But you can also tinker this yourself quickly and easily. All you need is a simple paper bag that you fill with paper. Wrinkle the whole thing with your hands and stick it to an adjacent wall, a fruit tree or place the DIY wasp bug on the table. The arriving wasps are deterred and keep away.

The DIY wasp bug is a supposed, hostile wasp nest for the wasps

middle against wasps diy ideas Wespennest as wasp terror make itself

This is how some big wasp nests look like

medium against wasp Wespennest tinkering itself as wasp sting

# 2 lemon with cloves

The aroma of citrus fruits as well as their essential oils simply can not stand wasps. The combination with cloves acts on the flying pest spirits even more deterrent. To drive the wasps off the table in the garden or on the balcony, you can simply cut some lemons, spice them with cloves and put them into a bowl. At the same time you have peace and a pleasant, refreshing fragrance.

Instead of lemons, you can also take oranges or limes

Sliced ​​lemon and cloves as a remedy against wasp sliced ​​lemon and cloves

# 3 Ignite coffee grounds or coffee powder

The smell of coffee is quite unpopular with many insects. You can therefore use this as an effective remedy against wasps. And how? Very easily. Put 2-3 tablespoons of coffee powder or dry coffee grounds in a fireproof box and light the powder with match. You can then place the smoking can next to or on the table and enjoy your meal in peace.

Incidentally, the coffee grounds are very effective as Remedy against snails

Coffee grounds as a remedy for wasps

# 4 Medicinal plants and spices

If you place some spice or medicinal plants on the table or plant around the garden terrace, you’ve already gained a strong ally against wasps by your side. The flavors of most such plants simply can not stand the animals. Especially basil, peppermint, lavender, frankincense and rosemary are highly recommended as a remedy for wasps. You can also tie freshly picked lavender stems into bunches and hang them over the table or on the balcony.

Extra tip: Similarly, freshly cut garlic cloves or incense sticks.

Use tomatoes and basil as a natural remedy for wasps

medium against wasps tomatoes and basil plants

# 5 copper coins on the table

Like slugs, wasps do not like copper. Rub a couple of dime coins between your hands and place them on the table. They should drive the wasps around a lot. To strengthen the copper effect, you can also take other copper parts such as home accessories or decorative items.

There are no scientifically proven studies, but it’s worth a try

Copper coins on the table as medium against wasps

Extra tips:

  • It is best to drink sweet drinks with a straw to prevent wasps from getting swallowed.
  • Thoroughly wipe the children’s mouths after eating to prevent the wasps from being attracted.
  • Always stay calm at the approach of a wasp and do not blow it on.
  • Always pick up overripe or rotten fruit in the garden on time.

Try out these simple and natural remedies against wasps and thereby contribute to the ecological balance. We wish you a wonderful, relaxed summer!

Even in the rain, wasps can pollinate the plants

Wasp pollinates clover against wasps

Wasps prefer sweet food and overripe fruit

medium against wasp sweets lure wasps
use medium against wasp coffee grounds
medium against wasps soft drinks attract wasps
medium against wasp honey attracts wasp
Medium against wasp overripe grapes attract wasps
medium against wasp fallobst attracts wasps

But also fat and protein-containing food is on the menu for wasps

Piece of salmon as a remedy for wasps

Wasps chew a sort of pulp from dry wood as building material for their nests

Wasp nest with wasp medium against wasp ideas
Take care against wasps at the wasp state

Always stay calm when a wasp comes flying

medium against wasp ideas

You should not remove an already existing nest until winter

wasps drive off against wasp's wasp nest on the roof