Rosehip- The Healthy Fruits Of Autumn

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The plant, which is still called dogrose, is well known in Europe, West Asia and North Africa. It grows at the edges of the hedges and in the woods, but often we see them as they pass the country road. The plant is up to 3m high and is winterproof.

The fruit of the rosehip has been eaten for thousands of years. From the fruit different marmalades and jams are cooked, but also as tea, syrup, vinegar or wine you can enjoy the precious fruit.

In late summer and autumn the full fruits of the dogrose are harvested

Rosehip close

Dried, they are not only a beautiful decoration, but are suitable as a tea

Rosehip bush basket

The pulp has a very high vitamin C content

Hagebutten basket

The rose hip is undoubtedly a very widespread and well-used medicinal plant, which repeatedly proves its health qualities. The high vitamin C content and the pleasant sour taste makes the rose hip a popular nutritional supplement. It is not by chance that the little red fruit bears the name”queen of the medicinal plants.”

Most often we get the rose hips in a processed or dried state. The valuable substances are not lost despite heating. Our body gets plenty of calcium, phosphorus and iron by drinking rose hip tea. This tea strengthens the body’s resistance and prevents colds and colds.

The processing of the fruits is somewhat tedious, but it is worth it

Rose hips full

The plant survives in winter

Dried rose hips

From the dried fruit you get a healthy and aromatic tea

Rosehip tea glass


Hagebuttentee can be found in the drugstore or in the pharmacy. The tea is rich in vitamin C and very sour. Drink with honey for two reasons: 1) The tea tastes sweetened better and 2) Through the honey, the acidity of the tea becomes slightly milder. This is more pleasant for people with sensitive stomach for example. The tea is prescribed during severe diarrhea. But if you overdose, you can achieve the opposite effect.

The fruit mark gives slightly sour jellies and juices

Rose hips jellee

The rose hips increase your defenses

Rosehip hand

The rosehip jam tasted excellent

Rose hips delicious jam

From the self-harvested fruits you can produce a special vinegar variety

Rosehip bowl

Rosehip marmalade

The Rosehip Jam Tastes fantastic and if you do not know it yet, we recommend it very warm. Choose the brands that are available in the Reform House.

You can also make chutneys, fillings, bread spreads or fruity sauces for game or poultry with the herb-acid pulp of the rose hip.

Not very well known, but very aromatic and autumnal is the rose hip wine

Rosehip wine

Always harvest a little when you see the rose hips

Rose hips bush

And dry it for the winter

Dry the rose hips

The Fruchtmark makes first-class and vitamin-containing juice.

Also the kernels of the rosehip have a high value

Rose hips average


The core oil of the rose hips can also be found under the name Wildrosenöl. Its tightening and rejuvenating effect makes it a preferred product in cosmetics.

From these, the core oil is extracted, which particularly slows the aging processes and tightens the skin

Rose hips 1

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