Seven Healthy Foods For The Summer Barbecue

An inseparable part of the beautiful summer, the evenings with friends on the grill. However, we often associate this with traditions that are not particularly healthy, which include a great deal of meat and alcohol. But everything can be very healthy! We could help you select healthy foods for the barbecue. Here are our 7 tips! They were chosen in view of two particularly important criteria: On the one hand, we are dealing here with products that have very healthy properties in themselves. Besides, these are the foods that in thermal processing do not lose or even improve their qualities.

Zucchini are delicious and easy to prepare on the grill

zucchini healthy idea great


An example of healthy food that can be prepared very well on the grill is the zucchini. It’s even one of the healthiest ways to prepare it. You will almost never add any calories to your menu. In addition, they are delicious and serve as a very good source of a range of vitamins.

They still contain a lot of folate and fiber. For more flavor add some garlic, salt, black pepper and olive oil.

Avocados are delicious healthy foods for the grill

avocado on grill healthy food


avocado is perfect on a slice of bread. Avocados could make you wonderful on the grill and make it extra crunchy. You should just halve them, remove the core and then grill for a few minutes. With delicious avocados you get more healthy vegetable fats, vitamin K, folate and fiber. This vegetable is especially healthy for the heart.

Maybe corn is your favorite healthy food?

corn on grill healthy food


Grilled corn tastes delicious! Did you know that this is also a very healthy barbecue idea? But the best thing to taste is the corn on the cob, which is placed on the grill with the leaves. There are two important things to do: First, you have something tasty prepared on the grill and, in addition, many of the healthy ingredients of the corncobs will be served while grilling. In this case, these are fiber, potassium, proteins and valuable antioxidants.

The healthy diet can include preparing vegan meals on the grill

Meatballs made from chickpeas healthy food

Meatballs made from chickpeas

Healthy foods are also the peas and they are also a vegan substitute for hearty meat. This makes it wonderful to make meatballs and so everyone on the grill are happy! We are sure that some of the meat lovers will also try the meatballs. Here you will find a great recipe for this! Chickpeas contain a lot of fiber, folate, protein, calcium and iron. They get smarter and healthier with the additional ingredients from the recipe. These are garlic, onions and parsley.

Fish can be cooked in the oven or on the grill

fish on grill healthy food


Trout and other fatty fish are especially tasty on the grill. These healthy foods should be part of your summer meal at least a few times a week. The salmon is an excellent choice. This will give you a lot of the healthy omega-3 acids. They thus improve brain function, reducing the risk of depression and heart problems. Also the inflammations in the body are reduced thanks to the healthy food.

It is quite certain that chicken also tastes very good on the grill

Skewers with great healthy foods

chicken skewers

The chicken and vegetable skewers combine many healthy foods. We all know the benefits of this type of meat. We get a lot of proteins for a very small amount of calories. With some specific vegetables, everything tastes much better and gets a lot healthier. It is best to combine with zucchini, aubergines, peppers, onions and mushrooms. So you get a lot of the healthy ingredients such as vitamins A and C, iron, zinc and calcium.

Healthy foods such as the fruits can also be easily prepared on the grill

grilled fruits healthy foods

Fruits on the grill

We conclude with a surprise for many: many types of fruit can be wonderfully prepared as a dessert on the grill. For example, this works very well with peaches and apricots. Also many other types of summer fruits are delicious after this kind of preparation! You get thereby many vitamins, minerals, flavonoids.

… as well as all kinds of meat by the way

meat and salad healthy food

Research for healthy tips and food

Last week we published an article about which healthy foods are made even more valuable by the thermal processing. In this and similar posts, you can find out what kind of products you prefer to eat raw or prepared. Of course, the type of thermal processing depends very much on these! This is crucial for all types of vegetables. But even with the meat you have to remember some rules. This may be a bit more delicious if left on the grill longer, but it may irritate your stomach. There are also great recipes as the mentioned meatballs from chickpeas can bring a particularly original meal on the table. Take your time and develop your creativity to spend the summer in a healthy and enjoyable way.

All these vegetables are suitable for the grill…

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… just like these too

healthy food potatoes and other ideas

Do you like this mix of healthy foods as well?

healthy food delicious vegetables

Roast many healthy foods on the grill,…

healthy food delicious mix

… so you have a wide choice!

healthy food mushrooms and other vegetables great

Here are more great foods for your healthy diet!

healthy food different ideas

delicious ideas healthy food

mix of vegetables healthy food

Of course, you can finally garnish everything to your taste!

great plate with healthy food
great vegetables on grill healthy food

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