Seven Vegetables You Should Cook

How do you prefer to eat the carrots – cooked or raw? We would put on baked – with some balsamic and olive oil. Are we correct? Although the trend to eat everything in its raw state has been very dominant lately. However, there are some arguments against consuming only rough products. It is true that baking and cooking reduce the content of water-soluble vitamins C and B. And still, the amounts of calcium Reduce potassium, magnesium and zinc depending on the preparation. However, this does not apply if cooking is carried out at moderate temperature or steam. Much is also related to the selected vegetables. Some of them are cooked healthier as rough. We give you 7 such examples that include fairly popular healthy foods.

The carrots can be combined with many other vegetables

Vegetable sprinkles chopped healthy with potatoes and potatoes

These vegetables should be cooked / cooked warm

Carrots – thickened or baked

The carrots are known for their high content of beta-carotene. This is an antioxidant that turns into Vitamin H in the body. But the beta carotene needs a lot of fat so that it is optimally absorbed by the body. For this purpose you should sauté the carrots or bake with a little olive oil.

In addition, the amount of beta carotene increases after thermal processing. So if you put on the boiled or baked carrots, you will get enough vitamin A. This vitamin is especially important for eyes, bones, skin and teeth.

You can make a delicious salad with thickened spinach and olive oil

salad thickened spnat idea

Stewed or cooked spinach

The spinach contains a number of healthy ingredients. That’s why you should eat as much as possible of it. When cooking, the volume flow of spinach is significantly reduced. That means we eat a lot more of this vegetable when we prepare it warm. It also contains a lot of oxalic acid. This could reduce the absorption of some minerals like calcium and iron. The warm preparation could solve this problem. When thickened or steamed, the amount of oxalic acid is reduced from 5 to 35%. When cooking, this percentage varies between 30 and 87.

If you want to keep the B vitamins contained in the spinach, then you would have to choose the first preparation method, so you should thicken the spinach. During cooking, these vitamins dissolve in the water and they are only preserved in the soups or bouillons.

These two vegetables are delicious and healthy when cooked

thickened asparagus beautiful portion

Steamed asparagus

The vegetables that you would rather cook warm include asparagus. The warm processing makes it easier for the digestion and so the body assimilates much better the vitamins A, B, C and K. In addition, the cooking makes the antioxidants it contains much more active. These are Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Quezitin, Fitofenole. Here’s a healthy idea: you can press in or blanch the asparagus and then add some olive oil and lemon sauce for more flavor. Combine with pasta.

Did you know that the baked peppers are not only healthy, but also delicious?

cooked delicious paprika vegetables

Baked peppers

The sweet peppers are a legal source of carcinoids. Prepare it for a measured temperature, but the preparation should not take too long. So you gain a maximum amount of antioxidants.

Almost all types of vegetables can be well inserted into tomato sauce

vegetables in tomato sauce vegetables

Make the tomatoes a sauce

Certainly the tomatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables. This contains a number of good ingredients. The tomatoes stop the inflammation and rid our body of the toxins. To make the most of it, make a sauce out of this vegetable. Maybe you can then combine with paprika?

Meat can be combined with a few vegetables as great as with broccoli

meat and broccoli serving idea

Thickened broccoli

Choosing the best way to prepare broccoli is a difficult task. Because it contains glucosinate, from which separate chemical substances that help against cancer. However, for this process to happen, you absolutely need the enzyme tyrosinase. To activate the separation of these substances, you would at least have to cut the broccoli. However, the stomach is irritated by many people by the broccoli. Furthermore, this vegetable variety can have a bad influence on the metabolism and the Schlidddrüse. The thermal processing in turn destroys the enzyme tyrosinase. In order for you to get the most out of the broccoli properties, you would need to cut them and make them slightly steamy or thick.

Mushrooms and rice? A perfect recipe with these simple healthy foods

cooked mushrooms great


Raw mushrooms are not recommended for consumption, they must be cooked, baked or roasted and then eaten. In addition, it absorbs the healthy ingredients better after thermal processing. The mushrooms are among the vegetables that contain a lot of antioxidants, calcium, iron and fiber.

Find out about the different types of vegetables

Of course these are not the only vegetables that are cooked healthier than raw. Nowadays, there is a lot of information on the Internet and we should inform ourselves about the individual food before preparing it. In the case of vegetable varieties, you would have to choose the type of preparation according to the following criteria: Which ingredients are there in it? How are you best received? Is the stomach irritated by cooking less or more? If the processing is healthier, which of the available vegetables would be best for you.