Slow Cooking – An Important Aspect Of The Slow Food Movement

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Surely you have already from the Slow Food movement which has been very active in this country since 1992 and is constantly developing and spreading. Human health and animal welfare, sustainability and regionalism, as well as transparency and smart consumption by consumers are some of the priorities of the Slow Food movement. Of course, these also refer to the aspect of slow cooking.

Healthy cooking according to the deceleration principle with great enjoyment! This is how you could describe slow cooking in more detail. Because this is really about enjoying and relaxing. According to the latest studies, but especially after the ancient teachings of the East, it proves that even the healthiest food eaten in a hurry and in a bad mood, rather than harmful. And although fast food has not ended its triumph, but unfortunately is still felt worldwide, we are beginning to think more and more about what and above all how we cook and eat. We are becoming more and more aware and have more time to relax and stay.

Slow Cooking – the new old way to enjoy the food

slow cooking healthy cooking vegetables locally

“Good, clean & fair” It should be, especially when eating. And not only at home, but also in restaurants and inns. Of the Slow Food Genussführer Germany 2017/2018 helps you to better orient yourself, where you can enjoy slow cooking of the highest quality in this country.

The most important Slow Cooking methods

Slow cooking is too cumbersome and almost impossible in our everyday life?

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Many of the cooking methods are actually quite simple and can even be done by inexperienced ones. And although slow cooking takes a little longer than conventional cooking, the preparation time is actually much shorter here. Take a look at the next few lines, which are the most common Slow Cooking methods.

  • Low-temperature cooking – the healthy way to cook. Meat and vegetables are cooked at a maximum of 120 degrees
  • Stewing and roasting – no spicy searing!
  • Konfieren – for example, with brawn
  • slow baking – only with doughs that go slower
  • Marinate – Meat, fish and vegetables become tender and even tastier
  • Dry and cook – perfect preservation methods from grandma’s times

Slow cooking with love and patience

slow cooking healthy cooking recipes schongaren

And if you want to try our favorite slow cooking recipes then you can here do. A delicious onion soup in the French style, an apple strudel with pine nuts and raisins and grilled aubergines with sheep’s cheese and pomegranate and many more delicious Slow Food ideas are waiting for you. Dare and take your time for healthy slow cooking with pleasure!

Slow Cooker – yes or no?

Ask yourself, should I buy a slow cooker device? Of course, this purchase decision is only and completely yours. Here are just a few key benefits of this cooking device, also known as Crock Pot.

  • no burning and no more cooking
  • By slow cooking, the dishes contain their aroma longer and almost completely
  • The device is fireproof, extremely robust and durable
  • can be left in operation longer without supervision
  • the cooking time of the court can be programmed individually
  • much more energy efficient than an oven

A high-quality slow cooker will bring you a lot of joy and, above all, health

chicken breast fillet vegetable stew slow cooking recipe

When slow, fish and meat become tender and aromatic

slow cooking with crock pot slow meat garlic

There are also such devices, whereby you can prepare at the same time vegetarian and Herzhaftes

slow cooker device eating healthy


With or without a slow cooker, as often as you like, you can ensure a healthy taste experience through slow cooking. Slow cooking is not only very easy, it is also a lot of fun and succeeds everyone. While the food is still simmering in the pot, you have plenty of time to read a nice book or drink a tea with your loved one at the dining table and enjoy the comfort in your own home.

A good luck and a lot of cooking fun wishes you the editors!

Enjoy slow cooking on a Sunday brunch

slow cooking slow food-together healthy

Prepare delicious desserts with the Slow Cooker!

slow cooking healthy apple butter recipe

Or do you rather prefer something Indian?

Lamb curry Indian food slow cooking recipe

Slow baking is also very healthy and recommended

healthy baking slow cooking recipes

There are even fast slow food stores, such as Mana in Hong Kong

mana fast slow food hong kong

Always prefer regional products

slow cooking fast food slow woman buys vegetables

How about a crisp salad with edible flowers?

slow cooking salad recipes vegetables herbs flowers

Or are you more of a fan of chickpeas and broccoli?

vegan slow cooking chickpeas broccoli pumpkin quinoa tomato sauce
weisskraut tomato sauce curd brown rice slow cooking recipes
slow cooking healthy eating recipes meat tortellini parmesan
marinate slow cooking recipes pork roast
low temperature cooking slow cooking recipes slow cooking
slow slow cooking recipes healthy chicken zucchini
slow cooking ideas dinner healthy beans meat coriander soup
slow cooking lasagne recipe slow food movement
slow food cooking vegetables meat slow
Christmas goose slow cooking sauce lemon

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