Stimulate Metabolism In Five Easy Steps!

Posted on Jun 08, 2018

At least in the summer, we remember that we would rather have a tight body. However, this is also a very good idea for the winter. Not only because we look better, but because usually a lean body (to a healthy degree) has fewer problems in the long run. The strict diets that many people at the beginning of Sommers are not a good method. They are more harmful than healthy. Instead, you should boost the metabolism. That brings in the long term very good results and these can be kept well. These are simple habits that contribute to it. Of course you need some discipline. Here are the five simple and great rules for doing so.

You should eat enough if you want to lose weight permanently

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Do not starve if you want to boost your metabolism

The most common mistake is starvation. Especially if this strategy is used as a permanent solution. This puts the body under stress and the next time you eat a little more, it stores a much larger amount than before. Because that is a protective reaction of the body against another possible hunger journey.

Just by not eating enough food, you finally have the yo-yo effect. Instead, you should distribute your meals rationally. According to new research, you should not eat for 4-5 hours before sleep and then refrain from breakfast in the morning or eat less. But beware: this is just a baseline and every body is a bit different. So you should just listen to your body’s needs and eat so much, or so often, that you are eating enough. But at the same time never really do without food.

The healthy fats promote the metabolism

You need fat in your food!

However bizarre it may sound to some of you, according to recent research, we need enough fat in our menu to lose weight permanently. The fats just have to be well selected, so they have to be healthy. Olive oil or different types of fish are a very good example of this. The fats contained therein are processed slower by the body, but usually consumed until completely. The carbohydrates e.g. give us quick energy, but if we do not use it immediately, the excess is deposited in our body. If you want to boost your metabolism, in addition to fish and olive oil, you will also frequently eat the following products: avocado, high quality meat, nuts, cocoa and so on. Danger: If you have not eaten enough these products, your body needs time to get used to it! During this period you should avoid combining with carbohydrates. After this time, you can start slowly with it again. According to a corresponding principle, getting used to many other products.

Sleeping out promotes well-being and thus helps to lose weight

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They would have to sleep enough

Slim in sleep ? Of course, losing weight is not just about sleeping, but this phrase says a lot. You need to have a good rest so you can boost your metabolism. Only in this way enough hormones are produced, which are responsible for different processes in our body. If we do not sleep enough, then we have larger amounts of the hormone ghrelin in the body, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger. That’s why we eat a lot more afterwards. If, for some objective reason, you can not sleep enough, then you can take various supplements that provide hormonal balance.

In nature, it stimulates the metabolism even better

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Physical activity and a lot of water

For many it is uncomfortable to hear that again and again, but there is no better way to stimulate metabolism than to be physically active. It’s best to do sports as actively as possible. But be sure to find something that you enjoy. Going for a run and visiting a gym are just two of many other alternatives. Running fast, swimming, yoga, or any group sport – all this can be a physical challenge for your body and contribute to losing weight permanently.

You can control your taste and enjoy healthy food better

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Control your appetite

If you want to boost your metabolism, it’s best to learn how to control your appetite. This has many different aspects. You could, for example, train to become hungry at certain times of the day. Just bring yourself to eat again and again at the same time within 1 and 2 weeks. From this time on, your body will be able to tolerate more food at exactly this time. In addition, you can train your appetite for certain things or get away from other things. For example, we can get used to sugar and other products. That’s a kind of addiction. If you do without it for a while, you will not feel the need to eat it.

Only the permanent change to healthy life will boost your metabolism

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Finally, we would like to remind you once again to listen to the signals of your body. What is healthy can be harmful to another person. Find dieticians and doctors and get advice. How to find a diet that suits you. They will then be relatively easy to follow, because they will surely contain many products that you like to eat. A popular option from the last few years is Ayurveda. But actually you should also choose the nutritional method individually… Anyway: permanent weight loss can only be achieved by stimulating the metabolism and this is done with simple rules, which you should really stick to. Everything else is rather a bad solution for your figure in the long run!

Still a good visual overview of healthy fats

boost healthy fats and salads metabolism

The healthy life can be fun

stimulate metabolism Have fun with life

In the beginning, you should stick to the food separation rules

Combine metabolism with products

Over time, you could combine fats and carbohydrates together

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