Suncream Self Make Tips And Recipes For Sensitive Skin

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Skin and hair from unfavorable weather conditions, everyone should do both in the cold and hot season. The ultraviolet rays from year to year are more and more aggressive to our skin. Therefore, everyone should protect their skin from the sun in an appropriate and timely manner, not only during summer holidays.

There are now many skin care products and various sun creams offered on the market, but there are always skin types, which are sensitive to some ingredients. Especially the soft skin of the children should be spared by the strong sun rays by appropriate means.

We look forward to the sun and do not suspect any danger

Suncream itself5

In today’s article, we would like to draw your attention to the natural sunscreen, which can keep the skin from drying out and sunglasses.

Rule number 1 is, of course, to avoid the direct sun rays and to choose the times early in the morning or late in the afternoon for sunbathing.

The second rule would be to apply cream before and after sunbathing and test the cream in advance or make a sun cream.

The sensitive and delicate skin of the children requires much more intensive care

Suncream itself10

What do you think you can make a healthy suncream yourself? We like to answer this good question, but now is also the right time to ask yourself what your own skin most likely needs. For this, it would be necessary to know the skin type and to care for the skin according to the needs. Is your skin dry, irritable, or rather greasy? With natural oils, every skin can feel comfortable and yet it is up to your reason how much you want to stress the skin on hot days.

The valuable coconut oil gives the skin much more than just protection from the sun

Suncream itself3

Make the sun cream yourself and enjoy the summer happily

Many known oils contain a natural UV protection. It is important, however, that only pure organic oils are used for its purpose, even if the price sometimes prevents us from buying.

The cleaner the oil, the better the effect on our skin.

Suitable oils that you can use as natural sunscreen are the popular coconut oil, almond oil, raspberry seed oil and wheat germ oil. The olive oil and avocado oil are also tested and protected.

Carrot oil is known from conventional skin care products

Suncream itself4

The oil obtained from the seeds of the raspberries has a natural light protection factor

Suncream itself

Drop in and taste the recipes

Sun cream itself14

The recipe to self-care

And after this brief introduction into healthy skin care and the necessary sun protection, we offer a home recipe for the preparation of suncream. The preparation is simple, provided you have a good source for Natural oils ,

The face must not be exposed to direct sunlight

Suncream itself10

Use a spray bottle to protect larger areas of the body by the oil

Suncream itself9


1/2 cup pure coconut oil

10 drops of myrrh (for a higher SPF you can add several drops)

5 drops of oil from carrot seeds

Natural preservatives are highly recommended for problematic skin types

Suncream itself16

Sunglasses come in, but skin care is not allowed to stop

Sun cream itself14


All ingredients are carefully blended together (in the water bath can be more successful!) And stored in dark glass and applied to the skin before sunbathing.

Other oils that have a high light protection factor and which you can safely use are the sesame oil, the hemp oil or the peanut oil.

Stick to the less dangerous times for sunbathing, protect your skin with natural remedies and you will soon reach the dreamed tan, completely without sun studio!

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