Sweet Recipes For Healthy Snacks From The Region

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You always pay attention to which country your food comes from and insist on a good quality of your food? You hear more and more frequently how healthy the Aroniaberees are and have finally decided to make something for themselves and your family by hand?

We may have thought in parallel with you and would like to introduce you today to the healthy berry from the region, but also to offer simple and healthy recipes.

First of all, we would like to answer the frequently asked questions, what exactly is Aronia and whether she is actually as healthy as it is.

Aroniabeeren – healthy, trendy and delicious

Aroniabeer juice aronia recipes aronia jam

Aroniabers – origin and health characteristics

The healthy berries are originally from Canada, but in the German-speaking countries they were always known under the name”black apple berries”. Because of their many healthy properties, the fruits of the aronia plant are also known as”health berries”.

In addition to the many vitamins (vitamin B2, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin E and K, as well as vitamin A), the aroniaibers also contain a whole range of minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and iodine, making them the perfect supplement to your diet power. Since the intake of fresh or processed aronia bacteria has a positive effect on our circulation, the sour fruits are considered the superfood of well-being.

Aroni beans come from Canada, but were known in Europe under the name Apfelberries

Aroniabeeren juice aronia recipes average

The Aronia ripens from late summer to late autumn and shows an admirable resistance to cold

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes macro summer

How can you process Aroniabeeren?

One can get the healthy effect of the Aroniibeen both in the raw fruit, as well as in different syrups, jams or sauces. The raw fruits can be badly described as delicious, because instead of the expected succulent and fruity sweetness, one feels the taste rather as herb-sour, even if the fruits are ripe.

You can eat the fruit both raw and processed, the second being simply delicious

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes vanilla

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Healthy recipes with Aroniberries

Even if one takes for the preparation of different jams and syrups crystal sugar, the products are regarded as healthy and above all as very delicious. The aroniabeans (raw or cooked) have the property of cleansing the blood and thus keeping the blood vessels in an excellent condition.

If, for example, you are predisposed to fall and winter depression, you can bend your sitting straight again by taking aronia or powder. Aronia is a healthy fortune-maker and can not be lacking in any household in autumn or winter.

The aronia juice cleans the blood and brings the circulation back into motion

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes aronia syrup
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes aronia syrup 1

Aronia syrup

ingredients : 500g Aronia beans, about 200g white candy, juice of a 1/2 lemon, marrow of a medium sized vanilla dish

Preparation: In a pot with some water, the washed and selected fruits are evaporated. Once you have won a Mus, this is additionally screened. The pulp mass is then blended with the candy and lemon and tasted with the marrow of the vanilla shake. Then cook the whole thing until the candy is completely dissolved. Fill the syrup into jars or bottles and store it cool and dark.

With a bottle of Aroniasirup at home you will not get a bad mood all winter

Aroniabeeren juice aronia recipes juice
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes great color
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The syrup can be taken as an addition to other exotic drinks or food

Aroniabeeren juice aronia recipes smoothie
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes summer dessert

Exotic sauce from Aroniaber

This spoiled sauce fits perfectly to roasts, game or duck. The basic mixture described below can be supplemented by mustard, horseradish or chocolate.

Ingredients: 100g of aronia berries, 100g of sugar, 100ml of water

Preparation: The fruits are pureed and cooked together with the sugar and the water with the lid closed. When the sugar is dissolved, keep the mixture cool and think about your next step.

Taste a fruity and healthy sauce to the meat

Aronia berries antioxidant aronia sauce to duck
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes macro
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes jam

The breakfast should be substantial and filling, but also healthy

Aroniabeer juice aronia recipes healthy breakfastside

The sauce also goes well with vegetarian dishes

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes vitamin bomb
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes black

Aronia Desserts and desserts

The healthy fruit tastes great as a dessert in baked goods, jams or as a dry biscuit for breakfast or in between. We chose a Classic recipe Grandmother-style, with which you will pleasantly surprise family and friends.

Whether jam or sauce – the delicious sweets contain much healthy

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes aronia marmelade2
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Aroniabeeren juice aronia recipes jam

Aronia Apple Pie

Ingredients: 5 eggs, 250g sugar, 250g butter, 350g flour, 1kg apples, 50g aronia beans, 1prise baking powder, 1pack vanilla sugar

Preparation: First, stir the butter until it becomes frothy. The apples should be peeled and sliced. Then beat the eggs and stir well with the sugar together. Mix the vanilla sugar, flour and baking powder. The apple pieces and the aronia beans come to the end and are carefully mixed with a cooking spoon.

Spread a baking sheet with butter and bake at 200-220º for about 20-30 minutes.

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes close

Is there anything more popular than coffee and cake on a cozy Sunday?

Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes aronia apple mix
Aroniabeas juice aronia recipes cake

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