Take Supplements: Pros And Cons!

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Dietary supplements have literally been on everyone’s lips for a long time now, as almost one in four adults in this country uses it too often. It’s no wonder, because in order to stay healthy and have a strong immune system, we all need the right nutrients to give us enough life energy. Important vitamins and minerals, Trace elements and fatty acids are simply indispensable for us. But do we really need the dietary supplements and if so, when exactly? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these supplements in the form of tablets, capsules or powders? See the next lines for more information.

What are dietary supplements?

Nowadays these can be found almost everywhere – in drugstores and supermarkets, in organic shops, on the market and of course online. Dietary supplements are specific products that contain vital substances and are sold in high doses. The manufacturers swear to have the right remedy for almost any nutritional deficiency in the organism. There is simply nothing that does not exist! Unfortunately, the consumer is soon faced with a seductive challenge that often not only strains the bag, but also endangers the health.

Dietary supplements can not replace a balanced diet!

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Of course, that does not mean that dietary supplement per se not recommended. But on the contrary! There are even some that are almost irreplaceable in some situations and conditions in life, such as folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, probiotics when taking antibiotics, or vitamin B12 for vegans. In principle, however, you should be well informed before taking any supplements and best advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

Dietary supplements: advantages and disadvantages

Basically, you should not think of medicines, because dietary supplements are not. They are there only to provide a healthy supplement to your daily diet if needed. It’s more of an unconventional form of food full of essential micronutrients that we use to boost our health. It should not be forgotten that a healthy organism, which nourishes itself well and moves well, needs virtually no additional supplements. At this point we would like to list the most important advantages and disadvantages of dietary supplements.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds for your healthy diet

dietary supplement healthy eating chia seeds vegetables almond pomegranates


  • easily accessible and easily ingestible
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants
  • long durability and portability
  • effective for supply gaps and deficiency symptoms
  • good for allergy sufferers who are not allowed to consume certain foods
  • provide active athletes with important nutrients


  • no regulatory approval procedure as for medicinal products
  • not infrequently unrealistic health promises
  • not mentioned interactions with other drugs (also due to unclarified dosage)
  • More than 90% of all supplements on the market are synthetically manufactured
  • Risk of hypervitaminosis and toxicity due to overdosage of vitamins and minerals

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily

food supplements preparing juices breakfast

Crane your metabolism with enough exercise and exercise in free

jogging sport driving food supplement

Extra tips:

Special care is needed when it comes to dietary supplements for high sports performance, fast weight loss or potency increase. Because in these areas, the interest of consumers is extremely high and many manufacturers are misled to abuse.

The highest level of attention should be paid to vegetable remedies imported from non-European countries, which are often contaminated with pollutants and heavy metals.


Strive for balance just as nature does it! Rather, try to change your own eating habits and lifestyles over the long term and sustainably and not resort to dietary supplements at will. Do not forget that these do not replace a balanced and varied diet, but only in certain cases can support your organism. Being slim and healthy without tablets and diets is very possible. Above all, your motivation and self-confidence as well as an objective and experienced expert opinion are important. Consumer centers and health blogs, like healthyhappy.de , will assist you and provide you with valuable information.

Stop as often as possible and stay healthy!

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