That’s Why You Should Have Shungite Gemstone In The Office As Well As At Home

The precious rock shungite, also called shungite charcoal, is no longer just circulated in legends, but is already, after many scientific researches, definitely as a useful and at the same time inexpensive means against harmful electrosmog proven. For that reason, it is really worthwhile to have shungite in your home and above all in your office. Especially if you work a lot on the computer and with mobile phones, it would definitely make sense to have a pyramid made of shungite or a cell phone stone plate made of rock on the work table and near the wireless router. In addition, there are already small round slices of shungite, which are glued directly to the smartphone.

Use protective and healing stone shungite against electrosmog

schungit against esmog healthy effect

This remarkable rock has been revered as a healing stone and talisman for ages. And rightly so. Because its effect on human health is so versatile that you can apply the gemstone practically in all areas of life. See the next lines for more information. And now let’s take a closer look at what Shungite really is and what effects this wonderstone has.

An ancient rock with healing and mystical properties

Origin and condition

According to the latest biogeological research, shungite is already more than 2 billion years old and consists almost exclusively of carbon. A new theory even claims that this gem comes from the planet Phaeton, which used to exist within our solar system. Shungite was named after the village of Shun’ga, which is located on Lake Onega in present-day Russia. True shungite was found there only there or at least for the first time.

Genuine shungite from the Russian part of Karelia

The molecules of this gemstone consist of carbon atoms and are called fullerenes. These are naturally created by a long process of petrification of extinct unicellulars. Shungite actually owes its powerful health-promoting and cleansing properties to these natural molecules, to which all connoisseurs and scientific experts swear.

The gemstone has a slight metallic shine and is usually glassy black. Depending on the carbon content, the color as well as the quality of shungite varies.

The rock is processed in different forms

schungite gemstone against esmog healthy

What effect does the noble rock have?

Or rather: effects! Because shungite is, as already mentioned above, a precious stone with numerous positive effects on our health and living environment. This miracle rock is not only used against harmful electromagnetic radiation, but has the valuable property of purifying and mineralizing drinking water. Shungite stimulates the immune system and has proven antibacterial and antiviral activity as well as an enviable power conduction capability. In addition, the rock can bind free radicals and restructure the water molecules.

Some call shungite too Catalyst. Namely, the rock enhances the effect of other gems and never recharges negatively. In her book,”Shungit,”author and geobiologist Regina Martino even calls him Stone of Life Energy . She is convinced that this gem stimulates the first chakra, still known as the”root chakra”, opening the door to the life energy.

It is not for nothing that the gemstone is often preferred in meditations as well as in Feng Shui

Shungite gem bamboo healthy effect

Shungite can even relieve pain and has an anti-aging effect claimed by many people. The latter comes from the fact that the natural fullerenes that make up the rock stimulate the enzyme activity and the resistance of the body cells while stimulating the tissue’s ability to regenerate.

As an aqueous solution, shungite with its natural fullerenes is one of the strongest antioxidants, as the research team led by Prof. Andrievsky has already discovered. In addition also comes its detoxifying effect. The molecules of rock have the property of neutralizing toxins in the body and promoting their excretion from our organs. In addition, shungite is already known for its antihistamine effect and is even used in experimental medicine as an aid in the exchange of neurotransmitters in the brain.

It is therefore advisable to drink mineral water with Shungit more often

shungite water prepare healthy effect

And how will its positive effect against the electrosmog explained? Very easily. The electromagnetic radiation, which is mainly produced by our cell phones and computers and is extremely harmful to body and psyche, consists of the so-called levorotatory torso fields. These have a very negative effect on our bioenergetic balance, which means that it jeopardizes our physical, emotional, energetic, mental and even spiritual balance. What Shungit does is to turn these left-turning torso fields into right-handed ones. For their part, these are no longer harmful to us, but on the contrary. It is even claimed that the gemstone itself strengthens the energetic vital field of a human being and thereby protects him from negative environmental influences. For this reason, shungite is often called”protective stone”.

You can even put your Schungit pyramid on the WiFi router

shungite against electromagnetic radiation wlan

Versatile application for body and mind

  • As a pyramid and mobile phone plate, the powerful precious stone is used primarily against electrosmog. With its sleek black finish and light metal sheen, it looks stylish and luxurious, and fits in with virtually any style of office or home décor.
  • As a beautiful jewelry or original decoration, shungite is also very often preferred. Beautiful bracelets or necklaces, earrings or finger rings, small Buddha figures or elephants – the list here is really quite long.
  • As a purifying, mineralizing water, the primary rock is already known and drunk by many regularly.
  • For meditation and healing massages, shungite is also at the top of the list and is a favorite of yogis and naturopaths.
  • Even as a natural fertilizer for your plants makes the gem a good figure

Shungit plates neutralize electrosmog

mobile phone on schungite plate gemstone

Or do you prefer smaller variants of it?

shungite against esmog on mobile phone

As beautiful, round beads for a healthy jewelry in style

natural shungite beads as jewelry

If possible, treat yourself to a relaxing massage with shungite stones

hot shungite gemstones healthy massage

Beautiful jewelry made of shungite is a successful gift idea for him and her

Shungite jewelry on gemstone plate healthy effect

jewelry bangles made of shungite healthy

Or rather as a classic pyramid for the office or at home?

shungite pyramid against esmog

You can choose different sizes as needed

Shungite pyramid different sizes

Stylish shungite pyramid with a healthy effect on body and mind

Shungite pyramid effect in the office