The Gym Ball: A Healthy Seat Alternative In The Office

An exercise ball is only for gymnastics? Wrong! Gymnastic balls have often been called seatballs and have been considered innovative and innovative for some time now healthy seating matter in the office and also generally very trendy. A healthy back, strengthened abdominals and more flexibility and concentration in the work hope for everyone who is thrilled with the new seating trend. And not only the body should benefit from it, but also the psyche and the mind. Because sitting on the exercise ball during office life should not only be healthy, but also very amusing and exciting. Many experts and customers even claim that burning calories while sitting on such an exercise ball is a big plus. Is that really true? We have researched and would like to tell you more about this in this little guide.

Ergonomic sitting with gym ball in the office

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Stay fit and healthy with exercise ball

The ergonomic seat ball in the office is already on everyone’s lips. There is no doubt about that. The chic exercise balls are made in beautiful, bright and subtle colors of PVC and are not only suitable for sitting, but also for yoga, Pilates or fitness in general. There are even Luxury variants of the seat balls wrapped in felt, wool or leather.

So they fulfill even the highest design requirements and fit perfectly into the modern interior design.

However, there are of course also counter-opinions, the laymen but also professionals who are not convinced of the seat balls in the office and highlight some disadvantages. An exercise ball is not adjustable like an office chair and has no backrest. In addition, it would be possible for the seat ball to burst or slip away when used without a ball shell.

Disadvantages or not, are the advocates of the balls already pretty much. Because an exercise ball in the office is not only ideal for the stabilization training and the deep muscles of the body, but also for easy pelvic floor exercises and easy hopping, which carries the playful fun effect with it.

Innovative seating matter in the daily work routine

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You have to defy here too and do not do too much of a good thing. Experts advise not to use the sitting ball continuously and rather to practice a dynamic sitting. This means carrying out work phases while sitting or standing and to plan in between short sidewalks, such as the printer or the coffee machine.

Extra tip : It is best to sit on the exercise ball for no longer than 30 minutes at a time, and to strengthen your abdominal muscles effectively, you should do push-ups more often.

Push-ups with the gym ball for strong abdominal muscles

gym ball exercises pilates flat stomach

Exercise balls are also perfect for relaxation

relaxation back exercises gym ball seat ball

Find the right gym ball as a sitting ball

What are the most important criteria according to which you choose the perfect gym ball for the office? Anyone who wants to buy a seat ball or a fitness ball for Pilates or yoga may ask this question. We have also dealt with it and want to know exactly. Below are the results.

The key features in choosing the right gymnastics ball are size, material, weight and wearability as well as good quality. Of course, accessories also play an important role in the choice of your sitting ball. Above all, the hand pump and the ball bowl are meant. The correct size of the gym ball actually depends on your own height or the length of the lower leg. You can find out how to determine the required seating size exactly here ,

There are also gymnastic balls with a massage surface

purple exercise ball sitting ball massage exercises pilates yoga

Another noteworthy criterion to consider is the ABS® Anti-Burst System. If your seat ball is equipped with it, then he is pretty sure of bursting. Even if its walls are injured and pierced by hot or sharp objects, it does not burst, but slowly loses its air. So you are well protected in case of accidents.

When buying your seatball always pay attention to good quality

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An exercise ball of good quality, chosen in the right size, is a welcome change for your everyday life in the office. However, you must not overdo it. In addition, exercise balls are suitable for your daily fitness and are excellent aids in abdominal punishment, deep muscles and in the relief or prevention of some back problems. Sitting balls, used correctly and in moderation, also bring more sitting and exercise fun with them.

You can also attend a health course with gymnastic balls

gymnastics muscle back gymnastic workout sitting ball

Also on the Internet you will find numerous videos and tips from professionals on how to properly train with balls

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gym ball seat office ergonomic exercises
Exercise ball yoga pilates practicing ergonomic sitting

Then the work in the office is also much more fun

seat ball exercise ball ergonomically sitting in the office

Or even on the laptop

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Wellness Ball ™ Ergonomic sitting with luxury balls

innovative ergonomic sitting in the office gym ball sitting ball
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There are already special ball chairs on the market

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