The Interval Fasting: Much More Than Just Another Diet Trend!

Intervall fasting is not just a new dietary trend, but has many health benefits and helps to reduce the body weight sustainably. It’s a new concept that allows you to incorporate fasting into your everyday life. Long, tormenting fasting and unhealthy diets are unnecessary by itself. Nutritionists agree that chronic diseases such as MS, dementia, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. can even be prevented and swear by a good prevention by Intervallfast. Even with existing diseases, this type of fasting relieves the symptoms and especially the pain by it has anti-inflammatory effect.

The interval fasting – Trust the healing power of nature!

Intervall fast and healthy food

How does interval fasting work?

Intervall fasting is also called intermittent fasting and means, as the name suggests, interrupted fasting. This is true, because you do not fast on many consecutive days, but at intervals. Unlike traditional diets and fasting, interval fasting is not stressful and radical to the body, but rather gentle and much more natural.

This will work for the effective cell cleansing and get the metabolism up to speed. During intervals during which it is fasted, waste products produced by the metabolic processes are disposed of by the organism in a very natural way, namely inside the cells. One speaks of also autophagy or autophagy ,

A positive side effect of interval fattening is of course sustained weight loss. Because when fasting in general, the body attacks on its fat reserves and is cleaned and detoxified at the same time. And it gets even better: the feared yo-yo effect is missing!

Healthy and sustainably lose weight

interval fasting to lose weight

In her recently published book: Interval fasting: For a long life – slim and healthy, explains woman Dr. med. Petra Bracht all about this type of fasting and gives you valuable tips and recipes.

Which variants of interval fasting are there?

The most practiced variant is the so-called Intervall fast 16: 8. This means: within 16 hours you fast and 8 hours you can eat, every day during Lent. You can even maintain that meal rhythm as you wish throughout your life. With an early dinner and late breakfast or even with his failing you can easily make this variant of Intervall fast. A meal can always be quiet and eaten only twice during the eight hours.

Interval fast 16: 8

eating plan with interval fasting

Different with the Intervall fast 5: 2. It is eaten normally 5 days a week and fasted on two non-consecutive days. This principle reminds a bit of the Ekadashi days from the yoga tradition of fasting two days a month on the eleventh day of each new and full moon.

A third version of interval fasting is the so-called alternating fasting. You fast for a day and then you eat one day – and so on.

Apart from the selected variant one should consider, however, that during the fasting period the food is generally reduced. Experts recommend, for example, with the 5: 2 Intervall fast on the two days to take only 500-600 calories, preferably in liquid form.

Light vegetable broth or natural yoghurt with matcha are highly recommended

interval fast cream soup with matcha

Which sports and drinks are well suited for interval fasting

Intervall fasting goes hand in hand with movement. To maximize the positive effect of fasting on the body, you should move as much as possible and get out in the fresh air. So you not only build muscle, but supplies the body with plenty of oxygen. Both endurance and strength exercises are ideal for interval fasting. Very important is that you can do a lot of stretching exercises in your own exercise program. This is because even more myokines are released from the muscles, which arise during movement and contraction. According to recent studies, these hormone-like messengers have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Simple yoga exercises are some of the best stretching ever

interval fasting and yoga

Important tips and typical errors during interval fasting

In order to resist hunger and prevent treacherous feeding attacks, one should drink a lot of green tea during the fasting period. The tea should always be of good quality and prepared according to the exact instructions on the package. Of course, matcha tea is also good and is even preferred by many. Both drinks are very healthy and inhibit appetite at the same time.

In principle: One should only drink without calories, such as water with lemon, unsweetened herbal tea and freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

If you do not want to give up your coffee, you should drink it pure, without sugar, or round it off with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Not only does the coffee taste better, it also has an even stronger, fat-burning effect.

Eat high quality green tea more often

Intermittent fast healthy green tea drink

Drinking plenty of water a day is essential

Intervall fast diet trend

Very important: Snacks are a taboo when Intervall fast! This gives the pancreas the opportunity to recover. The food itself should always be slow and deliberate. Prolonged chewing and concentration are required.

A good trick: When chewing, lay down the cutlery and pick it up again at the next bite.

Typical errors: Unfortunately, after the interval fasting, some stuff themselves with unhealthy stuff again and ruin everything in this way. Others do not move enough and do not allow the body to build muscle. And yet others generally restrict themselves to everyday life and use interval fasting as a supposed excuse for lacking desire and energy to do something.

Raw food is clearly part of a healthy diet

raspberries muesli interval fasting

Favorite delicacies from time to time are absolutely no taboo in the meal phase

mussel soup bread Intervall fast


We are all programmed for fasting right from the beginning. We just lost it a little bit over time and now we need to remember it again. And this is easiest and most natural with interval fasting. This offers our organism valuable meal breaks and helps to get it into the repair mode and to take full advantage of the healing powers of nature. This type of fasting is very easy to do and brings lasting health benefits to everyone. New strength and long life through new eating habits!

Opt for interval fasting!

fast food healthy

Choose the best fasting variant for you…

Intervall fast healthy food

Eat slowly and consciously…

healthy salad for interval fasting

… yes, even at work

Healthy eating Intervallfast

Light fare, freshly squeezed juices and herbal tea are best suited

healthy breakfast at Intervallfast

Intervall fast avocado eggs

And yes, interval fasting is also a lot of fun with friends!

Intervall fast brunch healthy