What Distinguishes An Anti Aging Cream Of The Newest Generation?

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40 are the new 20 and 50 – the new 30! This idea is no longer an unrealizable dream and we owe this, among other things, to the innovative and increasingly accessible anti-aging cosmetics products. They keep our appearance young in a very natural way and reduce the need for surgical intervention. Today’s results were hard to imagine a few years ago!

Anyone looking for an anti-aging cream today has a huge selection, but at the same time has difficulties quite effective and also environmentally and animal friendly products to distinguish from the others. The high price is by no means a guarantee in itself. In the following we discuss the decisive criteria for the best selection of the latest cosmetics!

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What can one expect from an anti-aging cream?

Of course, one hopes from an anti-aging cream especially the visible reduction of wrinkles. Most modern products use hyaluronic acid. This has an internal effect on the skin structure and refreshes the general skin appearance. We have a twofold effect: on the one hand, the skin is padded. At the same time, it promotes natural regeneration. The good anti aging creams donate a lot of moisture and support the formation of collagen.

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Quality and type of active ingredients

The highest effectiveness is achieved in the anti-aging creams by the use of so-called two-fold hyaluronic acid, so these with low and high molar curative effect. A very good example of this is the German cosmetics line Meforma , more precisely their anti aging creams. In addition to hyaluronic acid, these innovative products also contain the active ingredient Aquaxyl, which ensures optimal hydration. Furthermore, the manufacturers used Argireline – the newest alternative to Botox. This ingredient reduces the intensity of expression lines. The modern anti-aging products continue to contain many vitamins and soothing care oils, which further promote the process of rejuvenation of the facial skin.

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Your anti aging cream should be healthy and environmentally friendly

PEG’s, silicone and mineral oils, as well as parabens are an absolute no-go. Modern anti-aging is still possible without tormenting animal experiments. You can consciously avoid the products based on it and still look young! It has already been recognized: Staying young for longer is mainly achieved through a healthy and positive lifestyle. That’s why it’s not just important that we think about the environment and our health every time we shop. The selection of a suitable anti aging cream should reflect exactly this attitude. Follow this philosophy and you will surely get the best results and maybe much more than expected!

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