What Exactly Is The Sauerkraut Healthy And How To Prepare Properly?

Together with the frost during the coldest season, not only the flu and the bad mood come along, but also a whole series of traditional dishes.

Many of us can remember the cabbage rolls or kale from childhood. Cabbage is a vegetable that is mainly associated with the arrival of the cold.

All winter dishes are invariably hearty and many of them are made with different, often pickled cabbages. In tune with the winter mood outside, today we would like to deal with the sauerkraut we all know. More specifically, we would like to find out why the sauerkraut is healthy and how to do it yourself.

Many do not know how healthy the sauerkraut is

Homemade sauerkraut with cumin in a glass jar

Sauerkraut – healthy and low in calories

Believe it or not, the sauerkraut is prepared and eaten all over the planet, even though it is associated with good home-style German cuisine. Many delicious recipes with sauerkraut come from Poland and the Czech Republic. The sauerkraut is also common in all Balkan countries and is very honored.

The benefits of lactic acid from fermentation are known even outside the continent and are also present in Asian cuisine. Except that you can spoil the palate with sauerkraut delicious and hearty, the good vegetables contribute to a strengthened immunity in winter. It is said that sauerkraut is a reliable source of vitamins. Rich in vitamin C you should eat the cabbage raw. If you are looking for a natural source of vitamin B 12 then you should try sauerkraut.

The tasty sauerkraut is full of vitamins, especially when eaten raw

sauerkraut healthy raw cabbage pickled

If you want to cook the cabbage, make sure that it is eaten bite-proof

sauerkraut healthy red cabbage strips

Sauerkraut should be full of vitamin C.

In the old days, when people did not have fresh fruit and vegetables in winter, they knew that a) the acid kept the herb longer and b) that they could provide regular vitamin intake.

Those who prefer to cook sauerkraut should know that many of the ingredients that are good for the body are lost through cooking. It is recommended to cook the cabbage until firm. The sauerkraut detoxifies and strengthens the entire tract of the stomach and the fresh sauerkraut juice allegedly helps against hangover. The sauerkraut is also prescribed probiotic properties, but if you have serious problems with his intestinal flora, you should first see a doctor.

How to prepare classic sauerkraut yourself is also no secret. Below we add the most common recipe and wish you lots of fun!

You can put in any kind of cabbage

sauerkraut healthy red cabbage glass

Make sauerkraut yourself – recipe and cooking ideas

If the sauerkraut is as healthy as it is claimed, it is always worthwhile to prepare the good vegetables fresh at home. The preparation alone is quite simple. One should only be patient for a while and keep the cabbage cold until it is ready for consumption.

The lactic acid bacteria take a while to make the cabbage sauerkraut

Preparing sauerkraut healthy red cabbage in glass

In a dark and cool place, the sauerkraut can be enjoyed for a few months

sauerkraut healthy recipe

The cabbage should be cut in fine strips

sauerkraut healthy red cabbage brussels sprouts

Onions and apples – too

sauerkraut healthy raw herb with apples

The mixture should be suppressed for several minutes with a pestle or pestle

Tamping cabbage

The ratio salt-cabbage should be 2: 100

sauerkraut healthy red cabbage serving

Ingredients for the basic recipe:

  • 1kg of white cabbage
  • 2 apples
  • 2 onions
  • 4-5 level TL salt
  • Spices as desired (juniper berries, caraway, bay leaf or mustard seeds)
  • 20g ginger

sauerkraut healthy raw herb

The cabbage mass should finally be”under water”

sauerkraut healthy red cabbage in glass

sauerkraut healthy red cabbage fennel
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage cabbage rolls ginger


Brush the cabbage, remove the stalk and cut the cabbage into thin strips with the help of a knife. Then cut the onions and apples into thin slices and put everything in a large bowl. Now you should mix the cabbage with the salt and knead thoroughly for about 5 minutes.

Calculate with 2% salt in relation to the amount of carbon.

Take a clean glass and fill it with the kneaded mass. Do not make the glass too full, because a whole cabbage leaf should fit in the top of it. Consider in advance if you use the spices and put them into the glass first or distribute them into the mass.

sauerkraut healthy healthy life

Now you should easily suppress the mixture with a pestle or pestle. Do this until the vegetables are”under water”. When that’s done, the cabbage mixture can be covered. For this purpose, you just need a few clean stones. It is also recommended that you note the date of manufacture or write on the glass.

For two days, the glasses can rest in a warm place. As the glass can overflow during fermentation, it would be advisable to place a soup plate underneath. Now the stones can be removed and the glasses are closed.

Store the glasses in a cool and dark place for at least one week, as well as the fridge. When the week is over, you can start tasting and enjoying your own sauerkraut.

sauerkraut healthy classic
make sauerkraut healthy raw cabbage yourself
sauerkraut healthy raw cabbage sauerkraut
sauerkraut healthy raw herb saxony
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage bavaria
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage schupfnudel
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage roulades
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage ham
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage
sauerkraut healthy red cabbage salzlake